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Strip Dinner Coupons 07-26-05 First time in Vegas

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Strip Dinner Coupons 07-26-05 First time in Vegas

Our cheap O company is sending us to the AWFS fair for the week of the o7-26-05. 2 years ago, we over indulged the expense account on food and drinks. This time cheap O has limited us to $25 bucks a day each. El cheap O says, " No car" either. Which means only travel via the strip monorail. Crumb Boss thinks this will keep us out of trouble.

We are old big hungry, thirsty woodworkers in need of 2 -fer- 1 coupons for drinks and better buffets and dinner restaurants Steak- Prime rib- Seafood on the strip.

Tried all the places to get free coupons and off menu meal deals. Not much for the strip.

Reserved the book vegas for dummies at the library.

Please help us Eat Drink and have a great time in Vegas

Long Island,NY
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1. Re: Strip Dinner Coupons 07-26-05 First time in Vegas

I have an idea!! How about you go to a buffet- and when one of you is full, he gets up, goes to the men's room and another one of you takes his place at the table-- just all wear the same shirts and slacks.

I AM KIDDING!! Although I secretly always wondered if anyone has ever done that.

If you are very careful you might be able to pull it off for about $25 a day even without the coupons. On the Strip too- you didn't mention where you were staying which would help. Alot of the hotels have reasonable breakfasts- if you do a less expensive breakfast and perhaps a food court for lunch you might have enough for a decent meal-- forget the drinks tho- I guess if you want to really have a good time you will have to kick in some of your own funds. Might not seem fair but at least you are not there and having to foot the entire bill yourself..

I think you have enough time to line up some eating possibilites before July.. Good luck! J

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2. Re: Strip Dinner Coupons 07-26-05 First time in Vegas

Try the following link:




Park Forest...
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3. Re: Strip Dinner Coupons 07-26-05 First time in Vegas

The main places on the strip that offer easy to find dining coupons are The Trop and The Riv. For your budget, you want to catch coffee shop promos, visit places like Ellis Island (two blocks off strip for $4.95 steak dinner or shuttle to places like the Orleans where the buffet is always reasonable.

You also may want to take a look at the American Casino Guide at the bookstore to see if that is a worthwhile investment. Alot of the offers are offstrip but you may find enough useful coupons and info to make it worthwile.

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4. Re: Strip Dinner Coupons 07-26-05 First time in Vegas

OK, let me get this right...your company, which you call cheap O is probably paying for your hotel and air flight, plus chipping in for 25 bucks a day for food...sound right? "Crumb boss" won't rent you a car, so poor you, you have to ride the monorial or bus., and you admit you overspent the last time.....Are you there for business? Sounds like they are not cheapo at all...Don't you have any money? Your private time should not be covered by your boss...check www.cheapo.com, sounds about the right site for you.