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Need help planning my vacation for next week...

I am planning to stay at The Silver Strand B & B (Ovid) next week for five days. I am in need of help with what I am thinking so far. I am open to all suggestions and feedback. Please note, I came up with this plan by reading other people's posts and have no experience with the parks, restaurants or wineries in New York.

One day, I was thinking of spending in Ithaca. I want to go to the Robert Treman Falls, Buttermilk Falls and Toughannock Falls. I ready positive reviews about Ithaca Bakery and Just a Taste so I was thinking of that being our lunch and dinner spots. Is that too much for one day? Is their an order in which to tackle the parks that makes sense (coming from Ovid)? Oh, and I saw a write up about Sapsucker woods too that seemed intriguing. We are not necessarily bird watchers but it seemed pretty. Should I stretch this all out into two days?

Another day, I would like to devote to Watkins Glen. That is the park that inspired this vacation. I would like to do a picnic there. Is that allowed? Is there a good place near by to fill a picnic basket? Is there anything else near by or in-between Watkins Glen and Ovid that is worthwhile to know about?

I read positive reviews about Suzanne Fine so I am going to try to make reservations there.

My husband is a pizza fanatic so I was pleased to see the positive reviews for a pizza place close to where we are staying. The Copper Oven. Thoughts? Any other unique or just really good pizza places we should know about.

And wineries? Oh gosh, I do not even know how to ask about wineries. I like crisp whites and dry reds. I would love to go to two or three wineries but I have no idea which ones to go to. I know it is so much a personal preference but I would love suggestions. Do any of the wineries play live music or have outdoor events? I am trying to think of how to make going to wineries fun since my other half does not drink…

We have a friend that lives in Geneva so we were also hoping to find somewhere in Ovid, Geneva or somewhere in-between where we can meet up for dinner one night. A fun bar or restaurant would be ideal. Any thoughts?

Thank you to anyone to read all of this!