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Hampton Inn & Suites OR Comfort Inn at Atlantic Beach

Hello there everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice asap b/c I currently have 3 hotel reservations for the exact same night and need to cancel 2 of them. I'm thinking the least expensive one (the Best Western Mainstay Inn) is already out of the race (too many shady reviews) so I didn't even include them in the subject line. So I have not stayed at either of these properties but I know the location of the Comfort Inn at Atlantic since I have stayed at the Newport Beach Hotel and Suites (which is right next door if I'm not mistaken). Hampton Inn is $12 more, has free shuttle service to downtown Newport as well as Easton Beach; it seems to get a bit more better reviews but is the location of the Comfort Inn right near the beach and Cliff Walk even better? I just need some advice so thank you very much in advance for all replies!