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National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

North Jersey
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National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

For those of you who are like me in the sense that Las Vegas is your vacation destination of choice, I recommend you watch "Vegas Vacation" with Chevy Chase.

Even if you're not a big fan of the "Vacation" movies, this one does give a lot of good looks at Vegas during the mid to late '90's, including some of the older hotels and also including a great scene at the Hoover Dam, from back in the days before they restricted the tours. Back then, you could tour the entire inside of the dam, and Vegas Vacation will give those of you have haven't done that a glimpse as to what the tunnels inside the dam look like.

A bonus of the movie is that it's a funny movie, even if it is kind of corny. I love the way Cousin Eddie pans out as a character. There are also some great scenes about the "dive" casinos where Clark and Eddie go and play some of the silliest casino games for low stakes...you just have to see it to appreciate it.

For those of you who have seen it, maybe you can back me up on this one - what do you think? Maybe also share your favorite thing about the movie, or a favorite scene, etc...

Woodland Park...
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1. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

I love that movie! We always watch it on our portable DVD player on the way to Vegas...

It's amazing to watch it now though and realize how much Vegas has changed since 1997, when it was released.

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2. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

I liked when they were riding down the strip in the limo to the song "Born to be Alive" (I used to dance to that song). The daughter stuck her head out the sunroof, looked at the lit up strip, and said "beautiful"....

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3. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

My favorites parts of that movie:

1) Cousin Eddie at the buffet with Clark and kids, saying, "Mmmmm mmmm, the bread pudding is specially runny tonight!"

2) Cousin Eddie again, tellling Wayne Newton, "I'd die for you", when he is wanting to be his bodyguard.

3) When Ellen gets the dress from Wayne Newton, then goes to his show and he hits on her through the whole thing.

It IS a very funny movie, and the night before we leave for Vegas, my husband and I always watch it.


Morgantown, West...
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4. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

Probably the worst of the "Vacation" movies. But, a lot of fun for us "Vegas fans."

I crack-up every time when Rusty gets his picture taken outside of the Westward Ho for his driver's license. The "openness" of the illegal act... hilarious. "Mr. Papagiorgio"

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5. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

Love the movie! I especially like the conflict between Clark and that blackjack dealer ;)

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6. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

Those scenes at the "dive"casinos were hilarious!

What was that line by the dealer..."just give me your money and I'll slap you up-side the head" or something to that nature.

They showed this movie on the bus to Grand Canyon 5 years back. Great showing.

Thanks for bringing back those memories!

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7. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

I watch that movie when I need my Vegas fix! Can't beat all the film of the strip and downtown!

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8. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

Wasn't it, "Just give me all your money, I'll kick you in the **** and we'll call it good" or something to that effect?

Regardless, it's the truth, and very funny in that respect!

He had no hope at all that he would ever win against that dealer!

North Jersey
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9. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

I think Cousin Eddie really peaks in this movie, and I also love Cousin Vickie and her "wild" persona, being a dancer in a club.

I think what we all love about the movie is that it humorously pokes at all the Vegas stereotypes, but also illustrates how just about anyone can sort of live out their fantasies surrounding those stereotypes by going there. For example, Beverly D'Angelo's character is a "Wayniac" and actually lives out her dream of seeing his show.

Of course it's a MOVIE so it takes these to the next level, with Ellen being hit on by Wayne, and Rusty becoming a high roller instantaneously with a streak of incredibly good luck. Even Clark's losing the family's fortune is an exaggeration of the stereotypical fear that most people have about gambling.

I'm glad to see such a good response! Keep 'em coming!

the Netherlands
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10. Re: National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

We are fans of Chevy Chase as well; Vegas Vacation is not the best of the Lampoon's series but we enjoy watching it. It is just hilarious! We especially like cousin Eddy, he is so funny. And you're right about this film being a nice appetizer before visiting Vegas. Very nice shots of the Strip. Another nice movie taking place in Vegas is Honeymoon in Vegas with Nicholas Cage. I believe they filmed it at Ballys. Very funny is the scene where Cage jumps of a plane with the Flying Elvises.