Mt. Hood to Mt. Rainier to Seattle Questions

I'm posting this in several locations as some experts might spend more time on different forums.

We will be leaving Timberline Lodge on Sunday, August 12 and traveling to Mt. Rainier where we have reservations at Cougar Rock Campground for two nights only. We'll leave early and hope to make stops in Hood River to see the windsurfers and then on to maybe see a small part of the river gorge. I know there was some damage from last summer's fires. I thought we could stop at Multnomah Falls for a short hike, cross the bridge of the Gods and stop at Beacon Rock, then head to Mt. Rainier where we will enter through the Nisqually entrance. Does that sound like a doable plan? Too much? I want to get to the campground so we will be setting up in daylight.

Then when we get to Mt. Rainier I'm wondering if we will have time to do any short trails between the entrance and Cougar Rock. We do like to hike and the next day we'd be up for a 5-8 mile hike. What's the best bang for the buck at that time of year? I have a book of hikes but I'm unable to figure that out. Looked at Comet Falls/Van Trump Park or something around Paradise? Also would like to hike the Grove of the Patriarchs and make stops along to way to see Box Canyon and maybe Reflection Lake?

The next morning we will pack up and head to Seattle. We'd like to get there before rush hour traffic, but thought if we left early enough we could head out the Stevens Canyon Entrance and maybe a short stop at Sunrise for a nature walk and out the White River entrance to Seattle where we have hotel reservations downtown. Does that sound doable? Any suggestions on how we would best spend that day and what time we would need to leave to get back to Seattle to avoid rush hour traffic?

I know it's a short time but hoping we can make the best of it. Thank you for your feedback and recommendations.