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Scenic Drive: Lexington to Covington (Trip Report)

this is a copy of the Lexington, Virginia forum I posted...Just reverse the trip for the same experience! Enjoy!!!

We took the most wonderful drive on the back roads from Lexington, Virginia to Covington, VA. Here is the path we took and the sites we saw…traveling a total of about 70 miles; spending at least 4 hours making the journey with the stops we made. We could have easily spent the whole day making this drive if we had stopped to wander through the shops and cafes of Hot Springs. This is the slow way to get from A to B; if you are in a hurry I64 is for you…

I would love others to add to this thread and include things we missed; I want to take others on this adventure!

From Lexington: Take VA-39 West (towards Goshen)…continue on VA-39 West until you come to Warm Springs where you will take US-220 South into Covington…end your journey by taking US-60 West to Humpback Covered Bridge

Right outside of Lexington you begin traveling through the gorge area of Goshen Pass. Your driving path keeps you alongside the stream that rambles over rocks. Several pull off areas lets you take in closer views some with hiking paths venturing down to the stream. From one of the pull offs, you will see a footbridge (if you want to get a closer look at it; take the first dirt road you come to after the overlook…it dead ends at the footbridge <>. You are also in the vicinity of the Goshen Boy Scout Reservation.

Next up, Hot Springs, home of the Homestead Resort. Oh how I wish we had had time to stop and browse through the little shops and cafes and checked out the public areas of the resort.

Falling Springs Falls…park and use the access area right along the roadside <>

As you enter Covington you will want to sidetrack by taking US-60 West to Humpback Covered Bridge. There is a wonderful park area on the premises. You will want to stay awhile. <>

In the area…but we did not explore: Douthat State Park <>