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Gambling someone else's $$$?

Saskatoon, Canada
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Gambling someone else's $$$?

Hypothetically speaking (of couse)... what would you do if a friend sent along a few dollars for you to gamble for them and you won $? Would you give it all to them? Give them some of it? What if it was only $50? What if it was $50,000 - does that change things? Discuss.

Chicago, IL
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11. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

I don't know why you'd ever take money from someone else to gamble unless you agreed on the wager

Meaning ... put it on black, bet on the cubs (something of that nature) I wouldn't want to use it at a table because it would be too hard to determine whose money you were gambling anyway.

Staten Island, New...
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12. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

if i hit a progressive jackpot i may never see that person again lol

Loveland, Colorado
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13. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

I would definitely give the winnings to my friend. However as someone else said, unless it's a specific bet, it would be hard to know what or who's $50 I'm sticking in the machine. (don't play table games, except roulette) If they gave me specific directions. i.e 50 bucks on #7 and it hit, yes I would give it away.

and no, not a liar. Just believe in what comes around goes around - karma.

I have had people ask me to do this and they have always said, whatever you win, we'll split. So that would make hitting the elusive jackpot with someone else's money much easier!

Los Gatos...
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14. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

"Hmm... either only honest people live in this forum, or you're mostly all liars. Anyone else I've spoken with says they'd probably keep the winnings "

Maybe you should choose new friends, and stop thinking the people who answered your question could be liars.

You asked. A handful of people answered. Maybe the dishonest people who's answer you were seeking didn't choose to answer your question about morals.

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15. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

I agree thoroughly with Lowrance. I have gambled money for family members, but never more than $20. Not only would I never in a million years keep "their" winnings for myself, I would be more likely to take $20 from my own pocket to give them their money back if they lost. I like to gamble, but I am not so greedy as to steal from friends or family members who have trusted me with their money.

seesaw, you may be right that there are people who say they wouldn't keep the money but really would. What is more surprising is that you associate with people who brazenly admit they would steal your money and not feel guilty about it.

Carson City, Nevada
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16. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

Often times friends have given me 20 bucks to gamble on their favorite machine. I also label the envelope and play how they want. I have won money for a couple of them. If I won a large amount...then I would have the casino take out the taxes right then and there..which I do now for me..The only one that would not let me was Slverton when I won 1,800 in February...anyway.. these are my friends..I would not cheat them...Slotto

Sin City
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17. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

"State very cleary "I am now going to play so and so's money."

That's exactly what I do when I go and gamble.

"This is Visa's money", and if I win, they get paid.

"This is Chevron's money", and if I win, they get paid.

"This is Nevada Power's money", and if I win, they get paid.

Get the idea??

Eugene, Oregon
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18. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

I absolutely would give them the money, no matter how much, and I have.

The tricky part is deciding "which" of the many bets you make on a trip are "their" bets...my sister always wants me to bet $10 on roulette for her, 0/00 - so it is ALWAYS my very first bet on the very first roulette table I come across.

My husband is in several lotteries around the country with friends - we also bet our "own" tickets every week, and we just know that if someone won, they would be perfectly honest as to whether it was the group ticket or their own ticket that one (some we have set numbers, so that's easy, but some are quick picks so you have to say "this is the group ticket").

If you're honest in the small stuff you'll be honest in the big stuff. And if you can't trust your friends, and they can't trust you, that's really sad.

Los Altos...
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19. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

This subject came up a few months ago. Somebody said that when they are gambling someone else’s money on slots, she gives them a call on her cell phone. That way she can describe the machine and they get to share the experience together.

I don’t like to take other people’s money with me to wager. I’d be so p*ssed if they won a bundle and I lost. I’d be honest and give them their winnings but that evil little voice in the back of my head would be whispering to me… Luckily my Jiminy Cricket voice is louder.

Okay, now I sound wacko. Voices in my head…

Eugene, Oregon
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20. Re: Gambling someone else's $$$?

But do you really think your friend wouldn't share with you if that happened?

I worked with a guy once who gave me a few dollars to put on a Trifecta when I was going that night - he didn't even look at the horses, just picked numbers "2,4,6" (I still remember)...they were 3 nothing horses, well don't you know they won. I gave him several hundred dollars the next day, he was speechless. Gave me nothing. I was a little pissed, but what could I do. Well, as the story got around the office he was just verbally BEAT UP on by everyone for being such a cheapskate - at the end of the day he gave me $20, and I know that hurt him terribly to even do that.

After that my husband said "if anyone gives you money for the track, we're betting the same thing that race".