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Do not stay at the Conneaut Days Inn Motel

For those who are traveling through NE Ohio, there is a very small town named Conneaut and it has one motel, the Conneaut Days Inn. This hotel has a local owner who likes to pull the "bait and switch" on guest. I have had one experience with this motel...a king room booked two months in advance was $75 when I booked it and when I arrived it became $250...this motel isn't even nice enough to be worth $75. The owner Navin Bhandari is doing this bait and switch. A little more of the story...

On the day of our reservation at the Conneaut Days Inn we were called by the owner Navin Bhandari at 11:45am in the morning, he told us that all of the king rooms were not available and we would have to take a double bed room or he could cancel our reservation. I was driving at the time so I told him I would talk to him when I arrived. I thought it was odd that all of the rooms in this small town motel would be fully booked and occupied at I called by brother and had him call the hotel to see if there were king rooms available. They told him they had king rooms for $250 a I believe my $75 reservation wasn't enough money for the owner.

So when we arrived I asked if there were any king rooms available and he said no. I then told him that I had my brother call about a half-hour after he called me and you said there were king rooms available. He said "umm well those are king deluxe rooms". I said they are rooms with a king bed so please put me in one of those, he said he would if I paid for an upgrade, $250.00. So my $75 reservation turned into $250. I said no if you sold out of a room I reserved two months prior you should "upgrade" me (its a Days Inn really upgrade) to a king deluxe room, he refused. I then told him he was pulling a bait and switch and he smiled at first then said I'm canceling your reservation and I wont rent a room to you. I left the property and wont be back! Do not reserve a room at this motel, Conneaut Days Inn.