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Lanikai Beach

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Lanikai Beach

We are considering vacationing in Oahu, but don't want to be in the middle of all the tourism. So, we have looked into staying in a condo off of Lanikai Beach but are concerned about the safety of doing this. Does anyone know if the Lanikai Beach residential area is a safe area for tourists? Also, are there nearby restaurants and things to do in that area?

On a totally different subject, we are wondering who has the more beautiful beach, Lanikai Beach or the beaches of Kauai. And, which area is less touristy? Hopefully someone can help!!

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1. Re: Lanikai Beach

I felt extremely safe in the Lanikai area ( was there for 4 days last month )

LOTS of great little restaurants in Kailua

I don't know about Kauai, but Lanikai has been ranked the number one beach in the USA by both Beach Doctor and Conde Naste

There are no hotels in the Kailua/Lanikai area, so very few tourists.


Alexandria, Virginia
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2. Re: Lanikai Beach

We've never had any problems in all the times we went to this beach. Lanikai is one of the most exclusive and expensive enclaves (not a town but a part of Kailua town) in Hawaii and all tourists who "discover" the Lanikai secret fall in love with the beach and long to return. The only possible danger is leaving valuables in your car - this applies anywhere in the state. Always lock your car and keep items out of sight.

Kauai is much more touristy than Lanikai./Kailua because the latter does not have hotels (though plenty of good to great restaurants), only a few B and Bs. We stayed at the Hyatt in Poipu Beach on Kauai and the beach there was not as lovely as Lanikai. But if you have time for both Kauai and Oahu islands, I recommend going to both. The cliffs on the west side of Kauai are breathtaking.

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3. Re: Lanikai Beach

Oh no someone else has discovered the secret of Lanikai. The beach here is one in a million. It is stunning and beautiful. My sister lives there so that was the reason for us renting a home on the beach for seven days in Lanikai. It was marvelous and a great way to explore Oahu. We did a one day trip to Honolulu and spent the rest at the beach and relaxing in the rental home pool.

IN regards to safety, Lanikai is one of the most exclusive beaches in Hawaii. My sister's home is only 1,100 sq feet and three blocks from the ocean and is appraised at over 1.5 million dollars. Ocean front homes sell upwards of 4 million and go up to 30 million so this is obviously were the rich and famous play. The Paul Mitchell Estate (the hair salon guy) is located in Lanikai and the house of actress Michelle Pfeiffer. So you can't find a safer area and as it is mainly residents the Honolulu thieves looking to steal from tourists aren't there.

The beach is also protected from sharks by a reef about a mile out that the waves break on. There are two beautiful small island out off the coast that you can kayak to also. Over our days we spent about 3 completely relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, ect... One day went surfing out on the reef as a family with my brother in law who taught us. One day kayaked out to the island for a picnic. One day visited Pearl Harbor and Waikiki. One day hiked the mountain behind Lanikai for the beautiful view and saw the WWII bunkers that were built up there. Feel free to ask any questions, I can ask my sister since she lives there.

Bellingham, WA
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4. Re: Lanikai Beach

We followed the advbice from a previous post "Best Secret of Kailua Beach" (or something like that) and hit pay dirt! Met a resident who gave us access to a private gate access on a street called Kailuana Loop. Beats Kailua Beach Park and definitley NO crowds and tons of on street parking in a safe neighborhood. As stated in the original post, the street is wide and not narrow like Lanikai Loop (so your rental car will escape potential dents and scratches).

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5. Re: Lanikai Beach

I have seen some photo's and videos and the beach sure does look stunning. Is the beach easy to find once you turn off the main road.

Many Thanks.

Bellingham, WA
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6. Re: Lanikai Beach

I copied the following directions from someone else's post...these are the directions we used...can't miss it! Even with this post, we found the beach empty and wonderful for the family. The PUBLIC beach access is located a few yards to the south of Kailuana Loop (along the street called N. Kalaheo Ave). You can mapquest or yahoo map Kailuana Loop. Enjoy.

Take N. Kalaheo Ave. traveling NORTH.

Kailuana Loop will be on your right (right before a bridge) look for a lava rock wall and turn right into the neighborhood.

Park anywhere on Kailuana Loop.

Once you park,

Walk back out to N. Kalaheo Ave. and turn left.

Walk for a few yards and you will see the Public Beach Access path on your left.

Enjoy! The beach there is empty and lots of free parking! People think Kailuana is a private road but it is not. Plus it is a widew street and can accommodate on-street parking without bothering the flow of neighborhood traffic.

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7. Re: Lanikai Beach

Thank you for posting the directions. I have been looking for them I spotted them on a previous post. I will staying w/ family in Kailua for half of our trip. Thanks again!

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8. Re: Lanikai Beach

Is there a part on Lanikai beach where people who do not have a house on Lankikai? Our house is near Waikiki, so I just want to know if I should still go there?

Kapaa, Hawaii
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9. Re: Lanikai Beach

Yes ned, indeed go to Lanikai Beach. All beaches in Hawaii are public. There maybe lots of millionairs who have houses there, but you are just as welcome to use the beach as they are.

Honolulu, HI
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10. Re: Lanikai Beach

Hi ekTexas: Kailua is a VERY safe town - I grew up there. Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach are next to each other. I usually just park at Kailua Beach Park and head towards the left (facing ocean) = you'll head to the nicer part of Kailua/Kalama Beach. This is the area Justin Timberlake purchased his home a couple of years ago. Not crowded and nice waves. For Lanikai Beach you usually have to drive through the Laniakai loop and park ona side street where you see a beach access. Lanikai Beach Park has a sand erosion problem on part of it and it is a little hop down but my kids still like going there.

Anywhere in Kailua and Lanikai would a great place to stay.