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Kauai Weather

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Kauai Weather

I'm headed to Kauai for the first time next week and I'm very excited. I've been eagerly watching the weather because I live in North Idaho and it's been miserable. I've done some research and I think I have an understanding of the weather patterns. It seems like it rains pretty much every day at some point on the island and weather forecasts aren't always accurate. But it looks like next week there's a chance of thunderstorms all week. I'm wondering, from a local's perspective, is there word around the island that it's going to be pretty crappy? I'm staying on the South Shore hoping that we get sun but I have a car so I'm willing to follow the sun around the island. :-)

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1. Re: Kauai Weather

Aloha from Kaua'i!

Please don't watch the weather forecasts for Hawai'i on the mainland - they will ALWAYS freak you out - as the number of posts here on this forum with this same question attest to.

No, there is nothing that I've heard in terms of any unusual weather coming at us in the next few days.

Normal tradewind weather, temps highs in the low 80's and tradewinds with passing showers (this means passing showers of about 1 minute duration or less usually).

I live on the South Shore - our weather has been sunny and windy - typical for this time of year - no rain to speak of either.

Malama Pono,


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2. Re: Kauai Weather

We just got today from a week in Kauai. When we arrived last week it rained pretty hard from late afternoon through the night, and was pretty chilly. The weather forecast predicted similar weather for the week ahead so we were pretty bummed. Turned out that the weather was great all week. Other than the day we arrived, we didn't really see much rain except a few nights after dark. The days were all warm and pretty sunny, and we got to do much everything we planned - Na Pali boat cruise, Kayaking the Wailua, snorkeling, botanical gardens, etc. Sad to be home now.

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3. Re: Kauai Weather

We are headed to Poipu as well and admit that I'm feeling a little panic over the 10 day forecast. I know there was a major storm a few weeks ago. We have been many times and the rain showers that are brief are part of the fun. I'm just worried about not seeing the sun! I should know better than to look at the forecast, like this is something I can control! :)

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4. Re: Kauai Weather

I think we all do that before our Kauai trip, but if the locals say don't worry about the weather forecast please do so. I was worried too before our May 2011 trip, saw "rain" in the forecast for that whole week. We did have rain overnight and a little rain that lasted a minute or two but nothing to stop us from enjoying our trip.

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5. Re: Kauai Weather

Look at the top right section of this page called Top Questions About Kauai. Look at the 2nd entry " Weather reports says rain, should I panic?" , or something like that. You'll find others' thoughts on long range weather forecasts in that thread.

But for some reason I don't see the Top Questions About Kauai listed anymore. Hopefully you will see it and the problems is just t my end.

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6. Re: Kauai Weather

we stayed in Poipu March 15-25 and quite a few days were forecasted at 40% or more chance of rain when we woke up each morning. Out of our 10 days, we only had about 5 minutes of rain so don't worry.

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7. Re: Kauai Weather

We arrived last Tues, March 27 and there was 40% rain forecast for every day. In one week, I've seen rain one time and it was very light. In fact, we had the most beautiful, clear, sunny days the past two days! I think it may rain somewhere on the island most days but not necessarily each day right on your resort. Enjoy your stay!

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8. Re: Kauai Weather

I think the biggest thing to remember when reading any weather forecast is that if it says, "40% chance of rain"...that means exactly that...there is a 40% chance that it will rain at some point during that day somewhere. It doesn't mean that it will rain 40% of the day. I live in Pittsburgh and our forecasts pretty much always call for a chance of rain. If I stayed inside everytime we have a 10% chance of rain, I'd never leave the house. It does rain in the islands, why do you think it's so beautiful. There are so many things to do on the islands that if it does rain a day or two, you will still be able to do something. Relax and enjoy the fact that you will be in Kauai very soon!

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9. Re: Kauai Weather

No rain no rainbow. No rain, no waterfalls.

Kauai is not Kauai without rain. That is what makes its imperfect weather perfect.

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10. Re: Kauai Weather

You are going to the wettest place on the planet. So expect rain. I have just spent 10 days there and it rained at some point everyday. Sometime harder than others. But, it lasts only a few minutes and it's warm rain anyway. That is why Kauai is so beautiful. Don't worry about it. You will love it.