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How much do you tip the limo driver

Naperville, Illinois
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How much do you tip the limo driver

OK, so Im no noob to taking limos. Pretty much use them all the time for airport runs here in Chicago. Though I was thinking about this today as Im getting ready to head out to Vegas tomorrow. I normally tip the limo/car driver $25 each way for the airport run in Vegas. Presidential limo charges $99. This means that Im basically tipping the driver 50% which seems high. Anyway, I was wondering what others tip the driver.

Durham ,NC
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11. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

Getting the airport limo but just for 2 people (would rather limo then car) and base rate 59, fuel 3 and airport fee 5. Total $67. 20% of total is 13.40 so I would round up to $15. But I have been seeing a lot of $20 comments which is 30% of total cost, which seems high to me. And would you tip on fees? I wouldn't if I was eating out. Like if there is tax you don't tip on that. So if you tipped on $59 then that is 35% just seems like a bit much.

Of course I don't want to be cheap...but is tipping 15 for 2 people in a limo being cheap?

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12. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

I tip 20% on everything, spa, dinner, taxi, limo

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13. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

There are times when you just don't tip a flat percentage. If you went to a coffee shop and ordered the $2.99 graveyard special, would you just leave 60 cents? The waitress works just as hard, refills your coffee, and comes by to check on you, just as often as if you ordered the $9.99 normal breakfast.

You are free to tip any amount you want. But most of us consider $20 to be reasonable for that type of service.

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14. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

I really would like to hear a response to the question posed by Diegos' Mom. Tipping $15 on a $67 limo ride would be tipping more than 22%. If the service is not extra special, that seems very generous to me.

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15. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

The 15$ tip is fine, however, every driver that I have ever had has gone above and beyond, so I have always been more generous. Play it by ear, you'll see what I mean.

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16. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

$3 max if it was a very good ride or give them the offer of a stock tip in place of the fee and tip. Six out of ten will take the stock tip instead of cash. It works and then still tip the $3 tip and the stock tip but not the fee. Get their card and they will remember you and give you great service always.

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17. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

When I'm not sure what to tip, I like to use something I've coined as "the five or twenty rule".

Is $5 too little? Tip $20.

Is $20 too much? Tip $5.

This applies to people who bring your bags, cab drivers, limos, pretty much everything except wait staff at restaurants, of which there's already a "norm" established.

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18. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

I used Presidential Limo on Friday and Sunday last week. The driver supplied us with a 6 pack of beer, as requested, rather than champagne. He carried our luggage to the limo. We took the scenic route down the strip to the Venetian. He stopped at Walgreen's so we could pick up some items. He was extremely pleasant and professional. I tipped him $50.

Same driver picked us up. I wanted to leave earlier than our scheduled pick up. I called the driver from our room just before we were leaving. He was outside the Venetian waiting when we arrived outside. He picked us up one hour earlier than planned. He had coffee and bagels for all three of us. Driver dropped us off at different gates at the airport. I tipped $50. again. Maybe over the top, but as a ex bartender for over 18 years, I appreciate and reward exceptional service. The 6 other times we have used Presidential Limo. I have tipped between $20. and $30.

Durham ,NC
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19. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

Ok just wondering this. You say carried our bags, website says that they do that and made a stop for you well website says you have it for an hour. And I booked a 1 hour limo and booked a stop at the sign. So won't all this thing but just included in what I already paid for?

I'm not trying to be snotty or cheap just thinking all this stuff is included and not really going above and beyond. I do think say we went over our hour and he didn't charge us or we asked for a second stop or say we had a ton of bags or something...just curious...I think I will plan 15 and if s/he does a really great job will thro another 5 or 10...

Thanks for everyone input...

I have no idea on the comments on stock $3 what did all that mean?

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20. Re: How much do you tip the limo driver

In an ideal world all service providers would be remunerated on the quality of their service.

I always prefer to tip according to the level of service provided, as exceptional service should be better rewarded. Other tip a faxed amount, or a percentage. Ultimately, the tip is between you and the service provider.

Naturally, there are people who tip to impress others.

My advice would be to tip what you are comfortable with.