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must do/not do?

Drogheda, Ireland
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must do/not do?

well folks can anyone give me the top 5?

must see...

must eat in....

must go to casino....

must go to shopping mall...

not to forget the 'dont go there! even for the locals' place.

oh trip date - 25 july - 3 aug

Madison WI
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1. Re: must do/not do?

My 5 do nots:

1.do not eat a Westward Ho mega dog or his wicked step sister the 3/4 lb Slots o fun dog

2. do not get on the Cat 301

3. do not make eye contact with a timeshare salesman

4. do not bother touring the Venetian

5. do not eat at the Boardwalk Surf Buffet

London, United...
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2. Re: must do/not do?

My must do's

1. check out the hotels/casino's on the strip (not all in one day though!)

2. go see the Forum Shops, not your ordinary mall, great animatronics show each hour on the hour

3. See one of the Cirque shows, O at Bellagio is my favorite followed by Mystere at Treasure Island

4. Take the time to relax and have a drink and enjoy the fountain show at Bellagio in the evening

5. Check out the Freemont Street experience downtown

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3. Re: must do/not do?

I'd say that you should tour the Veneitian and skip the free shows in the Forum Shopps.

The Veneitan is really tacky and really cool ... which kind of defines Las Vegas as a whole.

The statue shows at the Forum Shopps are just tacky ... not cool. (my humble opinion.)

Bellagio fountains are cool as is the conservatory.

I like to have one really nice meal while in Vegas. Do you like Japanese food? If so, goto Nobu. It's expensive but really great.

Also, you must play some craps. It's the best game in the casino ... takes a bit of time to learn how to play ... but it's great fun.

Also, Cirque is a must. Either O or Mystere.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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4. Re: must do/not do?

Do not:

Eat the mega-dogs as mentioned. Also, food related you get EXACTLY what you pay for with buffets-consider yourself warned.

Whine about the heat. It's a DESERT in the SUMMER. yeesh.

Gamble more than you budgeted. Also, do not gamble just for comps. Most of the time it's not worth busting your budget for.

Be overly aggressive about seeing everything. LV will still be there, man.


Forum Shops

Celebrity Watch at HRH/above Forum Shops/Palms. Your choice

See the lights on the strip at night. Best from the NYNY-MGM walkway IMHO.

See the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign just south of Mandalay Bay.

See a concert at House O'Blues/Joint

Catch the Bellagio Fountains-they're free

Hydrate, see #2 above. No, Bloody Mary's in the AM won't cut it.

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5. Re: must do/not do?

Do eat the Ho Dog. Its something everyone should do at least once to feel like a true Vegas Veteran.

Do take a ride to the top of the Eiffel tower. Its a great, great panoramic view of the strip.

Do go the Commander's Palace for lunch. They're having an awesome special for lunch - appetizer, entree and dessert for $18.80, plus 25 cent martinis at lunch (mon-Thurs)

Do go downtown at night - its a completely different experience than the Strip and you're likely to see at least one "I can't believe that just happened" moment.

Do have a drink for me!

Beverly Hills, CA
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6. Re: must do/not do?

MUST DO (At least once a day):

$4.95 Sirloin Steak Special at Ellis Island. You will be served a choice grade 10 to 12 ounce center cut sirloin steak along with a soup or salad, the World Famous "foil-wrapped" baked potato, garlicky green beans and a dinner roll.

It is served 24/7 and is not listed on the menu, just ask fot it. It will be the best five dollar piece of meat you will ever put in your mouth.


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7. Re: must do/not do?

How far off strip is Ellis Island anyways? I'd like to do that but we won't have a car and if its real far, a taxi won't be worth it.

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8. Re: must do/not do?

must see

bellagio fountains (day and night) try to stay for at least 2 "dances" each time

flamingo wildlife habitat (very peaceful)

the inside of the luxor

must eat

Harley Davidson cafe (excellent food)

fatburger (despite all the calories it is simply delicious)

the one place I don't think is really worth the time is the M & M world. granted it is very "cute" but after the first two floors I found myself ready to leave and get back on the strip. only after visiting do I understand why some people described it as a "trap"

North East, England
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9. Re: must do/not do?

one thing not mentioned above to do is, go see the canyon. a must for me. we are going back to vegas 31st july and will be seeing the canyon.

Do tip the cocktail girls at the tables, dont and they will resisit coming back to you!

Do try and gamble at the lower limit places aswell as the upscale places, i always found them very friendly and fun, liked the boardwalk, check out the prince tribute band when your there.

and most important of all... wear a johnny if you get the chance!

have a ball, when i arrive i will keep my eye out for you!

Beverly Hills, CA
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10. Re: must do/not do?

NuggetBrain wrote: "How far off strip is Ellis Island anyways? I'd like to do that but we won't have a car and if its real far, a taxi won't be worth it"

Ellis Island is one long block east of (behind) Bally's. And even if a cab ride there costs $10, it's still a great deal because this steak dinner would cost you $15-$20 anywhere else in town.

It ain't Prime grade steak, but it is a good flavorful Choice grade cut of sirloin. And it's cooked much better than Outback or Sizzler or any of those low to mid range places.