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BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

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Chicago, Illinois
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BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

Well I guess it's not really a scam....but they are a little sneaky.

Here is the story about what happened to us. So I know there are a lot of these supposed great deals flying around out there - a lot of them come from the Bass Pro shops, and others at various trade shows. All offering a great 2 night vacation at the Wisconsin Dells - for only $99!! There's a variety of things they promise you such as visa gift cards, dining certificates, etc. Then after they suck you in, they say "all you have to do is go on a short 90 minute bus ride around their property at Christmas Mountain.". Well that's what the guy told us who sucked us in. And other people I talked to who got the same deal were told the same thing and one couple weren't even told about the tour they'd have to go on!

So we book out 2 night vacation and we're told if we don't show up, we get billed the entire price of the full price of what our stay would have cost at the going rate. We get out to the welcome center where we are told to check in and they ask for our ID's and credit card. We give them our credit/debit card which is the only one we use and it was also the one we paid the $99 with at the booth at the trade show. The guy said the card was fine to use. But apparantly it was not! They needed a major credit card, not a debit/credit card, cause they want to be able to check our credit in case we want to buy into their program at the tour the next day. ERGH. I do have a major credit card but I haven't used it in ages and I don't plan to use it. It was at home. I called my bank and they were able to give me the credit card number and expiry date but that wasnt good enough for them. They then told us we could still stay at the hotel but we'd have to pay full price and we couldn't go on the tour so we wouldn't get any of the free gifts we were promised. We were so upset! After driving all this way, taking the time off, and now we were going to have to pay even more. Finally after calling all kinds of supervisors, the girl said if I could access my bank account online and print out something showing my visa card account was active, then they'd accept that. Since it's an account I rarely use, I had to call the bank again to reset my login info for online banking and all that took about half an hour. They did let me use their computer there and print it out. But it ended up taking us 2 hours to sort everything out! We didn't get to our hotel until after 6pm so the day was gone already and then they couldn't get us scheduled for a tour until noon the next day - our only day there and a big chunk of it would be taken up at this tour. They said if we didn't show up for the tour, then we'd be charged the full price of the entire trip. Geez!

So we packed as much as we could into our one day. We got up super early to ride the duck tours, play mini golf then we were at the tour place by 11:30 as we didn't want to be late and get charged for anything. Our "90 min bus tour" was actually a 90 minute slideshow presentation in a small stuffy room. Repetitive and boring. THEN after that, each couple/family was assigned to a sales person who tried to get us to sign up. We told her numerous times we were not in the position to sign up right now, that we own our own business and don't have time to travel, etc. She called her supervisor over and he tried even harder. We finally told them that if we ever want to go on vacation or have time to, then we are able to use my inlaws Disney club vacation points. They at first didn't know how to top that, cause how do you top something that's free?? But they still tried and I was started to get pissed off cause now they were just wasting our time, as we said so many time we weren't interested. They even insisted that we go for a short tour of the property and see one of the townhomes and we ended up having to take our salesgirl in our own car for the tour so we didn't have to wait for the bus. It was very weird. Also I'm 8.5 months pregnant which she knew about all along and I was like "ok, we were told it was only 90 minutes and we've been here over 2 hours, I really need to go get some food" and she said "oh, well I have some M&M's" and I said "no thanks, I mean real food". and she ended up keeping us almost another hour!! So 3 hours of our day had been wasted. We did get the $50 visa card as promised but we were told to only use it at gift stores as if we try using it at restaurants then they hold back 20% for gratuity. Then we got a $100 dining dough certificate as promised as well, but there was only 1 restaurant within 30 miles that we could use it at! So they told us to take it home to Chicago with us as we might have better luck finding a restaurant closer to us there.

So yes they were pushy. I wish they had just listened to us in the first place and we would have been out of there an hour and a half earlier. They were really friendly, but again, pushy.

We did love the hotel we got to stay at, the Chula Vista Resort and we'd love to go back there again one day. The rest of our trip was great, but dealing with all the BlueGreen people was the only frustrating part.

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11. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

I am a bluegreen owner and have enjoyed all of the vacations that I have taken using them. The first thing I will always tell you is that at the 90 minute mark you have the right to leave and they are required by law to give you the gifts that they promised you. They cannot hold you pass that if you want to go, if they try to detain you after that they are breaking the law and you should call the police for unlawful detaining. Most people think that they have to stay until they let them leave, wrong. You do have to live up to the time that you signed up for and no longer. I enjoy christmas mountain village but the sales team there are some of the worst for high pressure and I have had a few run ins with them and their rudeness. I would never buy one of the bass pro packages as they will never be worth it because of the time constrants and the limits that are placed on using them, better to rent some time from an owner in order to check out one of the resorts and get all the info you can from those who are knowledgeable in the company but don't work for them before you go to help you know what you are getting into.

Sorry you did not have such a good experience, no fun to find out when you get there the other side of the timeshare industry, no oversite of the sales teams.

Naperville, Illinois
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12. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

Ron Ron.. can you tell me where you found the regulations.. we are about to embark on a journey to the Dells Timeshare experience and I want to be armed with information. They are already jacking us around with our placement.

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13. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

Here's something that may help. …wi.gov/uploads/…TimeshareResellers182.pdf

We have done these types of promos and while they all sound really good we have always been able to say no. In fact, my husband and throw it back at them just as well as they put it out if they get snarky. Just smile and say no and give me the offer you promised. The "free gift" has to be worth the time, though. We have received show tickets and cash on some of the ones we have attended.

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14. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

Ah yes, Christmas Mountain. It's been about 20 years but I still remember it like it was yesterday...nothing much has changed. When they finally realized we really MEANT "no", they wouldn't even let us leave via the front door. We had to go out a back exit, down some stairs. That was after their last threat, and it was quite ugly. I asked my husband, did they think that would actually work? Sadly, it probably does.

Bloomer, Wisconsin...
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15. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

Bait & Switch: In June of last year we stayed at Mt. Olympus, roughly two weeks after our stay we received a phone call from Bluegreen Resorts for the fabulous $99 vacation deal. Two night vacations at Mt. Olympus (if we came on a Thursday it would be free) and we would receive $100.00 Visa card. All we had to do was go on a short tour of Christmas Village on our 1st stay. I stated to the Sales Rep. that I had done this about 10 years ago and wasn’t interested, she then went on to tell me this tour would only last about 20 minutes and we would receive a nice lunch if we were not interested we could leave if we were interested it would be longer. And if you purchase today I can get you another two night stay at Mt. Olympus which can be used anytime in the next 2 years and an additional $50.00 added to your Visa.

Because we were just at Mt. Olympus I asked her if we would be staying at Hotel Rome or an offsite, she assured me our accommodation would be at the “Main Hotel” So I bought the fabulous deal. Roughly 4 months later when I called to make reservations, all the dates I had were booked and I found out that the people that booked this deal off of me could not attend the same time as myself. Ok, not a big deal, the Rep. I spoke to said she would send me a copy of our vacation details. I received the letter 3 weeks later, only to see small print and it says I will attend a 90-120 minute presentation. I called immediately and was told that the sales rep. who told me that it was a 20 minute tour should not have said that, I was transferred to their complaint department, which went nowhere. I let it go I figured the kids will still enjoy the time.

The beginning of April I made our reservations for May 5th and 6th, I made the reservation with Jackie M_____, and she reassured me that we would be staying at the “Main Hotel” Hotel Rome.

On April 20th my parents used the trip they had bought ,there 20 minute tour ended up being 180 minute presentation they received no lunch, they did not stay at Hotel Rome, and their 2nd vacation was either a 1 person cruise or a destination that requires airfare.

I immediately called Bluegreen with concern to find out that the “Main Hotel” we were staying in was 2 miles away from the Water Park. They put in a request to move us to Hotel Rome. Today they called to confirm our reservation and told me that the request for Hotel Rome was denied. I was also informed that Hotel Rome is not included in those packages that it is an upgrade option. Once again I went to the complaint department, went through the whole sales pitch again, only to find out they record conversations and would listen to the conversation on the purchase date. I was over joyed. Only to be disappointed that the recording starts AFTER the sales pitch, to verify names, address, income and credit card number. Needless to say I am at my end they can keep my $99.00 but they are not getting any more of my time. So buyer beware if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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16. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...


Sorry I haven't dropped in for awhile. I hope this information isn't too late for you or maybe you found it on your own.

Anyway, the link to Wisconsin state LAW related to timeshares is here:


See especially 707.55 Prohibited advertising and sales practices. Print those pages if necessary.

The timeshare salesperson complaint form is here:


Good luck!

17. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

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18. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

Hell..this group posted a job offer on the internet, and I responded to it. I have an interview in the morning at 11:30. I don't think I like looking at all these negative comments because I take pride in my work and what I do in Hospitality and Tourism. I've been in the industry for over 25 years, and would like to be able to back up what it is that I'm selling, and have confidence in what I'm selling, as well. After reading some of these comments posted over the past few months, and none of them are really "kind", I'm wondering if I'm going to be the sucker for working for them, or am I going to be sucking people in? HELP!!!!!

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19. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

sounds like you really listened and paid attention at the presentation. Good Job. For people who can afford to buy into bluegreen, more power to them. but, as a sales rep, my heart hurts for some of the people like you, and I'm not so sure I can keep doing this kind of job. Thank you for your post, and you may have helped me make a decision on what to do with my future. I do not like taking part in a job that so many people seem to feel they have been scammed with or could be detrimental to my personal work ethic. I've read countless complaints about Bluegreen. This concerns me.

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20. Re: BlueGreen Vacation deals/ sale pitch/ scam...

If you had read the materials, one of the "requirements" was you needed to provide a major credit card. It was clear to me when I read the materials and if you would have brought your card all of your frustration could have been avoided. We did this deal, had a wonderful stay and were under no obligation to buy anything. Next time follow the instructions and you will not have any issues.

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