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Relocating from New York with children & Husband

New York
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Relocating from New York with children & Husband

I want to move to Charlotte and I would like to get more information on the School System. I have a child approaching High School and one child going into first grade.

I am looking for an area that would not be that far to travel to work nor for my children to attend good schools.

THe internet only gives you but so much direct informaton, can any one please direct me on getting neighborhood information.

Washington, DC
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21. Re: Relocating from New York with children & Husband

lovestogo, if readytomove misunderstood what I meant, I suspect they'll ask for clarification. I think I'll stick to the topic at hand and not get into a toe-to-toe with you or anyone else on this board.

Wellington Florida
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22. Re: Relocating from New York with children & Husband

Lexie We are also from NY moved to Wellington Florida 2yrs ago just how would you compare it to florida I am concerned jews makeup less than 1% of population and only Jewish facility is in shalom park 15-20 mins away from weddington. There are churches on every block won't my kids feel out of place just curious since you lived in both places I did.

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23. Re: Relocating from New York with children & Husband

Li2F12,NOT TO WORRY.yOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL BE FINE HERE. PEOPLE WILL NOT PREACH THERE RELIGION HERE AND TRUST ME THERE ARE MORE JEWISH PEOPLE HERE THAN YOU THINK.JOIN a Temple and the jcc and you will be make many friends and feel comfortable.I had similar concerns and you should be confident that people here are very tolerant of all religions.Shalom has 2,550 members.Our family love it here and so will you.The weather is ideal especially in the fall.You will never miss Florida-lol.Come and enjoy.Let me know if you need any help.You can email me.

Snellville, GA
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24. Re: Relocating from New York with children & Husband

Hi Guys, I just found this site yesterday so pardon my lateness. But I wanted to respond to the poster regarding not moving to South Carolina because of test scores and graduation rates. It is very true that comparing South Carolina scores to North Carolina scores tend to be much lower. But keep in mind that South Carolina overall is much more rural than North Carolina. But take a look at York County scores (I think Fort Mill, Rock Hill) which is right on the Charlotte border you'd be surprised. I have been told my Charlotte Natives that York County scores tend to be better overall than the schools in Charlotte. It's worth looking into. A good site to check schools out is call www.greatschools.net.GWIFE

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25. Re: Relocating from New York with children & Husband

Hi all,

My husband has just retired from the NYC firedept..we have 2 small children 10 & 7 and are considering relocating to the Charlotte area. To escape the high taxes and long winters. We are planning on coming down in Feb...looking on the internet at Ballantyne & Matthews...BUT, I'm a little nervous since reading this forum regarding the crime rate...and over crowding of the schools..I would really love to hear more from ANY of you who have recently relocated to the area..especially those from New York...



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26. Re: Relocating from New York with children & Husband

TO Li2Fl2 - we are from Weston, Florida and considering the move as well. We found Weddington to be a bit far from the Shalom Park area for our needs. We still have one child in preschool and would be making that trip twice a day for a while. With the growth of Union County happening so rapidly we were concerned about travel time between the two destinations. If the religious studies and preschool were not such a big concern for us, the drive wouldn't have weighed so heavily on our decision. We are now focusing on the South Charlotte area, but are still researching the schools. Good Luck! If you haven't already, check out the "charlottequestions" group in Yahoo Groups... Kerry