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Greenhead flies

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Greenhead flies


I have been told that Brigantine has a terrible problem with Greenhead flies. Has any one stayed on Brigantine Beach in the summer and had a problem wiht these bugs?

Thanks in advance

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1. Re: Greenhead flies

I have a place in Brigantine so i know what it is like. Greenheads ace be a major problem on the north end of the island. Towards the south end, usually they are not a problem, no worse than any other NJ shore location

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Hi, I lived in Brigantine for 10 years, but then went to college, but I still live there every summer with my parents. I must say that Ii thnk that the Greenheads in Brig are much worse than anywhere I've been down the Jers. Shore. My family also has a place in Shipbottom, LBI, and the greenheads are not as bad as they are in Brig. I live towards the north end, and I would also go to my beach 3rd St. So. and the greenheads were pretty nasty there. I guess it really all depends on what kind of day it is, humid, dry, cool, on whether they are bad one day or the next. I know when I would go to the beach I would go with like 8 people and I would always be the one getting attacked. I tried many things, but bug spray does not work, the only thing that did work was skin so soft, when i put that on i seldomly got attacked. But as the other poster said, anywhere down the shore your gonna find them, but personally growing up in north jersey and up and down the jersey shore, I've come to experience Brig as having the most, but I still love it, and still is my favorite place of where I lived and down the jersey shore. hope I helped :)

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I have not been to the Brigantine Beach area, but while at the Estuaries near the Cheasapeak Bay, Virgina...those Green Head Flies love to go for your feet while out on the water.

Bitten to many times to count!

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My parents have for the last two years lived in an oceanfront house in southern Brigantine. Before that they lived in Leeds Point next to the nature preserve for eight years. The same greenhead brood inhabits both places since the preserve is right in between them. As I remember, the greenhead population peaks sometime in mid-late June after that you see them here and there. While they lived in Leeds we went to the northern public beach nearest the preserve and been eaten alive at that time of year. And yes Skin-so-Soft works, as a matter of fact, you could not go to the beach without it.

For the past two summers since their move my parents have reported that the greenheads have been almost non-existant. I have been down for short stays mostly in late July and August and haven't seen a greenhead while there.

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5. Re: Greenhead flies

As Bigantine is at the southern end of a wildlife preserve, actually the northern end is a wildlife preserve of its own, you will find a higher concentration of wildlife the closer you get. I lived in Brigantine for a while and they bothered some people more than others. Personally, as the other poster said, they are bad in Leeds Point because it is in the middle of the preserve. As we clean up the environment, don't expect the bug count to go down anytime soon.

Personally, I have a more difficult time with the black flies, that are faster, sneaker, peskier and harder to kill than the greenies.

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6. Re: Greenhead flies

I've heard this about Brigantine also. I use to go there back in college but don't remember a greenhead problem. I have been bitten in Wildwood and Ocean City. I think it depends on the direction of the wind (off the land) and the proximity of the beach to the back bays - but that's a guess!

Why do they like ankles/feet so much?

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7. Re: Greenhead flies

I've been vacationing in Brigantine for 30 years and the flies are not nearly as bad as they used to be. Just spent a week there in July and they weren't a problem at all. Hardly ever took the Skin So Soft out of the beach bag. By August they're non-existent. Brigantine is my absolute favorite beach, nice and quiet and family-oriented.

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8. Re: Greenhead flies

hello gatorfan ....

well just got back from brigantine tonight (stayed one week ) and let me tell you that there's alot and lots of black bugs on the beach you can't sit and relax on a chair , you need to walk all the times and to cross the dunes to get to the beach .. forget it you will get attack ...the beach is very nice and wide 43 st street but this week there was no one because of all does flies ???? walk to the jetty and all the way to the celebrity resort ( dump) and it's all the same ...eaven ocean city and atlantic city have does bugs .... there was only one day last week that was good (monday) cause the wind was blowingeast ..... eany way if you don't belive me my wife took a picture of the beach chair and must of been at least 100 ;s ........just terrible but everyone told us thatis not always like that ...good luck and bring long pants ....


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hi i lived in brigantine for 13 years and yes the green heads hurt like hell and if that dont get you the police will ..lol..tourists in the summer and locals in the winter

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10. Re: Greenhead flies

Oh my god!!! We just got back from Brigantine Beach, stayed a whole week, and day before we left my husband went out for a long walk on the beach then decided to jump into the ocean and after swimming he saw a of bunch of greenheads flying around his stuff on the sand, he was afraid to come out of the water, as soon as he did, a swarm of greenheads were all over him, they were like glued to his body, he grabbed everything and started running but the flies continued to follow and he said he never ran so fast and was afraid more of having a heart attack from trying to get them off his body. My husband was really scared he was going to be eaten alive 'no joke man' I counted at least 50 bites on his back as that was the hardest part of his body to keep em off. This is the worst we experienced ever and we've been going to Brigantine beach for the past 7 years, but most of the time during the off season, don't think we'll be going back out there ever in the summer. Please be careful everyone, it was sad to see so many people leave the beach because of those darn greenheads. Peace