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What is the fascination with....

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What is the fascination with....

trip reports...........Why do people write/read them?

I'll be in NYC next week having many of the same experiences as millions of other denizens of the world who have trolled through the Big Apple throughout the ages.

Who would want to read my redundant and probably boring trip report full of overused hyperbole such as "the view from the ESB was amazing". Should I be wasting bandwidth on a trip report much like the wasted bandwidth of this post.

Humbly yours,

Tragicfigure, pathologically curious one

London, United...
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1. Re: What is the fascination with....

I guess when people have had a good trip they like to share and it may give people ideas of what to do/see in what order.

I know I have picked out some good bits reading peoples reports.

don't be so negative!

I guess they are always labelled clearly as trip report so if you dont want to read them dont click on that thread!

Hewlett, New York
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2. Re: What is the fascination with....

I love reading trip reports b/c they give me a shot in the pants and wake me up to the beauty of the best city in the world, and the fact that it is right at my fingertips. I love the enthusiasm of tourists and hearing them gush. I forgot who said it in a trip report...but I crack up every time I think of one visitor being "gobsmacked" by NY. It helps me to remember how lucky I am when the same old is happening. So keep 'em coming!!!


Columbus, Ohio
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3. Re: What is the fascination with....

Because, in addition to the "redundant" parts, as you call them, there are loads of valuable tips. What one person may have done on their trip could be something that someone else may not have thought of. Maybe reading a previous traveler's experiences may tip me off to a bad restaurant experience, places to avoid, places that were disappointing, etc. I love reading them, but you're certainly free to skip over them if you'd like.

Bucks County PA
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4. Re: What is the fascination with....

I enjoy reading them because if someone is telling me they had a bad experience at some place or their food isn't good then I won't go there. Maybe I am a loser but I enjoy reading about people's trips!!

Inverness, Scotland
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5. Re: What is the fascination with....

Tragic, it's a matter of personal choice.

One either joins in with the whole trip-report phenomenon or one doesn't.

Either way, it's no biggie.

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6. Re: What is the fascination with....

I'm with you Pinkfluffykitten,

besides I like reading those descriptions of the city, if you say that your tripreport is boring, then what about your trip itself??

Why do you even bother going to NYC?

I mean, people are enthousiastic here, and they love to share it with others!

Why judge people with happy posts, there nice experiences...

And yes, if you DON'T like reading the trip-reports, then skip them!

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7. Re: What is the fascination with....

Are you related to Honest John?

New York, NY
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8. Re: What is the fascination with....

Ditto. All of the above.

New York, NY
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9. Re: What is the fascination with....

Even as a native, I learn new things about the city from visitors, believe it or not.

Also, as one who takes great pride in being a New Yorker, and as a Big Apple Greeter, it gives me lots of tips as to what people like and don't like, and I can guide my BAG friends accordingly.

I love reading the reports, listen to both the positives & negatives, and can count on a good laugh or two!

That being said, do as you like!

Have a great time in NYC!!!!!

West Palm Beach...
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10. Re: What is the fascination with....

I love it when someone has a wonderful time at some place I've recommended to them. And, though I'm a native New Yorker, I learn stuff all the time from trip reports. Plus, they're fun to read.

You might feel compelled to write your own report.