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British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

Boston, Mass
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British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

Just wondering how many others are having the same experience...We flew British Airways from Paris to London, and then had a connecting flight from London to Boston on July 3, 2006. None of our 4 suitcases made it to Boston, and as of today there is absolutely no update from BA as to just where our luggage is. It seems that dispite the fact that all our baggage had bar coded tags, BA doesn't actually scan those tags to track the luggage. I have called the US 800 number supplied with my "World Tracer Reference", but they haven't been able to give me any more info than I can see online myself - which is absolutely no information. And the person I spoke with in the US claimed they were unable to call London themselves to see if the baggage is there. Has anyone had any better luck than me in locating their bags from these flights? Any tips on who to call at British Airways who may actually have some concept of customer service?!

Lafayette, IN
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1. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

both my husband and I had the same experience with British Airways last summer, on flights from Johannesburg connecting through Heathrow (we flew back to the U.S. separately). Both bags turned up exactly five days after they were lost. They never updated us either, the bags just turned up at the door sometime during the night.

I did write to them to complain (as it happened to both of us) , and requested $200 reimbursement for the inconvenience, which they sent us.

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2. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

Hello PearlBlossom:

We are having exactly the same problem. We flew from Tashkent to London, Heathrow with BA on Jul. 9 and when we got to London our luggage was not there. After waiting and checking ourselves for about 2 hours (with no help from BA), we were given a ref. no to track the two suitcases.

We had to leave to go to Gatwick to catch a flight to Toronto and were late in getting to the airport but still caught the train WITHOUT OUR LUGGAGE. We were so stessed. We planned to have a leisurely change of clothes and had enough time to get comfortably to Gatwick without rushing and panicking. We had not slept for about 24 h by then.

When we arrived in Toronto, we went to the BA counter and they said that the luggage had been found and would be shipped the following day to Toronto and then delivered to our home 1-1/2 away from Toronto.

Well, the luggage arrived at 2:30 a.m. so we had no sleep that night either.

All our gifts and and things we had bought were in that luggage and all our good clothing.

We are now told that the most BA will compensate is $390 dollars!! I can't believe it!!! I have phoned about 10 times long-distance and get a different reply each time. I have spent literally hours and hours on this and all I get is a very cool response from BA. I even called Britain and got Customer Relations and after being put on hold while the lady was checking for over 15 min. I was cut off. They have our phone no., but no one even bothered to call us back.

I am soooooo disappointed and totally disillusioned with BA.

We travel about 2 times a year and have done so for about 30 years and this is the FIRST TIME our luggage has been lost and we have been treated so shabbily. I am just so tired and stressed!!!

Have you received your luggage yet?

Boston, Mass
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3. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

Well, your situation sounds a lot worse than ours was. We did finally get all our luggage. We had 4 suitcases and they were delivered in 3 separate deliveries. The first arrived on July 6, the next one on July 7, and the last 2 on July 9.

With the first delivery they called ahead to be sure we would be home, and asked us to write a signed note allowing them to leave the luggage if we had to go out. I told them I did not want the luggage left outside if we were not home, and that I would be home. That delivery person was very cordial and the bag arrived by the evening they called.

The next day I opened my back door to find the second piece of luggage sitting there. Knowing two other suitcases would be coming (hopefully) I called the delivery service to tell them specifically to NOT leave the luggage outside my house. Well, as happy as we were to get those last two suitcases, finally after 6 days, we were not happy to find them sitting outside our house -instead of getting a call letting us know when they would be arriving so we could be home.

Since I was so happy to finally get our luggage, and was so aggravated before that, I had been setting aside filing a claim for the inconvenience we experienced. However, after hearing other stories I am again motivated to do so.

Sheffield, United...
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4. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

It is so stressful when an airline loses your luggage.

We flew from Manchester (UK) to Salt Lake City via Chicago last year (can't remember which airline, not not BA) and our luggage only got as far as Chicago. It seemed to be the norm there as there was a long line of people from the same flight with the same problem and the customer services didn't seem concerned.

There were four of us travelling and all four suitcases were lost.

We were travelling up to s e Idaho and were promised they would be dlivered the next morning, but we had a number to ring and check. Of course the guy on the other end of the phone couldn't trace our bags, but as soon as he knew we were English he chatted about the British tv programmes he and his wife loved - which didn't help our lost luggage situation.

It was the start of our holiday and we had no clothes except the ones we had on.

However, the outcome was our bags were delivered at 10.30 am that morning by private taxi.

Chicago does seem to be a problem with us as the first time through our connection left without us and delayed us by 12 hours.

I hate to think what will go wrong this year when once again we are connecting in Chicago, but am keeping my fingers (along with everything else) crossed!!!

Good luck!!

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5. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

We have always had problems with BA and luggage. it never makes the connecting flight to Boston from London. Inever used to stress and hoped for it to come by within 24-48 hours and it did. Unfortunately i newr collected my 50$ , which I regret now. I always felt I was returnign home and could wait. There was only once I colkllected for my mother who had no clothes wghen he baggae was lost.

That said, now my attitude towards BA has compleytely chnaged in the last 3 days. My parents viisted me again and their baggae was lost on Monday. We were patient till yesterday and then I blew my fuse when noone was willing to answer my questions at all. Even London completely dismissed our pleas and frustrations and directed us back to Boston who were another totally hopeless crew of people who lock themselves behind closed doors and pretend to be closed when inded they are open. My little daughter actually banged on the door many times jsut as we were leaving and someone opened it.....I could not believe it.

They know the bag is inLondon Heathrow but they cannot get a hold of someone in heathrow to find it. How difficult is it to maek a phone call....they are a completely disconnected business with absoutely no customer service. They lie all the time and cannot give any mreo information than what is online which is not updated at all ...it does whne the box is delivered. Who cares at that point ... I am not going online to check it when I have gotten box !!

They paid the 50$ and now it has been 4 days and we are waitng.. NO clothes for parents and all the birthday ritual stuff for my son's first birthday is stuck in the box and the event is on Sunday !!

I regret not taking my money all these days I lost my luggage. They don't deserve loyal customers, our family and extended family 8 of us travel at once a year on BA for the last 13 years. And the one time we need service they sucked big time. They are ruthless and totally unfriendly !

I am so upset my baby's stuff is not here and I now need to go shoping for my parents, especially my dad as most of his stuff was gone !!

I am praying and hoping I get the box by tomoorw but I am not holding my breath on it.

Next time, if at all there is one with BA, my luggage is lost I am collecting my 50$ first thing and I am definitely writing to Customer Relations.


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6. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

Hi all

All these tales are only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately.

I find it astounding that BA have just posted a 57% hike in profit for tha last quarter when it is apparent that their customer service is non-existent.

I travel with BA on a regular basis because my company insists on using a British company and believe me when I book for my wife and myself privately I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

They are only driven by two things - money and profit

Boston, Mass
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7. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

Well, I've just about given up on British Airways. Both my husband and I fly them frequently to Scotland, where he still has family. On nearly every occasion, BA has managed to lose my luggage, and sometimes my husbands as well.

Just this week, the terrorist scares out of London severely curtailed the number of flights actually leaving Heathrow, thus creating backup's elsewhere in Europe. We were in Barcelona at the time of the alerts and made extra time in our travel plans to accommodate any changes or delays in our flights.

We got to Barcelona airport in plenty of time to get our luggage checked in as well as to arrange our seating. What were we treated to at the BA service counters? A snaking line, wrapping around the terminal with only ONE agent manning the desks. After about an hour, another agent showed up, took her sweet time adjusting the level of her stool, sharpening pencils, or whatever, before she actually starting taking people in line.

We got on our flight and did make our connection in Heathrow. However, in their all so famous fashion, BA HAS LOST MY LUGGAGE AND THERE IS NO SIGN OF IT ANYWHERE.

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8. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

I am in the same rut too. BA has lost my luggage at every destination. The phone numbers that I received is just a recording and no one could tell me where my bags were. Finally we received our bags after three days into our holiday. We arrived in LAX on the 19 and no sign of 10 bags. Now we are in Hawaii without any bags. I looked on line and and they listed only 8. I had to call executive line to ask them to post the missing two. They told me that I should receive my bags in 7 days. Once I get my bags I will not fly British AGAIN. They told me that Heathrow has about 1000 bags there and they have been having problems with their baggage handling. This stresses anyone out. I could careless about the money I just want my bags, Every day that goes by I am loosing more than they are willing to pay for a lost bag.

They definitely have a bag problem.


Edinburgh, Scotland
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9. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006

Well I've just got the same problem as everyone else hear and just feel the need to express my frustration. Flew Club World from Edinburgh to Boston on Friday 25th August via London Heathrow and my two bags still haven't shown up in Boston though they definitely arrived in LHR ok. I was given initial compensation but it's now nearly two days since then and there's a limit to what you can get for $100 (ex gratia payment given at the airport) when you've had to put all your toiletries, cosmetics etc. in the hold. Also very tricky when you've dressed for a chilly Edinburgh for travelling and you arrive in a hot and sunny US and you need clothes for business as well as pleasure! The website reference given is worse than useless as it still says 'Tracing continues' and presumably it does that until they manage to find the bags (if they do).

I'm appalled at the overall lack of customer service (although I can't fault the efficiency of staff at BA Boston desk) and continuing customer relationship management and co-ordination between UK and USA. There's obviously a serious problem here and I can't believe that it's still acceptable to use the change in security re baggage requirements as an excuse for subsequent delays.

Syracuse, NY
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10. Re: British Airways Lost Luggage July 3, 2006


I just flew from Paris to JFK via BA with a stopover in London. I am a frequent flyer and this was by far the worst trip of my life!! After they made us late leaving CDG, b/c of a poorly planned extra security check (liquids, gels, food) they forced us all to miss our connecting flights at Heathrow. Well this is where they lost my two bags, one extremely fragile and valuable and the other all my priceless personal affects (clothes, gifts, etc...).

THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IN 2 years that BA has lost my bags!!! Implement an ERP system that works!!! A multi billion dollar company as this should have NO PROBLEM doing so!

I am asking someone who has successfully received reimbursement for troubles & received their bags as well, to POST a copy of the letter you wrote to BA executives. WAS this an email or a written document? ANY help is more than welcome (jndurand@hotmail.com)


J. Durand