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Dazed and Confused

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Dazed and Confused


Maybe its because I'm a single guy, but I'm confused here. All I seem to read here is "the Wynn is the best" or "the Venitian is a must stay !!!" To give credit, there are those who give very good trip reports on most all the hotels, but there is definately a group that think any address besides the newest/bestest 20 star blah blah blah is the ONLY place !!!

I personally can afford any hotel in Vegas on any day but...big but here...not all of them match my needs. For instance, I like to party. No need for room service lobster at 2am. Just some good times and to meet nice people anytime of day. I love to gamble Downtown, and thanks to staunchsteve, I'm going to stay at GN in Sept. I love downtown and now I'm going to stay there. I cant freaking wait. It just worries me that when people mention Boardwalk or Circus Circus this board explodes with irreverent No Ways. Why? $65 doesnt sound too bad to me!!! I never stay in my room anyway. I definately dont like Excaliber, but not because of kids, but thats all I hear. Its funny.. I stayed at the Aladdin in May (loved it btw) but I ended up there based on what I read about the Trop. DA*M I wished I'd stayed at the Trop. What a cool property. Very nice pool... pretty loose gaming and just fun overall. I guess what I'm trying to say here is... no matter who you are or whatever your tax bracket....GO to Vegas... have fun and dont worry about the snobs. For those first timers from abroad... your room will be huge (compared to Europe) no matter where you stay. Sorry if I just hit a nerve but I had to make the statement.


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11. Re: Dazed and Confused

We are staying at the flamingo in sept/// have heard good and bad..guess it depends on taste or what room you get..have any of you stayed there and what is your take on it??? btw..i have never been to vegas so its all new to me.

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12. Re: Dazed and Confused


The Flamingo is a perfectly good hotel. Rooms are large and clean (though the bathrooms can be a little small). Pool area, casino and restaurants are fine. It is not a luxury hotel but IMHO a good value for the money. Location is perfect for a first time visitor.

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13. Re: Dazed and Confused

American can be so spoil some time. It's not all about the 5 star hotels or restaurants. It's not about paying a $50 steak dinner that taste great. You can find plenty of nice place that fits your budget. As some one stated that your food taste salty it doesn't mean the restaurant suck or your not getting enough water pressure from the shower you end up going to another hotel. It's what ever you can fit in your budget to enjoy your trip. Yes I may say some place is a dump, but some one else may think it's a castle to them. It's just who, what, when, and where that it has happen. Life isn't always perfect so you must make it better instead whine about it.

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14. Re: Dazed and Confused

Kudos OP & fellow "I Agree-ers". I little vent on a Monday morning is good for the circulation.

I've learned (finally) to hold my tongue when the Golden Toilet Crowd start telling someone they shouldn't stay at so-and-so becuase it's < $130 per night. Vegas is for all budgets & personages.

I think it makes for a more interesting board and look forward to a review on Binions or the Horseshoe or whatever they're calling it now more than "Wynn was Fabu." or "They didn't leave a little mint swan on my pillow for the Bellagio turn-down service."

It takes all kinds, folks.

That being said, I will continue to bad-mouth and denouce the Boardwalk for the pig-sty that it is.

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15. Re: Dazed and Confused

I just stayed at the Trop. Nope, not a luxury hotel, but would def. stay there again. Good pool, clean rooms, etc. Wasn't even in the room too much.

Go, enjoy.....stay where you want and try to come home with money! That's my philosophy on Vegas!

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16. Re: Dazed and Confused

You have a valid point,

But a lot of first timers are duped by advertising and think that CC is the best place to stay even if they have higher expectations.

Have you noticed how many people from the UK ask about CC, there must be some sort of ad campaign over there.

If inquiries contain enough information about their reason for staying where they are staying they can get much better info from the posters here.

I have seldom had a bad room in vegas, the amenities and service, location, ease of transport etc. enter in to the equation when I am making a hotel choice. As well as the $ amount. If I have a spectacular experience at one place I am certaintly going to suggest that place and Visa-Versa.

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17. Re: Dazed and Confused

Thanks Matt. You are so right.