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Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

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Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

This is a good time to remind folks out there about the town of Summersville WVA. They are still out there to take your hard earned money from you. I feel we have a responsibility to warn as many people as we can.

The fact does remain that the speed trap in Summersville is just a way for the town to use the road to generate revenue. They drop the speed limit by 15 miles an hour then vigorously enforce it. This is a dishonest way of getting dollars out of otherwise law abiding citizens. Yes, you have to admit it, it is a scam. Because of the signage not everyone gets a ticket; just enough people to pay the town bills and improve their infrastructure. Unsuspecting first time travelers of route 19 are the target. This town’s police web site honors the officers that write the most tickets. Check it out for yourself. Take a look at their website. I wonder if there are financial rewards attached to those honors. I would be interested in knowing more about where the money trail leads. They wrote over 3 million dollars worth of tickets in one year.

They will tell you it’s about safety but we know better, it’s about dollars. Some people on this site even suggested what I thought were some great ideas for the town to make an honest dollar by taking advantage of the natural resources to invite tourism instead of taxing travelers. We know; however, they aren’t interested in that because it is too easy just to write those tickets. No business risk or additional capitol investment with that ticket approach. I have been back through there is always multiple people pulled over getting a ticket.

I personally will not be spending any money in that town. Not at Summersville lake, the Summersville Wal-Mart, their hotels or gas stations. I have sent a letter and this link to the Pittsburgh Press which is the closest large city to there I think. Hopefully they will publish another article about Summersville soon. Anyone reading this post if you can take similar action in your city it would help to warn as many people as possible.

This movement is growing. Perhaps then the town will maybe use some of the millions they get from those tickets to re-look at legitimate ways to improve the safety of the road.

Let them know you don’t like it. Beep twice as you drive by Summersville!!!

Any Beach
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1. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

funny, you posted this same thing last year around this same time. Football season...bridge day..leaf "peepers".....just a coincidence?? hmmmmm...

People...just drive carefully, drive THE SPEED LIMIT...and you will be fine.

West Virginia
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2. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

There for a while you were posting this constantly. Oh well, posting this once a year isn't bad. Good to let people know to be careful.

charleston, wv
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3. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

How's that boycott workin"? Summersville realize they're goin' broke yet?

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4. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

Hello there my West Virginia friends. Glad to see y’all back. This post had to be put back out there since some of y’all complained about the last one and it was removed. So this post is within the guidelines but still effective enough to get a response out of you. I wouldn’t doubt if one or more of you had business stakes in the area and or are benefiting directly or indirectly from the tourist tax that Summersville imposes on travelers. People have a right to know what going on there. After all if they are aware of the speed trap and dishonest practice more than likely they will be traveling safely through your area. Isn’t that what you want? Or is it their dollars you are really after? I’d like to see them earn the money rather than taking it off unsuspecting people.

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5. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

I have lived in Summersville for several years, before the speed limit was reduced to 50mph (throughout a few short miles with a lot of off streets) we had at least one serious accident a month. Now that the speed limit was reduced to 50 mph, there are far less accidents. A lot of semitrucks drive through that porton and a large porton is going downhill to a stop light! I can't tell you how many times I've seen them run the stop light! If the speed limit was 60 or 65, I just can't imagine the accidents. I say 50mph might seem like a big deal to some, but for people who live here most of us are happy with it.

I really don't understand how anyone says it's a speed trap, there are signs everywhere, so it is clearly marked! Just slow down and drive the four or five miles that it is 50mph and know that you are being safe!

Washington DC...
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6. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

I don't get it. How is posting a speed limit and enforcing it a scam? If they choose to be aggressive and enforce it fully, then hey-that is their prerogative. No one is out to get you.

I frequently drive through Wardensville West Virginia which has the same reputation for agressive speed enforcement.

I take advantage of my cruise control. I set it at 25 on the dot, take my foot off the gas pedal and putter on through the town. If someone is tailgaiting me-lettem pass. THEY can get the ticket.

West Virginia
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7. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

BTW, keep to the speed limit on I-79 near Burnsville (forget the MilePost) and Elkview (Mile Post 11). Local cops keep those patrolled very well.

Also, coming into Charleston from the North, when the speed limit on I-79/I-77/I-64 drops from 70 to 60, you would be well advised to keep in the speed limit. It's heavily patrolled. Actually, the interstates in Charleston are pretty well patrolled.

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8. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

I lived in summersville in the 50's and the 60's, when I drive through there now I still watch my speed as I did back then, you think they watch it close now, Sam Boley and Phil Conley watched it close back then. Keep up the good work Summersville.

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9. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

OMGosh I remember Phil Conley, send me a pvt message at beverlymyname@hotmail.com we may know each other

Pittsburgh, PA
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10. Re: Summersville WVA Route 19 Speed trap tourism

I received a speeding ticket four years ago simply for having an out of state plate. I was following 3 cars in front of me and received a ticket shortly after a started out from a traffic light. First of all I don't believe we were all going faster than 50 mph from a recent stop and secondly, how could I be singled out?

I have vowed never to return to Summersville. I will travel out of my way before I go through that dishonest, poorly run town.

I feel bad for the businesses in that town because they are losing a lot of traffic. Many people that I have told do not make that route on their trip.

I sincerely hope that Summersville disappears off the map.

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