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good craps strategy?

Columbus, oh
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good craps strategy?

We are heading to Vegas at the end of the week and thought I would try craps.

I would like to know if this betting system will work on the craps table (it does pretty good on the PC games)...

I bet $5 on the come out bet. Once the point is established, bet $5 each on 6 and 8 and double the come out bet using free odds. Now I have $25 on the table. If 6 or 8 comes up before seven, I get paid even and I replace the bet. If the point hits, I get paid on the come out bet and the free odds bet.

Sound any good?

birmingham, alabama
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1. Re: good craps strategy?

I would stick to just pass and come bets, with odds, and placing the 6 and 8. The problem with the system is that when it goes wrong once, you take a big hit. Still, your bets offer some of the best odds that you get against a casino.

Norwalk, California
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2. Re: good craps strategy?

You should bet $6 on 6 and $6 on 8. If you only put $5, they won't pay you all the odds. You could bet $5 on other numbers, like 4, 5 9, 10.

Put money on the pass line when the button is off and yell...YO-OOOOOOOO!

orange county, ca
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3. Re: good craps strategy?


It sounds like a good low-edge strategy. I see a lot of people do it. The passline/double odds gives you only a .6% disadvantage and the 6/8 nets you a 1.5% disadvantage.

I personally stick to the point with full odds at 3x/4x/5x. As long as the table is not freezing I'll throw out a come bet with full odds and I'll let the dice roll until numbers hit. My theory is that if my numbers are meant to hit, they'll hit, and when they do, I'll be in the best position possible with a bet having the lowest house edge.

As you know, the casino has 0% profitability on the odds bet over the long run. Why not take a bet the house is gauranteed not to come out ahead on? That would put my play at a .3% disadvantage.

Then for betting strategy: if numbers don't hit, I take a small financial hit and leave. If they do hit, I initially stall at increasing my bets to gather some ammo. After the first couple of numbers I agressively raise my pass line / Odds amounts. It usually only takes about 15 minutes of rolling to go from $25 passline with full odds to a bet max of 1k with full odds. Worst case, I'll walk away up 1-2k. Roll for 20 minutes i.e. recoup for the last five and I typically see a profit of 1000%

If the table's really hot, I'll do hardways, but that's usually messing around.

But all said, your strategy still sounds good in that you are not placing bets that are disadvantageous.

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4. Re: good craps strategy?

Agree with Saeldway re taking maximum odds.

Try Casino Royale - 100x odds!

Good luck!

Upstate S.C.
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5. Re: good craps strategy?

Come bet vs. Place bet:

The point is 9. You are ready to make a come bet. Which point number would you prefer to show? The 6 or 8, of course. The odds are 5 to 6 it will show before the seven. But the 6 or 8 has to repeat before the come bet is a winner.

If you placed the 6 or 8 as soon as the 9 becomes the point, it has to show once in order to win, not twice.

The only advantage to making a come bet is you have an 8 to 4 advantage of winning on that roll (7, 11 vs craps).

Vigorish is an overused strategy. No matter the vigorish, even with odds on the pass or come bet, the 7 has a greater chance of showing.

orange county, ca
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6. Re: good craps strategy?


You are correct that Vigorish is often overused because most people don't play long enough to see the result.

To say though that "If you placed the 6 or 8 as soon as the 9 becomes the point, it has to show once in order to win, not twice," is somewhat misleading for a couple of reasons. First, most people like russ place both the 6&8 not just either or. They infact must hit the 6/8 twice to have a win, and when they do that, they will earn 7% less than the person who just put down the come with no odds. Second, ulike blackjack, dice is a game that has no memory. Frank Scoblete, the inventor of the modern craps table even mentions that a number having to hit twice and thus being less profitable than the place bet, is a common misunderstanding(often from the blackjack mindset).

I'm sorry, vigorish or not, I follow Frank's betting strategy, which was to take the odds with the lowest house edge.

For those who don't know, vigorish is another way of saying "house advantage"

washington state
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7. Re: good craps strategy?


There are many ways to win/lose.

When you first get to the table, go slow.

I start with the Pass line, then will put down up to 2 come bets, all with odds.

I will keep it this way until the point is made or a seven.

After I get ahead (up $200 or more) I will bet a few more come bets, with odds. If the shooter is hot, you can do alright.

When it's not.. try some don't pass/don't come bets...

Good Luck,


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8. Re: good craps strategy?

It depends how much money you want to risk and action you like. The best bet, mathmatically, is to take the pass line with full odds-- Casino Royale with $3 minimums and 100x odds up to $2,500 is my place to play. Quick, strong drink service, too.

I stick to pass line and occasional come bets, but plenty of people place numbers and make come bets each roll.

No strategy or system really "works." If it did, casinos wouldn't offer the game.

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