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Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

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Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

My wife and I had the opportunity to take that first vacation in 25 years of marriage with out any children and we had no second thoughts about our choice of destination. We booked a one bed room condo with Elliott Beach Rentals. The Chateau Manor 104 was the choice and when we were able to get into it we found it to be a nice place to stay.

The biggest problem we had was at the check -in time 1500 or 3:00pm to some. I was given a number and told to call this number in a half hour to see if it was clean. I was not happy to see that it was not ready but, felt I could comply as I had no choice. When I called the first time I was told that it was not ready and to call back in forty-five minutes. When I called the second time I was told to call again as the room was not ready and that maybe we should just park our car there and walk the beach. This was great news it was 104 outside and we had things to unpack but, we could walk the beach.

Now with each contact the staff was less than friendly telling me about my rental contract that stated it could be up to 1900 or 7:00 PM before we could get into the room. When I question this the response was less than friendly. So we waited a little longer and then we just happened to run into the cleaning ladies and I asked if they were there to clean room 104. To my great surprise they told my wife and I that the room had been cleaned earlier in the day and that they had in fact turned in the book for the property. I called to see if the room was clean and was told again that it was not ready. So I made the mistake of stating the fact as I knew them and so much for friendly.

You know I took the time before this trip to write to the editor of the Sun and News about the meaning of this trip to me and my wife. We had spent my good times at North Myrtle beach and in 2005 it would be the last time we would spend with our oldest daughter Amanda. One year later she was hit head on in front of our home and because her dad just happened to be a nurse I would be put to the test to try and save her life. I could not do that so in fact this was a time for me and my wife to remember all the good things about our time in Myrtle Beach.

Now for the most of our time we found the local people just the way we remembered. There seem to be some very rude people there but, they for the most part seemed to be for out of town sometimes the public can be that way. The helicopter ride was a blast and the gator park was fun but, I still had the memory of just how rude the people I rented from where. To have wanted so much for my wife and to see her cry at the start of this vacation, well I would not rent from them again nor would recommend them. Sometimes it is the little things that become very big when you have a lack of commutation. I do not know if I will ever return to North Myrtle beach again knowing all the memories it held in promise and to have the promise destroyed by rudeness.

Jerry R Lucas RN

Deputy, Indiana

Rented 07/23/2011 to 07/30/2011

charleston, wv
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1. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

The last couple of seasons MB has seen an increase in visitors. The reasons are debatable. Can only imagine how big a headache it would be on a summer Saturday or Sunday getting a few hundred guests out of their units, clean the units and then get keys to the next week's guests.

Problems with housekeeping aren't anything new with any of the realtors/owners along the Strand. In many cases you're dealing with contractors doing the cleaning. A breakdown in communication between a cleaning crew and the realtor isn't out of the question.

Elliott is one of the largest realtors in the area so they will have more than their fair share of problems on any given weekend. They didn't grow to the size they are by running a shabby business. The owner is/was in politics and the last thing he wants is a reputation for being a shady business owner.

They monitor this board and usually address problems and complaints on here or directly with the poster. There is no excuse for rudeness and I'm sure they will want to learn more about this. Hang tight. Don't be surprised if you hear from them.

Myrtle Beach
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2. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

Jerry, it sounds like the only complaint you have is with check-in and unfortunatly as pop said with the number of places/units turning over during 5 hour window/timeframe, yes something may slip through the cracks, no company who does a lot of business is without error.

As to the rudeness I think maybe the person/s were just harried trying to take care of the incoming hundreds of families and if this had been any day other than a Sat you may have felt different.

I can't comprend the feelings of losing a child to such a accident right before my eyes.


Texas Gulf Coast...
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3. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

First, I am sorry about the passing of your daughter. As someone who has also lost a daughter, I would encourage you to focus on the good memories just as you treasure Amanda.

Please dont allow this recent incident to distract you from the past times you have loved about beautiful North Myrtle Beach.

Moving forward people are usually very sensitive about honoring a loved one. Whenever my husband and I are getting away or doing something to celebrate her birthday or I am just feeling depressed about it or whatever, we make it a point to mention it to the server, the condo owner, the reservationist, or whomever it is we are dealing with. Everyone has always made sure we are especially taken care of as to not add additional stress to an already stressful situation.

It may sound like "tmi" for some, but I would rather give them a chance up front to be aware of my circumstances so they can respond accordingly if they wish.

You noted that you mentioned the importance of the trip to the newspaper, but I am not sure if you mentioned it specifically to the rental company.

Like a honeymoon, anniversary, or other worthy occassions, most people are more than willing to handle you with care if they are aware of the situation beforehand. If Elliott was aware of the sensitive nature of your stay and they still responded rudely (even if they could not prevent the delay due to miscommunicaton) then that is unusual. Of course they are not obligated to do anything more than the contract states, but usually most people will try to be more accomodating if possible.

Either way, please dont allow this one incident to prevent you from returning to visit a place that obviously has a special place in your heart.

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4. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

Also, sorry for you loss. I cannot even imagine.

I fully understand you wish to return as you had fond memories. My husband and I took our first return trip (for me as he had never been) 4 years ago, after after 33 years.

We had no expectations other than pool/beach/ocean.

One thing that I do count on and expect is professionalism and respect from those businesses that I deal with. Lets face it - you are paying them for a service or to do a job. I find there are far too many excuses given for maid service etc. If they are being paid to do a job then do it, otherwise they should hire someone else that can get the job done.

This is the whole basis of business. Yes things can go wrong for them at times, but after years of being in business they should have a contingency plan in place and the experience to deal with such things. Again in my opinion, no excuse.

Sorry you trip started off so bad. The one thing I never get is that they have your contact information and yet can't seem to pick up the phone to forewarn you of delays etc. Of course not, they already have your money!!!

Just my two cents...

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5. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

I wanted to thank all of you for your words so far on this issue. Please know I worked a lot of hours to make this the very best for my wife. She has done so much of the years to make our lives the greatest. I cannot tell you just how up-set this made us as it became clear in talking to the staff we were just part of the numbers.

Please know I done the survey at check out and I do the survey online and even contacted the owner Rick Elliott because as I said I need this to be the best for my wife to give us a peace of mind. The concert on ocean drive Thursday night was great and as for some of the rudeness well as I said most would seem to have been people for out of your state. After the drive and all we wanted to do it was very hard to understand just the basic fact of check and verify. The unit was the cleanest but, as a nurse trust we made sure the next person would have a very clean room.

I did post some of the pictures of our time on my face book and like I said before when you expect something to be great and it starts out bad it is hard to get over it. The people in North Myrtle beach, from the shop owners to all the little bars to, just the fed up locals that know that the public can just be rude I can say we enjoyed all of you yet to have seen my wife cry because we expected just a little more after we spend our money well in my eyes it was unexpected.

Well after time maybe it will get better but, time is something I do not know about you see I was one of the workers at Ground Zero and the things I sucked in has come back to well make life different from time to time. I done it because it was the right thing and no I will not be part of filing a claims for that. Well sorry for just going on.

All the pictures for what I have said can be found on my face book page so you know I and my wife are not gold digging because I make enough do not need to use this board to dig in to them just my point of view. Thanks again for all of your words.

Jerry Lucas Deputy Indiana

South Carolina
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6. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude


First of all I would like to express our sincerest apologies for the frustration you and your wife experienced and the delay that you had trying to access your condo. Some of the posters above very nicely spoke of how hectic a busy check in day is and there are 100% correct. It is absolutely nothing short of controlled chaos but that side of the business is nothing that our valued renters should ever have to encounter or experience. We understand that you are on vacation and only want to get into your room, find it clean and get on with your vacation. We take vacations ourselves and expect no less when we travel. There was no reason at all for anyone to be rude to you over the phone concerning the time your unit would be available for you to take occupancy. Your comments have been brought to the Reservations Manager so that appropriate action can be taken. I work closely with Mr. Elliott with online complaints and bring them all to his attention. Please accept our sincerest apologies on behalf of Mr. Elliott as well as the entire staff here at Elliott Beach Rentals. We assure you that the issues you detailed are not reflective of our company or the way we do business. We want everyone to leave happy and say nice things about us when you get home. Please also accept our apologies for the loss of your daughter. We in no way would have wanted to add undue stress to your family. We are parents as well and our hearts go out to you. I have pulled your reservation and will attempt to contact you personally but wanted to publicly address your complaint.

Samantha Hightower

Web Marketing Assistant

Elliott Beach Rentals

800-525-0225 x 335

Edited: 11:46 am, August 08, 2011
Clemmons, North...
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for North Carolina, Winston Salem
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7. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

I have no dog in this fight, just a couple of observations:

First, nice response above from Elliot. Even the very best businesses make mistakes, so the issue is not that it happened, but rather how they handle it when it does happen. A heartfelt apology is a great start.

Second, if I understand the OP, the contract says it may be as late as 7 pm before you can check in. So if you were able to check in by 7, there's really no basis for complaint, is there?

Texas Gulf Coast...
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8. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

OP felt they were rude and it seems a possible miscommunication when told on more than one occassion that the room was not ready when the cleaning crew verified it indeed was.

I too appreciate the response from Elliot.

Greenville, South...
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9. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

Elliot as most of us bussiness owners knows that, customers are our paychecks and it is never ok to be rude or argue with customers.Sometimes our employees do not relize this fact and have to be educated on attitudes .Our bussiness is to see that customers are happy and feel good about the service we provide.One bad report will bite a company 10 time worse than 50 good reports. So I am well please they responded here to their customer.That alone would win my bussines, if they follow through to make him feel his problem were addressed.Good work Elliot.

JerryRN, I am really sorry you experanced this on your vacation.Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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10. Re: Elliott beach rentals North Myrtle Beach just rude

Follow up to my post

Today, early this morning I got a call from Rick Elliott but, I was unable to get back to him so I while on the phone I took that opportunity to talk to Samantha Hightower about the post above and I wanted to let you know that I felt they really felt bad about what had taken place. I know just how the public can be sometimes and it is always some kind of complaint. As I told Samantha I was sorry for posting but, it really takes something for me to do something like this.

Now I am happy to report to all of you that I am very happy with the response from Elliott, and I wanted all of you to know that each and ever business we had the opportunity to use should know we enjoyed your services. I told Samantha before this took place we thought of sharing this dream with our grandchildren. These are the children of our daughter Amanda that passed away. In the accident they were 18 months and 8 months old so we have to make sure they know who there mother was and what she loved. I feel that Elliott would do the best to make our next trip better than this after talking with them only time will tell as my wife still cries just because of our memories. I wanted to let all of you know that we love not only our time together but, sharing a little time we spend with all of you.

Again I thank all of you for your responses and for the response by Elliott as I hope that we will be able to return. I really want to walk that beach with my grandchildren as we did with their mother.

Thank you

Jerry R Lucas RN


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