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family things to do in salou

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family things to do in salou

seen this on an other forum so thought i'd share with you all..

Take the plana bus (stops all over Salou ) to Cambrils a lovely little fishing village just up the coast. Go for a walk along the port to where you can watch people fishing or have a fish yourself off the rocks. Look for the shoals of fish that gather in the water around the small boats tied up there. See the fishing boats and maybe watch the fishermen at work on thier boats. If you go at the right time you can see the women sorting the catches for the markets.

There is a macdonals on the sea front for a cheap meal . Check out the shops. Then take the glass bottomed catermeran back along the coast to Salou port. There is always 2 parked up and take it in turn to sail. Its a lovely relaxing trip , great views of salou , lovely music , sea breezes.

It wont break the bank either, plana buses are cheap , and so are the boats . You can also see other sea trips up on a notice board by ticket ciosk.

This is one of my favorite days out and go every year to chill out. It will cost you a fishing net for all the children as they can catch little fish where the little boats tie up.

Tip number 2

If you have footie lovers in your group and fancy a day out in Barcalona try this one.

Tickets can be bought direct from the plana ticket booth on the prom opposite mcdonalds for this trip . You will find this is much cheaper that getting them else where. Where you buy tickets is same place you get on the coach

You will have an english speaking tour guide on board who will give you running comentary on the coach about loads of interesting stuff about Salou Catalonia Barcalona the football teams ect.

Your first stop is The Barcelona football ground (sorry cant spell the name of the stadium) where you get tour of changing room press rooms and loads more as well as the pitch. You also get to visit the footballs club mueseum. It is great for Manchester united fans as they won the triple . Manu fans will know what I'm on about. My lot insist on going every year. After the stadium you go back to town centre (you will get lots of comentary every time you go in or out of Barcelona centre about Goude ect)

You will then have time to walk down the Ramblers if you want or just do the shops. You will be invited to go have a meal with the Guide before you board coach back. Go on this meal it is good value as the guide has contacts who give them a deal.

If you dont like footie there are similar tours on offer but with different variations. I like the one where you go see the dancing fountains at night, and there is one where you go see the fanous Goude houses and the church yet to be finished.

Trip 3. This is a night time one especially for horse or flamenco lovers who like a dance and a bit of good clean fun

Glorias Ranch. All in deal of Coach to and back from Glorias Ranch. Show and drinks.

Met at entance and given drinks . Pop for children and sangria and sanmiguel larger for adults. After getting a drink you are sheperded to seats around a large arena for the show. You will see dancing horses , and talented riders taking them through there dressage routines. Lots of info about history of horses riders ect . After the show you can see horses in the stables

After the horse show you will enjoy a spanish night out. Face painting for the dids , competions disco ect. There will also be a show with audiece partisipation , and a flemenco dance show with lots of comentary about history dancers ect.

This all goes on either outside or in a huge spanish barn while you enjoy as much as you like of the drinks on offer. You just hold up your jug and they fill it. There is usually snacks like crisps on table for the children.

My favorite night out. Eat well before you go as the only thing you pay for is burgers and hot dogs, but they are not that expensive to buy. They do a barbeque at some point in the night when you can get one fresh cooked. Great for children to grannies, and grat value for money.

Portadventura is the bees knees, and beats eurodisney hands down. We have been euro twice on way to Salou to break trip over when children were small , they told me not to bother after that as they would rather wait to go portadventura.

Get 14 day passes if you are going for 2 weeks. They are only a little bit dearer than the 3 or 7 day passes. Then you can go for shorter sessions doing other things as well that day. Do mornings afternoons or evening sessions, as after first day you will realise just how tired you can get having fun, and you can avoid eating in park as it can be a bit steep for what you get portion wise.

If the fireworks display is on it is also a late finnish. so children will enjoy it more if they go late afternoon that day.

I usually take sweets and little packs of biscuit like things in with me. Get a big refillable coke ect as its cheaper to refill and the children can carry them round with them and bottles with rubber straw with Portadventura on make souveniers to take home. It gets very hot in the park and children can drink pints and pints of pop .

The costa carabe the water park part of Portadventura is ok but Aquapolis is better and there is a dolphin and seal show on there every day. There is also a building on site where you can see reptiles. Go here as gates open and take buckets of sun cream . Trying to get the children out of here when it closes at end of day is hard work. They dont want to stop having fun

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1. Re: family things to do in salou

Shopping. There is the usual array of holiday shops , but go a bit futher afield. Depending on where you are in Salou will determine how far it is on the plana bus or if you can walk to the old part of Salou. There you will find the shops the locals use, including the big supermarket. Just like the ones at home but with spanish own brands ect. If your self catering conbine a trip round the old town with getting in some bargain groceries. My children loved trying to read the spanish labels and find thier favorite foods , and picking out new treats they hadnt tried before.

Children Friendly Pubs...There are lots of these all over Salou. Weve had some good nights in the Rovers Return. Plenty of good old family fun. Early on is the bingo , then later family team quizzes ect. There has been a floor show on late on like hypnotist ect. There is a disco for the children ect and a pool table .

The lazy Waves is also one we have been to and enjoyed our selveves. One of the sight reps from our site does family night there. As they are the ones we usually go to I dont know what it is like in there other nights. Craig Lou and freinds are brilliant with the children. If you bump into them say hello from kilcourse.

Salou is the best one to go . The others were basically the same stalls .

Word of warning markets and city and town centres are prime places and have reputations of atracting pick pockets. They earn a good living from markets. Dont give money to beggars no matter how sorry you feel for them as they make a living this way as well. Dont buy a flowers of people walking round streets markets or pubs. It shows them where you have your money and how much you have on you, and gets you targeted for accomplises to rob you. Beware of beggars at pay windows for bus tickets ect for same reasons. Use short strapped shoulder bags tucked under your arm, if an extra zipped compartment is inside make use of it.

split your cash only leave so much in your purse. When mooching keep bag to front of you not to the back, and when walking keep hand over top of bag . Dont make it easy for them as they will quickly spot them that do.

The plana buses are great , and if you fancy exploring Reus or the other little towns get the bus . They run all the time all over Salou .I usually catch them outside McDonalds or opposite side of road depending on which way your going.

You can even get a bus to Barcalona from outside the Plana Booking office on the prom opposite McDonalds if you want to wander around Barcelona without paying for a tour. Never used it myself as dont like wandering round in city centres, but have seen it loads of times and knew people who had used it and said it was fine, I think you would need to book at busy times.

You can get a Plana bus to almost anywhere. They go all the main attractions Portadventura, Aquapolis, ect . You will see Plana painted right down the side of bus or on front. They have destination clearly displayed on the front. You will often find thier reps by the bus stops giving out maps time tables and leaflets for trips, and giving advice about buses due ect. Take them there is good info in english in them . If girls not around go to booking kiosk and ask for one.

Happy wandering.

a great boat trip. Picked up by coach in Salou in the morning, and taken to board a glass bottomed boat berthed in Camrills. First port of call was one of the villages up the coast for a look around and a market. Then back on the boat which took us to spot where we could view the sea life through the glass bottom. Then we were taken futher again up the coast where there was an inland salt lake (thats the best way I could describe it) with a sandy beach. The water was crystal clear and you could see and feel the tiny fish swimmimg round your legs or feet.

There were beach games and the year we went there was a barbi on the quay laid on as well which was brilliant. Last year when we went we were too late in season. The last trip had been the day we had arrived . I was told they dont do the barbi in the price any more. Shame.

The prices though did include all the drinks on the boat which were sanmigel larger sangria and pop for the children . No limits.

Alltogether a great day out for everyone. It is a popular excursion so the reps will know about it or you may find it advertised on the board at the ticket kiosk on the Quay in Cambrils.

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2. Re: family things to do in salou

What do you do when it rains. You will need to buy plastic ponchos for the water rides in portadventura . They are cheaper in the shops in Salou, so buy some ready . Use them in Portaventura and if it rains put them on , go out and do the shops or go for a ride on what is known with affection in Salou as the wally trolly . It beats being in an apartment or caravan with bored children. It started to rain one day while we were out touring the shops and this is what we did ,bought ponchos and carried on . The rain was apleasant change after a week of hot sun, and we did nothing but laugh .

Dont know what the wally trolly is. Its called the wally trolly as if you really want to go somewhere you are a "wally" if you get on it . Catch a Plana bus instead. The Wally trolly is a low train like vehicle which trundles round Salou all day . One circles salou one way and another one circles in the opposite direction. The children love them. If you want a tour of Salou it is the ideal way to get one . As it goes to portadventura on its route people get on it and it takes them an hour to get to there when it would have only taken 20 minutes to walk

. You can get on do a full circle and get off in same place. I cant remember how much it is exactly but about 3 or 4 euros each.

It is a good way to amuse the children in good weather as well. Good to get the idea of where everything is in Salou and chill out while your doing it. It is a bone shaker but all part of the fun

Go carts.Just outside of salou town on the way to reus airport there is a go cart track. Ive never been there myself but know where it is as Ive passed it coming and going from Salou. Have had friends who have gone seems comparable with the tracks in Britain . From my point of view you dont get a lot for the ammount you pay, but if you are into gocarts you may view things differently

I was told there is an adult and a seperate childs track

We have had too much other stuff over the years to be kept busy enough not to seriously think of going. Now the children are older and into that sort of thing will check it out this year

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3. Re: family things to do in salou

Hi. Beach is safe and clean. For little ones there are little parks dotted along the beach. There are showere to wash sand off on beach as well. The beach has little icecream huts and if I remember right they also hire out the sun beds from there, and the pedallos(if thats how they are spelt).

Peddallos are little boats you pedal to move along. The ones off Salou beach have little water slides on them. Keep them close to shore in shallow water and the little ones have great fun sliding into the sea(dont really need to remind you but adult with them at all times) its a change when they get fed up with the bucket and spade ect. Good exersise for mum and dad as well as quess who peddles them. There are plenty of them around and arent expensive to hire for an hour or two.

I usually go set /oct and though never really taken that much notice there seemed to be sports facilities between prom and beach and noticed some kind of competitions going on

The prom is brilliant you get a good walk here. Great for the children to scate board on of an evening when a bit less busy. I buy a cheap litle scate board over there. If not going anywhere else we have tea in Mcdonalds and afterwards cross over to the prom . We walk along it and back letting the children scateboard, walk along the little beach wall, play on the little parks ect

Feeding every one.

Every one has different ideas of what they like to eat on holidays but here Ive posted some of my favorites

1/ Mcdonalds usually have a good offer on when we go in oct. They change the offer every week . Usually buy one get one free for beef/ chicken burgers . You can get a beer here with your meal as well. No language problems as if struggling the staff call someone else who speaks English.

2/ The chinese buffet bars are good value and cater for the children as well . There is a huge choice. A small icecream is included in the price of a meal. Only have one drink as charged for on top and boost up your bill. I have used at least 3 of these buffet bars . Really enjoyed eating there and never been ill ect.

3/There are plenty of places offering deals and British type food that dont cost an arm and a leg.

4/ Plenty of places offering full english breakfast .There are posters giving prices in windows Best one weve had was from the Titanic great huge breakfast and grat value for money. (pub club resturant. good for evening as well)

For eating in accomodation heres a few I found quick and easy

!/ Sliced bread is dearer in Salou (no no frills) as they dont use it as much as we do.Go for a walk in the morning after your breakfast and stop off at one of the supermarkets that either bake thier own bread or bring it in fresh baked. You will find lots of them .I buy the bread batons they are good value and are really nice. Buy packets of ham (found this resonably priced in salou) cheese or what ever filling your family like. This is a quick dinner or good to take out on a day trip. Cut them through and fill the batons with cheese meat ect and salad. I cut them to sandwich bag size if taking them out for our lunch. You just open the top of the bag and peel it back as you eat them, so if like our lot and love loads of cold slaw or salad cream tomatoe sauce ect you dont land up sqeezing it out of roll and all over you.

2/ Ready roast chickens. When we are on our way back from being out or doing the shops I buy ready roast chickens . I buy them straight off the spit and quartered from a kiosk atatched to one of the resturants on one of the main streets. They are used in the resturant as well so nice and fresh and juices not all dried up after being on the spit too long between customers. They are roated with herbs and whole garlic cubes inside.

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4. Re: family things to do in salou

Tip if you got youngsters have favorite cereals. If room in your cases take some ,(I take them out of the box). They are a lot dearer than at home and when I have bought them they tasted stale.

Take tea bags and coffee. I take coffee out of jar and put in a plastic container , put some cling film round as well incase case banged around.

It is a lovely walk along prom any way. Walk one way on prom , then cross over little wall onto beach and paddle along the waters edge back . Cools feet of as well.

Im not sure where you are staying so will find it hard to know if I am giving you good directions or not for here. On the same side as Mcdonalds walking in the direction of cambrils . Past the icecream parlour. (now thats a topic on its own). You will see funny little electric bubble cars that the little ones put euros in to ride around a paved area set back from the road. To the left of the cars are shops going backwards . There is an arcade has all kinds in ie bikes you sit on with screen in front for riding race and skill game. Shooting games. I think there is pool and shove football as well.

There are gardens with fountains or just grassy areas with trees. My lot go cricket spotting . You can hear them chirping at night, but they take a bit of spotting.

Incase any one is interested that icecream parlour is great . You get a menu which has all the different special ice creams in full page coulour to choose from. My youngest has had most of his bithdays in

Salou and we usually go here . They dont seem to do birthday cakes in Salou and so this is our way of doing it. The waiters are brilliant with the children. Choosing from the menu is half the fun .

What does your laddie like doing at home.

Easy to do Plana bus goes there and back all the time. Drops off and picks up at bus in Tarragona .Not far from here to the market. Pay on bus going but need to buy ticket at office in terminal for return.

In one of my early posts I said I wander off and bus it to the markets on my own. I have also told you about pickpockets. This is a market where you need to heed my advice. When I went I asked a middle aged local spanish lady the way I was told this was a very bad place for pick pockets and to keep tight hold of my bag. She was right . I actually spotted some of it going on, though not anyone actually being robbed . There was a mother and what I supposed was her daughter. The daughter was following people then going back and talking with her mother.

Iwouldnt just go for market Salou was just as good. If you want to see Tragona its self there is lots of local history . Tip find out and practice the right word for bus station. I got puzzled lucks when I asked the way back to get the bus.

The one I am on about is not outside the shop..there is one like that opposite but never bought off it....this one is attatched to a resturant...the table is outside that they serve you from but the spits are just inside the resturant itself. Ive never been good at names of roads or remembering names of places. But will try to describe where it is. On the same side as mcdonalds heading towards the covered market....up over the next main road....the road after that...(not sure there is one going of at an angle as well... And cant remember wether it is the one right ahead or the one to the right hand side...)There is a tobbacco shop on your right hand side and i think it is futher up after that. ( if its not that road its one to the right if there is one ).......told you i was hopless at remembering .

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5. Re: family things to do in salou

Wow !! Fantastic posts Emma , great reading , and great advice and tips well done!

regards Deedee

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6. Re: family things to do in salou

seen this on an other fourm so thought i'd share with you all

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7. Re: family things to do in salou

That must have taken ages to write. Thanks. We are heading to Salou in 3 weeks. It will be our second time to go. Just wondering about the glass bottom boat from Cambrilis. Can buggies be taken on board?

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8. Re: family things to do in salou

i had to stop reading, i go to salou in 6 weeks, would'nt be done in time,,lol great info ,,thanks

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9. Re: family things to do in salou

thanks for all that info we go in 9 days time and cant wait we would also like to go on the glass bottom boat but like u we need to see if the buggie will be allowed on happy hols Scotsgirl

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10. Re: family things to do in salou

he glass bottom boat to Cambrils (€11 return for adults)..i think you can take buggies on there if i remember right

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