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Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

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Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

Any suggestion to following itineraries would be appreciated. Our limitations are that we are 72 yrs old couple, me being partially disabled, our walking speed averages one mile per hour, we would be struggling to walk more than 5 miles a day, wherever possible we would be travelling around on subway (we would be purchasing weekly subway card). Our accommodation is based at Upper west side, 5mts from 103 St subway near Amsterdam Avenue

Day 1) Friday 6th September

Start of with Grand Central Terminal

Chrysler building

New York public library

Bank of America Tower

Diamond district

St Patrick’s Cathedral

And Top of the Rock for sunset

And end the day with our beauty sleep!

Day 2) Saturday 7th September

Brooklyn Bridge


Empire Fulton Ferry Park

High Line

Chelsea Market

West village /Greenwich Village if time and our stamina permits

Day3) Sunday 8th September

Staten island Ferry

Roosevelt island tram and walk around island

Washington square Park

Greenwich and East village

Day4) 9th September Monday

Wall street

United Nations headquarters tour

Circle line

Empire state building

Chelsea market or Time Square

Day5) 10th September Tuesday

Walk through Central Park up to Trump tower

One world Trade Centre

9/11 memorial

9/11 museum

Walk around Battery Park

Day 6) 11th September

Statue of Liberty 12pm slot to the crown though statue cruises

Immigration museum

Washington Square Park

Times square

Day 7) 12th September Thursday

Our flight to London at 1900 hrs terminal 7 JFK

Check out of our accommodation

About 1030 am go to Central Park for a walk and picnic hang around till 1500 hrs and head to JFK at 1500 hrs (any other suggestions please?)

Would be grateful four inputs many thanks

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1. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

Not sure if this would appeal to you but I’m going to NYC with my 78 year old sister - she is able to get around well but not fast.

Anyway we have decided to take a half day tour with Small Bus Tours - so that we will at least get to see and experience many things that we won’t be able to do in 4 days - might this be something that would appeal to you both?

I’ve made a rough itinerary of places I feel we will be able to get to at our own pace - we will be very flexible with this

The Subway is out of the question for us as my sister isn’t great on lots of stairs

Have a fantastic holiday

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2. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

For starters, you need to place all the items on your list on a map so that you can see how difficult you've made your plans.

Is your accommodation a hotel or an illegal apartment?

Are you really going to climb all the stairs to the crown with your walking issues?

Are you a troll?

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3. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

I looked at your prior thread to see that you are staying at Hosteling International. That's good... I was concerned because there are some not-good places to stay in that area (plus the whole illegal apartment rental problem). HI is the good option though..

Friday: This is a light day but it's fine of you want to take it easy. Saturday has too much though, so you might want to consider moving some of it to Friday.

I'm seeing a basic problem with too much traveling back and forth. In a little while I'll group the things on your list by location to help re-think how you are organizing them.

You mention crown tickets. A crown climb is very strenuous and awkward. Even if you didn't have speicfic walking limitations I'd question whether you really want to make this climb in your 70's. It's can also be very hot. Don't do it. Return your tickets for a refund and book pedestal access instead if you can get it, or just go to the new museum on Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

I'll write more about grouping things.

Edited: 2:31 pm, June 24, 2019
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4. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

Organizing your list:


Grand Central

Chrysler Bldg


Diamond District

St Patrick's Cathedral

Rockefeller Center and TOTR

U.N. Headquarters

Times Square

Circle Line Cruises

Trump Tower


Brooklyn Bridge

DUMBO & Empire Fulton Ferry Park

Staten Island Ferry

Battery Park

911 Memorial & Museum

Wall Street

Statue of Liberty

--Between Midtown and Downtown--

High Line

Chelsea Market

West Village/Greenwich Village

Washington Square Park


Central Park.

Roosevelt Island Tram

Museums like American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (not on your list?)

In general, though I like what is on your list almost all of it is about walking/exploring on foot and it's almost all outdoors. Given your stamina concerns, I don't think you can do it all. I'd add more indoor things like museums or even performances and pick and choose just a few important big walkabout sightseeing hikes.

I'll encourage you to prioritize Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park on a nice day (especially a weekend) because it's a great place to sit and soak in the vibe. You may even hear some first class jazz performances.

Though I'm usually not a fan of bus tours, in your case it could make sense if weather is pleasant. If that really isn't in the budget, that's okay but plan on less traveling around and more relaxing in the moment as you explore different areas of the city. Spend more time in just a select few places.

New York City, New...
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5. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

I think you really need to get a good tourist's map so that it's clearer, what Christnp2 is saying. For the most efficient sight-seeing, you do need to cluster together your sights more.

An excellent one is the Red Map of NYC, www.redmaps.com. They ship overseas. Best $10 you'll spend on your trip.

I would also encourage you to try using the public buses as well as the subway. Most subways do not have elevators or escalators. You'll still see a lot that's going on outside, and since you're getting unlimited Metrocards, you might enjoy that form of transport.

Subway map: http://web.mta.info/nyct/maps/subway_map.pdf

Manhattan Bus Map: http://web.mta.info/nyct/maps/manbus.pdf

MTA Trip planner for public transport (you can choose to have results for subway or bus): …mta.info/MyTrip/…tripplanner.aspx

Another trip planning app, besides Google Maps (which I don't like because it's sometimes inaccurate) is www.citymapper.com.

Dallas, Texas
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6. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

+1 for the bus. your metrocard works on the bus as well as the subway. I have found I can usually open Google Maps on my phone, put in my destination, tap the Bus icon, and the bus stop is at most a few blocks from where I'm standing. No subway stairs ! Also better view/more sightseeing during your ride. But maybe avoid the bus during rush hour - the buses get stuck in traffic too!

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7. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

Thanks everybody especially Christnp2 , your advice have been very contructive and helpful, I have alredy made cahnges as you suggested

Knoxville, Tennessee
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8. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

I agree with Larry. Try the bus. My husband and I are in our 70's and we find the slower pace and lack of stairs on the bus makes it far easier (if slower) than the subways. And we see bits of the city as we travel.

We also use the google maps app to find bus stops and times.

We're more spontaneous and have a shorter to-do list. Perhaps the smartest thing we do is to find a safe hotel near restaurants and a grocery.

btw, we feel safe walking home from night events, but we stay in midtown.

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9. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

@LianaD and @Diana J thanks your advice sounds sensible I will follow that :)

Edited: 3:59 am, June 25, 2019
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10. Re: Six and half day’s itinerary for two seniors

I echo what's said above about proper grouping of sights. Now that you've reorganized, you may want to repost the revised plans for further tweaking.

A couple of questions: Bank of America Tower? What do you want to see, the building from the outside? You may want to go to an Observatory to see buildings from a higher perspective. Some buildings can't be appreciated from right below (the Chrysler Building is another example, you can see the ground floor art deco style, but to see the windows at the top which are so beautiful and interesting, it's better appreciated from either an observatory, a building with a view of it, or even just further away).

The "Diamond District" is one block, basically, 47h between Fifth and Sixth. Lots of store fronts with lots and lots of glittering jewelry. Some of the buildings have lots of booths with different venders. You can bargain a little and shop around. You won't be able to go upstairs to any vendors without appointments, just ground floor.

Day 2 is Waaaay too much walking for the level you described. One park a day is enough. Empire Fulton Ferry, High Line and Greenwich Village is way too much.

Day 3, the Tram doesn't fit in geographically or the amount of walking.

Day 4 and 5 have to be reorganized by geography - you're all over the Manhattan.

Day 6 you have Washington Square Park again - that's in Greenwich Village.

I look forward to seeing how you revised your plan.

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