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River Veiw Campground

First time (since I slept in a tent as a child) I fell asleep with my camper window open! What a wonderful, quiet, Family friendly place to visit.

I must admit, I was with the other crowd that left horrible comments on Tina & Joe and I apologize from my heart that I was even there! I don't hang with those people any longer and my life is so much better for it! They are bad people. But your site is so awesome I had to come back and enjoy it all! A "FAMILY ORIENTED CAMPGROUND" doesn't describe how really special it is. Tina, Joe ~ I thank you for sharing your slice of heaven and look forward to the yearly visit! We may even do Two next year, just because of your place!

Tubing that "Lazy river" gave us all The BEST TAN! ( The Girl's insisted I mention that )