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The MGM Grand smell

Atlanta, Georgia
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The MGM Grand smell

We stayed at the MGM Grand last year (first time in Vegas!) and there was something about the way the lobby and hotel smelled that I can't get out of my mind. I know I'm probably just associating the whole Vegas experience with that smell, but I need more of that scent. hah

I lost the lotion and shampoo I took from the hotel. Does anyone know if the "MGM Grand Perfume" you can buy online has the same scent? I'm assuming it does but I don't want to order it and find out it smells totally different.

Thanks in advance. :)

Atlanta, Georgia
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11. Re: The MGM Grand smell

Oh wow - well I'm a sucker then! Their gimmick definitely worked on me. :D I'm even pushing for us to stay at the MGM Grand when we go back in June, although my husband wants to try something new. Maybe I can make a pit stop and beg some of the housekeeping staff for a bottle of lotion. heh

I can objectively say that it smells kinda cheap and tacky - but I LOVE IT! It just smells like Vegas to me.

Cornwall, New York
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12. Re: The MGM Grand smell

I certainly don't know what it is but I love the smell. When I went in Oct, we stayed off strip and when we went in the MGM I told my daughters to take a deep breath...that they were now smelling what Vegas was all about. That smell is my home away from home.

I also loved their body lotion. I suffer from psorais and the lotion worked wonders on my poor skin. I wish they sold it at their stores.


Eugene, Oregon
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13. Re: The MGM Grand smell

Oh, please don't let me have a cold when we go to MGM next month!

Lewiston, Maine
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14. Re: The MGM Grand smell

That fragrance was the first thing I noticed when we first walked in, too. I loved it, even e-mailed the hotel asking what it was (no response, big surprise). I do know I once had a shower gel that smelled exactly like it, and it was YlangYlang and Jasmine. Wish I could find it again--I wouldn't use it, just take it out and smell it whenever I wanted to take myself back. HTH a bit.

Detroit, MI
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15. Re: The MGM Grand smell

Yes, all those smells are definitely on purpose. If I remember right, the MGM smells like either money or leather, something like that. Otherwise, I suppose all the casinos would smell like cigarettes and spilled beer.

Last time we went to Ft. Lauderdale, I remember a hotel that used the same pina colada smell as the Tropicana. That was weird.

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16. Re: The MGM Grand smell

There was a thread on this topic a long time ago and someone said that to them, MGM smells like money :)

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17. Re: The MGM Grand smell

Yes, there is a Perfume type smell. I stayed at MGM around 11 times. I too only seem to smell it when entering the lobby area.

I love the smell!

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18. Re: The MGM Grand smell

Hi All!

In this month's issue of LV Life, there is an article on this very subject! It's called 'Smells like Money' and goes on to explain that most of the big casinos have scents pumped "in parts per billion through the ventilator system all over the property." While the article doesn't specify what scent for MGM Grand, it does say that MGM Grand has nine scents through out its hotel and casino. The Venetian has 11 AromaSys systems and their signature scent is called 'Seduction (floral sweet category)'.

This idea of 'commercial cologne' started in 1991 at the Mirage when they began filtering the smell of coconut through out the casino. Bellagio lobby has 'Lavender Sage'and their casino has 'Citrus Garden'. It also mentioned that City Center has signed on and this company, AromaSys systems, has more than ten clients in the city - those named were Venetian, Bellagio, Treasure Island, Wynn and MGM Grand.

Interesting read and at least now I know I'm not imagining things!


London, United...
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19. Re: The MGM Grand smell

The MGM fragrance is definately memorable - never feel like I'm in Vegas until I've sniffed my way through the lobby!

Just got back and toiletries are no longer MGM branded. This was a bit disappointing as I have quite a collection of the different packaging from years gone by. It's now called 'Healing Spa' or something like that. I didn't use it, but my husband said the conditioner was good!

Atlanta, Georgia
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20. Re: The MGM Grand smell

After reading about how the scent was created, I feel like a lab rat! All this time I thought I stumbled upon a new fragrance and it turns out that it was carefully crafted to produce my response. haha I still want to get more of their lotion... it's intoxicating. mmmm :)