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Winter Boots with Arch Support

Gosford, Australia
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Winter Boots with Arch Support

I'll be visiting New York for Christmas (20th - 28th) and need to buy some appropriate shoes. The issue is though that I have plantar facitis and high arches which makes looking for warm, waterproof AND comfortable shoes really difficult. We're planning on a fair amount of walking which leads to think spending some money is a good idea however I'm from Australia so I don't know how much use I'll get out of them after this trip.

Any help/suggestions /tips would be greatly appreciated!

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West Sussex, United...
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1. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

Hi, iI have plantar facitis too, but I bought some Scholl orthotics inner sole ( in NY on a previous trip! ) which I wore with my gorgeous Ugg boots last December for 10 days over there. My Uggs did well in the snow /slush & I bought the spray to make them waterproof. They survived to tell the tale...

Atlanta, Georgia
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2. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

I don't know what outdoor stores you have where you live, but I had foot surgery a few years ago and my parents gifted me some hiking boots when I was recovered. I went to REI and the salesperson was very helpful in explaining the benefits and such of each boot, and spent an hour with us trying on all sorts and teaching me about the different ways to tie them. I know you don't need "hiking" boots, but they have a lot of different kinds.

I ended up getting some Solomons, and I even wore them last time I was in NYC in January, as I was going to be doing a lot of walking and they gave my feet more support than my tennis shoes with my custom insoles in them.

Boston, MA
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3. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

You are wise to be prepared but you may not need them.

Also a good workbook or hiking boot, fitted with good socks can work too.

New York City, New...
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4. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

I think some sort of insole/orthotic is a good answer but you need it first to try on boots. Hopefully some of our posters who use them will provide some names. I think DE Frangipani uses them.

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5. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

Superfeet insoles have eliminated the pain I normally feel after walking an average of 10 miles per day in NYC. They're available worldwide, and have a money back guarantee.

New York City, New...
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6. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

You are more likely to get boots that come with a good footbed/arch support if you buy hiking boots. Buying some sort of orthotic insole will also help regular boots -- in fact you may find the arch support/footbed in hiking boots not to your liking and end up having to buy insoles for those. I have done that a lot even with very good, welll supported hiking boots.( In addition, different people need support in different parts of their arches -- I like additional support in the forward, forefoot, part).Also keep in mind hiking boots have strong lug soles, generally an advantage in the city, though depending how much you walk and where, they could aggravate plantar fascitis, in which case you might want a mre cushy insole in them.

Two brands I like because of the shape of the toe bed and overall footbed/arch support, are Lowa and Salomon, both European brands, though I often wear with my own insoles. You don't need big hulking backpacking boots for city walking, just a pair of entry level day hikers, which you ought to be able to get for about $150-$175 here -- less online. I also recommend getting them with goretex lining.Buy them now and start wearing them at home on the types of surfaces you will walk on here, just to get used to them. Most modern hiking boots don't require traditional "breaking in," as they fit "out of the box," but you need time to identify any problems your feet have with them and whether you will need insoles (and what type), and that is not always readily apparent.

Some hiking boot manufacturers, like Salomon, also make below the ankle "trail shoes" that have a similar construction to their boots,but they don't go up to the ankle and look more or less like regular athletic shoes

A couple of years ago I was in Sicily on a hiking trip with new boots. Not only had I bought a boot too aggressive for my needs but on this particular trip I had decided I wanted to cut down on luggage and took only the boots and a pair of flat dressy shoes. I did not take the intermediate, running-type shoes I normally. took. After the hiking was over I spent a week in central/northern Italy mostly doing some sightseeing. Since my dress shoes weren't supportive enough for that type of walking on old stones, I wore my hiking boots (and wasn't doing much stretching at end of day). Big mistake. All of a sudden I had trouble walking down steps. All of a sudden I had pain in my heel. I had given myself plantar fascitis and spent 6 months getting rid of it. when I got home. So I also recommend you be careful, stretch a lot, and bring a comfortable soft pair of running or workout shoes you can alternate with boots.

One other thing that may affect your experience with boots -- how (your stride) you walk, and what you weigh, and that varies from person to person, and is very difficutt for someone else to assess. One more reason why you should buy in advance and wear at home.

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Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

Whatever you buy you should buy them soon and wear them in while we’re heading into our winter. They’ll be well worn in by December and by then you won’t want to look at them at all once it gets warm in Australia in December.

I can’t help with suggestions as I bought mine online years ago. They were a Teeva boot and the best thing I bought for my December trip. They were extremely comfortable for me but not sure for someone with foot problems.

I still have them and wear them when I go to our ski fields in winter.

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8. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

I have high arches and need to wear an arch support no matter what boot or shoe I wear- doctor tole me this: I worked construction and hiked and snowmobile etc. and I found that a very good hiking/work/sporting boot with a good shank support ie. steel or synthetic works well with an arch support: I use a Danner Uniform boot - there are several that the police, homeland security, boarder patrol personnel use and they are very good walking boots and comfortable all day long: The uniform boots come in some very lightweight materials and we went to NYC this past summer and I walked miles in them and felt just great: Keep in mind a uniform boot made for police etc to use all day long may cost a little but are Quality footware:

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

Are you under the care of a podiatrist. They will be able to provide advice for your problems. I have suffered from PF and once it flares, that's it, walking is really difficult. You may need orthotics, not just inner soles.

Having said that when I went to NYC for Christmas in 2016 I stupidly left my orthotics at home ...(left them in the shoes I'd been wearing the day before and they weren't being taken to the States with me!!!). Anyways, on my first day there I caught up with Frangipani and she kindly bought me some of her magic orthotics - Orthaheel is the brand and the ones I have are RELIEF Medium Support. I brought them and the packaging home and once my orthotics wear out I will try her inner soles again. They were fine for my 4 weeks in NYC and DC. I have Camper boots and ankle boots. I buy styles that you can take their inner soles out of and replace with orthotics. They are very kind and let you try this in their shops before purchasing.

Good luck sorting it all out. And yes, do this now so you can wear your purchases in over the coming Oz winter. As to whether you'll wear them when you return home - give the boots away to someone in need. Lots of organisation have shoes/coats/blankets 'drives' once our Winter sets in.

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10. Re: Winter Boots with Arch Support

I am with Jenny. See a podiatrist if haven’t atready, get custom orthotics, and the doctor’s recommendation as to type of boot and place to purchase. I had a torn plantar fascia, and if you get the wrong boots/orthotics you are in for a misarable time. Eneslow is the one NY store I would recommend but agree that you should break your boots in first at home.

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