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Lake Champlain...1 Nigt getaway - accommodation suggestions?

For once I thought I'd pose a question on this forum rather than an answer!

So it's my birthday tomorrow and we're thinking of a night away so, and as I run an inn I've never actually been to Lake Champlain in the summer! Can anyone suggest a few places/villages that we could check out to stay in?

We don't like 'victoriana, your grandmothers place or impersonal hotels', we don't mind paying and love to have a real soaking tub (well I'm a Englishman!) and a king bed.

We could be equally happy at a small inn. We are looking for water views and quietness and the place could be remote as we don't have to have restaurants nearby, but if they are there all the better.

We do know Shelburne and would prefer to avoid Burlington, simply as we have been to these locations.

Failing this..a place by lake would do, and if they accept dogs all the better, but this is not a deal breaker as Daisy Doo can stay home.

All about 1.5 hours drive from Woodstock VT.....

Any ideas fellow forum writers?????