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Cabs, busing, or monorail?

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Cabs, busing, or monorail?

So we're heading to Vegas on August 25th for 3 nights. We're assuming it's going to be hot.

Anyways, we are still debating about the mode of transportation. Many people tell us that we should take cabs everywhere, but I think this might be too expensive. We were thinking about using the bus service, buying a 3 day pass, but then I'm thinking that we still have to walk the length of the property to get to the bust stops, the cabs take you right to the front. And I know the monorail is definitely an option, but it doesn't stop in many places.

So any input on these choices would be helpful. Cost too would be helpful.

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1. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

I would take the bus most of the time and cabs sometimes.

Taxis in LV are relatively inexpensive. If you have somewhere you need to be at a certain time (dinner reservations, flight home) take a cab. Also if it is raining, bad weather, etc.

The buses in LV are VERY convenient. They go up and down the strip about every 5 minutes. They can however be crowded, but they are pretty good about having two buses following each other at the very crowded times. A 24 hour pass on the bus costs $2.

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2. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

How many are you? and where are you staying? depending on how many people you are (max 5 in a cab) and where you are going, all 3 are good options:

Bus - the 302 express is very good if it stops at your hotel, and you are looking to go from one end to the other, or downtown. $2.00 each could get you from the MGM to Freemont, for example. right on the strip, so even better than the taxi doors hotels use.

Monorail - fun to see, and good if you want to see the casinos since you will be walking through the hotel the monorail stops at to get to the strip. only downside is if it is broken, and the walking if you don't want to see the inside of other hotels, or have seen them already.

Taxi - good if you are going out for the night and want to stay nicely pressed. depending on time of day the strip gets pretty bogged down, and it was a bit unsettling to see the fare keep on rolling even though the wheels weren't! this is a good option for going quick hops, or slow periods, or like I said if you were going somewhere nice (got a laugh on the bus of people going out for fancy dinner riding the bus, willing to spend $100 plus on dinner for 2, but not an extra few on a cab)

Hope that helps, not an expert by far just adding what worked for me when I was there.

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3. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

Monorail is the pits. Chances are the walk to/from the station is just as far as if you were to walk.

Bus is cheap, but can be a real pain. When the city is hopping, you will find the bus packed to the gills and no room to board and have to wait until one has room

If you anticipate needing a cab several times a day, I would consider a rental car for a day or two to get around.

Cabs are great for a one trip a day adventure for two or more, other wise a rental.

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4. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

We just returned from 5 days in Vegas in March and did the strip many times. There is a strip shuttle (trolley) that is $1.75 one way or $5.00 for the all day pass. This is supposed to be every 15 minutes to quite a few of the hotels on the strip. There is also a monorail which runs between a few of the hotels but at the back of the hotels. To get to Fremont St. best bet is the city bus also $1.75 one way. We were told not to take cabs especially to get downtown as they would take a long route and overcharge. The city buses that go down the strip were always full and sometimes the wait in between buses would be a long one! Overall I would recommend the trolley to get from one end to the other. Regardless of using all these methods when we were there we STILL walked about 10 miles every day so bring comfortable walking shoes.

I have heard Vegas in the summer is VERY HOT!!!

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5. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

Any way you would consider chipping in and renting a car for your stay? How many of you are there? We rented a car the first time in vegas back in 2001 (husband and I) and on a return trip that year I rented one without him when I took my mom there. It makes more sense, especially if you can split the cost. Booking a car before you go thru various car rental sites can always get you a good price(we are always very happy with the price and the service with Thrifty) For our 2 upcoming trips I again booked thru Thrifty online and got very good rates.

Having a car at your disposal makes it much easier to get from one end of the Strip to the other. If you decide to take a ride -say to Hoover Dam, or Red Rock Canyon, you have a car at your disposal. parking at each of the hotels is free if you self-park, and we have never had a problem finding a spot. When I took my mom, she brought her handicap tag and it made it even easier.

Pick-up and drop off at the airport takes only a little time, and you don't have to contend with bus or shuttle schedules. Cabs can end up costing more than a rental car overall if you travel the Strip alot during high volume times.

The location to meet the monorail(when in operation) or shuttles is a bit inconvenient and it always would seem you are tryting to "catch" one.

I just love the freedom of knowing we can come and go as we please- Also- navigating the Strip and surrounding areas is not difficult. A friend of mine was amazed that I would rent a car without having my husband there to do the driving!! HUH!!! If you can read and know how to drive, I don't see it as any big deal.

We have "gone exploring" off the Strip and have found some excellent places to eat-(Lotus of Siam) for one, so I would never NOT rent a car.

Think about it-maybe talk it over with your friends and maybe you will decide it is the best way to go.

Oh yeah- I should mention that my husband and I are not really drinkers at all, so drinking and driving is never an issue for us.

WHOOOOHOOOOO--only 10 days to VEGAS!!!!!!!!!

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6. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

I am not an expert. I have used all forms of transportation. . Buses are the cheapest way to go and walk is not always that far from the stop, just depends on which casino you are going in. I found out shuttles are cheap also, but my experience is that it is slower than the bus so if you are in a hurry I do not recommend. Taxi's take at your own risk. I have had drivers take advantage of me cause they don't think I know where I am going. Plus they may bring you right to door, but they are also way more expensive. Trip from downtown to strip cost me about ten extra dollars. Some taxis have to drop off at back of hotel, thus you still have to walk to where ever it is you wanted to be. Hope this was helpful.

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7. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

This was one of the most informative topics for someone who has not been to vegas I've read here since it can involve everyone. I personally like the bus unless I'm in a hurry to get somewhere. Call me crazy but I like the 301 even though its slower. I can do more sightseeing and people watching :) But if I have reservations somewhere or am not dressed in my usual t-shirt and shorts, by all means take the cab.


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8. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

You'll probably use all three. The advantage to the monorail and the bus is the cost is fixed. Cabs can be faster. My general attitude is I'm on vacation and I don't have to be anywhere in a hurry.

vegas.com is a good place to check rates for all three. And even though it will be hot, walking is still going to be a good option, especially if you walk through the properties and not around them.

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9. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

Lucy, there are many options. One that has not been mentioned are the free ones. You can litterally get to about any casino or get close for free if you do some homework. Many hotels offer free shuttles. So if you are on a budget and have a little time you can get from the strip to downtown or any outlying casino via shuttle.

Go to www.google.com and search for "las vegas shuttles", or "las vegas hotel shuttles" and you will get hundreds of hits like this one:


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10. Re: Cabs, busing, or monorail?

Wow, lots of great information here in this post! Thanks for all of your help.

There are only 2 of us traveling, so I'm not sure renting a car is the best option, but I will definitely take it under consideration. I didn't know that there were free shuttles, I definitely have to check that out.

We are staying at the MGM grand. It's pretty far off the road.

Do the buses go on to the properties at all, or just on the main street?