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Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

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Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

Recently returned from three weeks in Hawaii. Overall had great dining. However, two restaurants to avoid in the Poipu area are Brenneckes Beach Broiler, $72.00 for lunch and they charged me extra for a tomato and lettus slice on my grandsons hamburger. It was only $1.00 bur it was the principal that was the issue. The waitress agreed but just shrugged her shoulders.

Second, was the Pizzetta in old Koloa Town. Very buzy, good food but the service was terrible. Never did get our drinks, two beers, a coke and water. Pizza came 20 minutes after the entre my son ordered. First time in my life I didn't leave a tip wor service.

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31. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

Brenneckes is a decent place to grab a sandwich or a burger, and it's got a great location. Heck, they even have a beach named after them (or is it the other way around....??) But, I agree that charging a buck for lettuce and tomato is just dumb. I honestly don't think I've ever ordered a burger that I had to pay extra for those items. Cheese, yes (go figure that one). I wouldn't skip them based on this review, but maybe ask them if you don't want onions can you get the lettuce and tomato for free, lol!!

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32. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

Bubbas is doing the same thing I believe. Indeed dumb.

but seems pretty petty to log onto a travel site to whine about 1.3% of the bill.

Brenneckes is indeed overpriced and their drinks at happy hour are weak as can be. But the view is nice.

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33. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

Wow, never seen such a ruckus over a slice of tomato and a piece of lettuce. Peace, love, harmony and aloha everyone.

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34. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

The one consistent thing on this thread is that the view is nice. If the food is just OK, the prices are high, and the drinks are weak (I don't really care for mixed drinks so I could get over this one), I think I'll grab hamburger meat and buns in town and enjoy a nice cookout at the Wailua Bay View Grill. We can then head upstairs to the room and still get the great ocean view from our Lanai.

I don't mind paying good money for food, but it needs to stand out as very good food, along with great atmosphere and view. Maybe we'll stop in for drinks. They can't water down beer can they? :)

P.S. Do they have Dr. Pepper on the Islands? Us Texans drink it like water.


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35. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

Rettraveler - $72.00 for how many people?

I too would be interested in hearing some of the 'positives' about your trip as we are headed there fo 2 weeks next Christmas.

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36. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

If I were the restauranteur, I'd charge $1 extra for each entree. That way, whether or not lettuce and tomato were ordered he'd have been $3 or $4 dollars ahead at the most, break-even at worst. An extra $4 on a $72 would hardly be noticed by one who wouldn't care about it; the one who did would still be annoyed by the high check but not so incensed that he was charged the extra dollar.

NB: The above was written with tongue firmly in cheek.

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37. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

We've been to Brennekes and it's definately not cheap but what is in Hawaii? I agree charging extra for lettuce and tomato on a burger is just plain wrong! I hope somebody from Brenneke's sees this thread and gets the message.

I agree with Kwils, it is a great location and especially in an area that doesn't have a lot of dining choices. Maybe that's why they get away with it.

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38. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

Shipping is a big cost to the islands but maybe you were better off as the lettuce probably came from Calif and it may have been from the farms with the e coli problem. Yes I am one who would complain in the states ie for principle of it esp when paying alot but Hawaii is sure a different world that is hard to understand for mainlanders. Thank you for this forum as it does help promote better understanding of an area not in my backyard. Hopefully the waiter understood why no tip left cause too many times its expected even for bad service.

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39. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

This thread reminds me how happy we were to have a condo with a full kitchen during our stay in Kauai. We were able to cook most of our meals, but when we did eat out we experienced a lot of over priced, mediocre food with so-so service. There were a few nice exceptions (especially the Beach House), but for the most part eating out was not worth it.

Luckily, the natural beauty of Kauai is so incredible a few lack luster meals couldn't dampen our vacation.

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40. Re: Two to aboid in Poiup/Koloa

The beach house was the exception to mediocre food? I thought the food in that place fit the exact definition of mediocre, both in terms of food and service.

The atmosphere wasn't as good, but the food at Roy's was 10 times better.

We never bothered to eat at Brenneckes - heard too many bad things about the place.