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Las Vegas

Roulette Tips?

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Roulette Tips?

So this trip I am concentrating on playing a bit of roulette....I have always enjoyed watching it being played. I did play at the Sahara and my lasting impression was winning on Black 13 and pocketing a sizable chunk of change. Any tips on playing would be appreciated!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa...
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1. Re: Roulette Tips?

Play at wheels with only one 0

Rancho Cucamonga...
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2. Re: Roulette Tips?

Ignore the board. The odds are not effected by previous events. That's a scam.

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3. Re: Roulette Tips?

2 great responses

Fort Lauderdale...
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4. Re: Roulette Tips?

I like to play two outside bets at a time, such as middle column and middle third. More frequent wins.

Ottawa, Canada
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5. Re: Roulette Tips?

Head downtown and play at El Cortez. They have 25 cent chip/$1 minimum bet tables. A $20 buy in will last for a while, for us it's usually good for a couple hours play.

Goldsboro, North...
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6. Re: Roulette Tips?

I have a system that I have never lost with...but it is tough to explain.

Mercer Island...
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7. Re: Roulette Tips?

There are no systems. Period. The edge is the same on every bet, except the 0-00-1-2-3 bet on a double 00 wheel. The edge is determined strictly by single zero vs. double zero. A single zero wheel has a lower edge than double 00, but will likely have a much higher minimum. And they're not all that common.

My only tip is to get a spot near the center of the layout. Makes it easier to place your bets.

Edinburgh, United...
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8. Re: Roulette Tips?

Don't chase your losses. Just because its been on a run of reds doesn't mean you're any more likely to get a red.

My only other advice, if you're winning, cash in and walk. You are not on 'a hot streak', you'll lose eventually.

Apart from that have fun and bet number 26.

Portsmouth, United...
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9. Re: Roulette Tips?

Don't hedge your bets eg. if you bet on black 20 don't bet on red or odd.

Saint Joseph...
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10. Re: Roulette Tips?

The only strategies are 1) Bet the table minimum each spin and try to hang around for a while, 2) place larger bets on a few numbers and take the longer odds at hitting something with a decent payout.

I play a lot of roulette ...... and I just can't imagine sitting there and ONLY playing Red - Black, or Odd - Even. I would get way too bored.