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ohh no not another dfat warning

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ohh no not another dfat warning

Just wondering what all you people think about the constant threat of a terrorist attack in bali again...

We love the place and every year is the same thing and for a brief second you wonder if going there is such a good idea...

Has anyone been recently enough to let us know what the security in bali is like and is there alot of tourists in bali.

Haven't those terrorists made the world a horrible place to holiday in.

Those balinese people just don't deserve this....

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1. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

its hard to decide what to do , but we can also say the same for london, egypt , USA and many other countries that have experienced bombing attacks.

why they choose to hit such a small island is way beyond me. your right , the balinese dont deserve this , they are just a very small place trying hard to survive.

the question really is .... are we game enough to travel anywhere at the moment .

what ,with war , and terrorism , the world just might wipe itself out before too long ....may as well enjoy what you can while you can , you wont live forever anyway .

i also think indonesianexpert has answered you , but in a seperate post .



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2. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

Hi guildfordians how are you.

To answer your question about bombings in Bali ,don't let them beat you, thats what they want.

My niece has just come back 2 weeks ago and my parents come back last month (June).

No problems when they went and it was busy.

Every year my parents travel to Bali sometimes twice yearly, and have had no problems so far, however it's commen sense to stay away from places you are not comfotable with ( eg. some busy western places).

I am hoping to get back over there next year i just love it and the people. Ooh i forgot shopping is great to.


blackpool england
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3. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

using the very word "terrorist" is playing right into these peoples hands they thrive on publicity !!

they are nothing but brainwashed low life scum !!

go about your business as usual and dont let this scum grind you down .

this scum activity could happen anywhere in the world at anytime but they will never ever stop me visiting this beautiful island .

but if it worries you just dont frequent busy restaurants and bars there is more to bali than kuta !!

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4. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

Hi Guildfordians

have just come back after spending Christmas/New Year in Bali. Security is evident very much so. There are a lot of tourists from Russia Europe and Australia as well as Asia evident wherever you go.

Over Christmas there were also a lot of "domestic tourists". Most (if not all) hotels have security barrier at entrance with guards checking under and in boots of all approaching vehicles. Our hotel, on arrival ran a metal detector over each of us and we were required to walk through a metal detector before approaching reception. Security guards patrolled the complex. If the room phone rang and it was an outside call, the telephonist would announce who was calling and ask if we would like to take the call!

We had no fear whatsoever. The Balinese are just as sad and angry as the rest of the World, they are still suffering financially.

Hope this answers your query



Perth, Australia
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5. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

Hi guildfordians, We were in Bali early December, I managed to get my hubby there by staying in Nusa Dua, away from the main hub in Kuta. He previously refused point blank to go, understandable as our family of five survived the tsunami in Phuket. We found the security fantastic and while we are more aware of 'things' now after our experience, we felt quite safe in Bali. It is always in the back of your mind but you cant let it ruin your life. We didnt venture into Kuta at night,probably because we were holidaying on our own. We were happy to stay in Nusa Dua. We cant wait to go back again, you just cant let these evil scumbags win by taking away our right to freedom. Just go, be alert and aware and have a great time. Sue

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6. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

Let's get this in perspective DFAT advise (10 January 2008) that the UK is unsafe because, amongst other things, of the likelyhood of sectarian violence related to Northern Ireland?????? Where have they been for the last few years.

I know Aus is a long way from the UK, but you have telex machines don't you???? Yes, you must have, I have seen some clips from of The Chaser's War on Everything on mine, but the Ausie governemt haven't heard about progress in Northern Ireland yet???

A quote from this warning "The current UK threat level of 'Severe' means that an attack is highly likely." What and there are stil Ausies in London!!!!!

Interesting that they have removed the page on Nepal so you can go ahead and travel there safely!!!!!(Or maybe not??)

Just to ensure that everyone knows where they stand Ausies are advised to reconsider travel to:




Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

East Timor











Saudi Arabia

Sri Lanka




And are advised against all travel to:



Central African Republic




Haven't the time to check out all the countries they reckon are dangerous.

Well the world is dangerous, but you will note Azerbaijan, Columbia, India, Iran, Egypt and Israel, to name a few, are not on the list and only "a high degree of caution is advised". So, you can travel to these places more safely than Bali???

You'll have to make up your mind up whether you are safer in Aus or not and whether you will let the terrorists win.

I'm sure you Ausie people have more backbone than your government. I sure hope we in the UK anen't going to whimp out either.


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7. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

Sorry for the typos. In a bit of hurry to get to the pub. I missed something here. Did you say DFAT warnings or was it a typo and should read DAFT warnings???

Just a thought. Why can't they trust us to take an interest in foreign affairs and make our own minds up?


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8. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

I was in bali lst june / july when the government announced another warning. the TV stations were constantly giving the warning. we were having a few days in nusa dua at the time and the hotel had 95% occupancy so there were heaps of tourists. what can you do except enjoy your holiday???

i was also there just after the second bombing and the area in kuta where it happened was still being cleaned up and the area was almost deserted. but now it is bustling with people.

tourism in bali is picking up with more and more australians returning.

personally we don't stay near and don't go to say kuta night clubs. attacks could happen anywhere at anytime but we prefer to keep away from the very busy areas at the times these people "like" to target.

even so they could strike anywhere but going to bali is a choice we freely make.

who knows where, when and IF this will happen again. i don't feel bali is a higher risk than other places.

bali is a beautiful place and the people are fantastic. you are right they don't deserve this.

Tokyo, Japan
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9. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

One piece of good news is that the airport security has been tested and passed by US Homeland Security. The security checks on exit have become more strict and I have seem tourists complaining when their bags are searched. Very selfish.

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10. Re: ohh no not another dfat warning

I have travelled to Bali 5 times since the attack and have another 3 trips booked for this year. Iwas there just before the first attack and just before the second attack and had been right on those places. I lost a friend from Western Australia who was at the Sari club and my other friends who survived were hurt so much that I could not even tell you about there terrible and trumatic recovery.But they have returned to Bali- mainly for inner healing and closure, and I think we need also to keep going to Bali .Not only for the beautiful Balinese people, but for yourselves. Bali is wonderful and has so much to offer. I would never say it is safe, but it doesnt matter were in the world you go - even down your own road- anything could happen. But now Bali does take all precautions, they have high security at most places, lots of police around, and camera security.I am sure they have and are doing everything in there power to prevent another disaster.Go there and enjoy-its the best.I love it !!