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I want to clear this up once and for all.

Although that will probably never happen.

Taxi drivers (or "cabbies") do NOT make their money on mileage, taking you the long way around, or wasting time at traffic lights on the strip.

They make their money on tips, and they get stiffed a lot of the time.

It's in their best interest to pick up as many fares as they can.

A lot of them work 12-14 hour days.

They know the shortest or quickest ways from point A to point B.

Las Vegas strip is not that large.

I've seen more jerks driving shuttles than I ever have a taxi driver.

And the "tunnel" is just an entrance to I-15.

Which is just as quick or better than going down Koval.

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1. Re: Taxis

It might not be a bad idea for cabbies to have that posted in their cab. Cab fare is the last thing on my mind when I am in Vegas.

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2. Re: Taxis

Yeah, but if the cab takes your through "the tunnel" to get somewhere like NYNY then the fare is going to be higher. Unless they ask you first, it's bad service.

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3. Re: Taxis

Unca Mike,

Thanks for the post. We were feeling bad taking taxis from MC to Bellagio since it was such a short distance, but we did give a bigger percentage tip. I'll know more on my next trip.

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4. Re: Taxis

Ah poop. When you said MC I was thinking of Mandalay Bay instead of Monte Carlo.

From there it's a short walk to Bellagio, unless you're wearing heels.

But I never figured out how you ladies could walk in them anyway.

Minnesota City...
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5. Re: Taxis

Most of us can't Unca Mike ;) (at least not very well!)

I've never been ripped off by a LV cabbie. I think all too often they get a bad rap. I have had some that weren't very cordial, however. I tip better when I'm happy. And I'm happier when I have an enjoyable cab ride.

Toronto Ontario
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6. Re: Taxis

Most of the time now, we rent a car. It turns out to be cheaper than taking cabs, factoring in airport to and from....getting to some of our favorite off-strip restaurants etc.

We always valet park at the hotels...it is free except for the tip to the valet (a couple of bucks). IT sometimes takes a long to get a cab as it does to wait for your car at valet.

During the days when we did take cabs, I found the drivers to be, for the most part, helpful and courteous, and always taking the best (which is not neccessarily the shortest) routes.