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Ethnic Restaurant Possabilities

This area has some great potiential in the ethnic food niche. For example the real Italian pizza baked in a large square pan and cut by slice to order. Polish dishs, much and scrapple at breakfast, sassafras tea locally grown, same with local veggies and farm raised natural beef and chicken, turkey ect. along with many little eateries. One question? At the local racetrack there is a wonderful French restaurant but guess what not much french food when you go inside so what's up with this? Play up these other cultures and foods after all that's why you go out to an ethnic restaurant in the first place. It's no fun if all the places have the same ole same ole meaning steak and baked potato, prime rib ect. In general at this point in time the areas strong suit is the breakfast menues at many places. And the Pizza but not the national chains and no place that put the fake cheese fron sysco on there frozen dough you know who you are Chester at Brnoes. The living legend is Orlando's in ELO and DeCarlo's in Newell is very fine. Hot Shots in Chester has great Mussels as good as in Belgium.