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Leaving and entering NYC

Boulder, Colorado
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Leaving and entering NYC

Hello, I have a question for those of you that are locals in New York City. I will be commuting driving from Jersey City to Warwick New York. I need to be there at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday in October.

What time should I leave I will be leaving from Hoboken? I know it isn't very far you have two kids so I don't want to sit traffic any longer than we have to. Any suggestions?

Part 2. On my return it will be Friday and I need to return vehicle to LaGuardia Airport. I will be returning from Patterson New York. I'd like to get back to the airport before it gets dark but I realize that's already getting into Friday evening traffic. Is there a difference if I wait until Saturday morning to return the car? Ideally I would like to return car at noon Saturday at LAG.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well as specific routing.. Thank you so much.

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1. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

1) Driving at that time I'd allow an hour, maybe longer if you need to find parking and get from parking to the Warwick

2) Do you mean Patterson, NY or Paterson, NJ?

Either way, Google Maps gives great directions and you can pick the "Leave at" or "Arrive by" option to see what average times are

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2. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

Northern she's going to Warwick, NY NOT the Warwick hotel. Allow 2 hrs. for the trip and hope it takes less.

To return the car, it will be MUCH less traffic on Sat. morning but you'll likely pay for an extra day's rental. Where do you have to go after dropping the car? Your plans sound very complicated.

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3. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

I always use Google Maps' estimate of the time which I find generally quite accurate. If timing is critical then just add extra time, say 30-60 min depending on criticality.

If you have some extra time in Warwick you should visit Pacem-in-Terrris which is a free art installation made by one man, Frederick Franck, on the grounds of his estate. It's a trans-religious celebration and mediation on the human spirit dedicated to Pope John XXIII, Albert Schweitzer and D.T. Suzuki (a Buddhist monk).

You don't need to spend a lot of time there if you don't want and it's quite accessible. There aren't many pictures on the web that I could direct you to which capture how beautiful this place but there is this fine NY Times article https:/…07trip.html and the site's web site http://www.frederickfranck.org/

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4. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

As noted, have you looked at this trip on Google Maps? Both cities are on the same side of the Hudson River. Contrary to the Subject Line, New York City is totally uninvolved in the daily commute. Of course, LGA IS in NYC.

Warwick is a sort of "Reverse Commute". But that does not mean it is free of congestion. All of NJ is congested, rush hour and off hours. You will have to learn (on the first trip) for example, which lanes of the NJ Turnpike (if you chose to use it) go towards the Lincoln Tunnel (which you don't want) and which go north, so you don't get trapped in a line you don't even want to be in. Do you plan to get an EZ Pass transponder, or take the car rental company payment option?

You are exposed to tremendous traffic and construction delays (just in general) going from Patterson NY to LGA. It would be better on Saturday morning than Friday night. What were you planning to do after returning the car on Friday? Stay at a nearby highway motel? Go back into the city? Note that LGA is the smallest of the three NYC airports, and not as grand a facility as you may be used to!

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5. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

From Paterson, NJ to Warwick, NY you do not go thru New York City.

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6. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

Warwick, NY is upstate NY on the west side of the Hudson River - so you don;t go near NYC to get there from Jersey City. Per google, depending on traffic the trip will take 1.5 to 2 hours (not in rush hour). There are multiple routes so you would need to check out traffic on the day you are traveling to see which has the worst - or the last - delays.

Agree that if you are flying out of LGA on Sat I would not drive therefrom Warwick on Friday rush hour - makes no sense.

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7. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

We're all making many assumptions here

If she means the town of Warwick and not the hotel, why even post on the NYC forum?

My first guess was the town, but I know the hotel and saw this forum so that's where my reply came from.

Until the OP comes back with some specifics, it seems like all replies are just wild guesses towards needs

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8. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

Not so wild .. the Op said Warwick, NY . Why post here? Because its a fast moving forum with a lot of readership.

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9. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

The Trip Advisor software has parsed her OP and inserted a hot link to reviews of the Warwick Hotel New York (as opposed to Warwick Hotel Philadelphia, for example.) We need the OP to post again. Would anyone rent a car to drive into Manhattan for a half week? What airport is she arriving at? There's also a large sentence structure error about whose two kids they are-so it's getting suspicious for a first time post registered at 3:30AM today.

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10. Re: Leaving and entering NYC

***Northern she's going to Warwick, NY NOT the Warwick hotel. Allow 2 hrs. for the trip and hope it takes less.***

Very true, Hoboken to Warwick, NY driving is 1.5 hours, without any traffic. I would add a 1/2 of an hour at least, so 2 hours as nywhiz mentioned.

Since you have to be there at 3:00, you'll be avoiding most of the traffic, although Route 17 going through Paramus can always be busy. Unless you take Route 208, it all depends on your route.

There is a Patterson, NY, different then Paterson, NJ. Since the original poster mentioned Patterson, NY, then you're looking at about a 1.5 hour drive to the airport. Definitely pad that a bit, but if you could do it on Saturday, that would be far better then on Friday.

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