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Ask Me Anything About Lodging

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Ask Me Anything About Lodging

Okay guys, I have been watching this site for a couple of years now and I feel now that I need to intervene. I have been in the lodging service for 15 years and know just about every accommodation and personally know every reservation service. I also own my own accommodation. Please do not ask me which one as I will not tell you. I want to give unbiased opinions to all that have questions for lodging in Wimberley.

I feel some of you are abusing this site. I do not think it is fair to say such ugly things about different accommodations. Don't be so nasty as some of these accommodations are the property owners livlihoods. Just because you had a bad experience do not ruin it for others as they may like what you do not. Everyone is different. I think it is very distateful to have said some of the things that have been said on this site. The comments made about Blanco Bend...uncalled for. What part of rustic did you not understand? Then you proceed to say that it is VERY clean and has a nice bathroom but you decide to ruin your families vacation and leave. What? I have seen Blanco Bend. It is rustic as stated before but I personally think it would be fun to stay there. See, everyone is different.

I have a friend in this business as well, she has an absolutely beautiful accommodation. She once received a scathing two page letter stating she did not supply enough tea. OMG!!! Why ruin someones day with something like that? Why all of a sudden has everyone's vacations come down to what kind of flooring there is or what is the square footage or what count sheets do you have or if there is satellite TV? Don't you go to a certain location because of that location? Get out, enjoy what the town has to offer and enjoy each other or your family. Why go on vacation if you are just going to watch TV or play on the internet the whole time? That is what home is for. Just FYI: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! If something is cheap don't expect much. Personally, I shoot for a little higher just so I know what to expect.

I have just become so saddened that all of us property owners and reservation services work so hard and it has become acceptable to write such things. So, one tiny thing could go wrong and most of you would just exagerate as much as possible just to ruin someone's business because you didn't have enough tea? How selfish is that? Get up, take a stroll through our beautiful town, stop at the grocery store and buy your own tea. How hard is that? Yes, think about that. Put yourself in all of our shoes. Think about all the work and money we put into this just to be crushed just because you might be having a bad day. Please do not take it out on us. Some of you guys really upset us by the way you treat us or how you trash our accommodations or try to cheat us out of our income. Yes, our income. This is our job so we can pay our bills just like you have a job to pay your bills. You wouldn't want to get jipped on your paycheck so please do not do it to us. There is a black list for Wimberley guests. If I were you I would be careful because someday someone will create a web site just like this one but for black listing guests. I am surprised it has not already been done.

So, please treat us the way you want us to treat you. Trust me, you will get further that way than being ugly toward us right off the bat. Also, we ask that you please respect our homes the way you would want us to respect yours. We have to clean that up or fix things ourselves. And some of us lodging owners are little old ladies. Keep that in mind. Would you want your mother or grandmother to do that? Also remember, you break you buy in some cases.

Anyway, I have gotten off track. Before writing something mean on this site and ruining someones livlihood please ask me first. I will do my best to answer any question you may have on Wimberley in general and lodging. If I do not know the answer I will ask around for the answer and get back to you ASAP.

P.S. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. That is what my mother always taught me. And, always follow the Golden Rule. If you do not know what that is, I will be glad to let you know. Thanks for taking the time to read this. All of us in Wimberley will appreciate it, I'm sure.

San Antonio, TX
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1. Re: Ask Me Anything About Lodging

I too lurk on the Wimberly forum - and notice an unusually high amount of negative posts and an unusually high amount of new posters. Whenever I see that it always makes me wonder what's going on.

I value honest information be it positive or negative and there is a way to post negative information without being hurtful, but this forum does seem to have a unusually high share of mean posts.

Any take on this WG?

Czech Republic
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2. Re: Ask Me Anything About Lodging

It may have to do with the mentality of Americans or the lack thereof. Many people don't know how to be gracious guest.

Please don't think Wimberely is getting a disportinate number of negative posts. It is like every other business, complaints come quickly and

compliments are few and far between. (Most people here shy away from first time posters)

In general, many people are spoiled and simply have no couth.

Aubrey, Texas
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3. Re: Ask Me Anything About Lodging

I have mixed thoughts about your post. I know it's not the easiest task to run a business, particularly in the service area. People can indeed be unreasonable in their expectations and reactions to the service they encounter.

On the other hand, it is somewhat naive and unrealistic to think that people shouldn't write negative reviews. Part of the value of TA is getting feedback from travelers, good and bad. I think people can spot those who do have extreme reactions, such as complaining about not enough tea in the room.

And I don't think it is true that most negative reviewers exaggerate in order to ruin a business. I've put in a couple of negative reviews when there were real issues with a facility that I've felt that other travelers (and the management) should know about.

Austin, Texas
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4. Re: Ask Me Anything About Lodging

I agree with texhills. I think that most people read the really really negative reviews and can spot the ones that are written by people with some sort of grudge or those that may have had inflated expectations. For example, if I see a review where someone is complaining about no enough tea, I think, "Oh, they have tea." On the other hand, I do find some negative reviews very helpful because that person's pet peeve may also be mine.

It's also important to note that one person's definition of "rustic" can be another's definition of true luxury. People look for and hope for different things from a vacation. I agree, for the most part, that people should be out exploring and not in the room watching TV or on the internet, but there are certainly days on long trips or after a long drive, that all I really want is roomservice and a good pay-per-view movie.

5. Re: Ask Me Anything About Lodging

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