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I'm driving from Paris to provence on august 19th and will be heading to cinque terre on the 23rd.

19th- I was hoping to get in on the 19th (possibly making aix en provence my homebase) and enjoy a relaxing dinner at a cafe or even a sunset picnic.

20th- Going to the calanques and hiking/kayaking/swimming for the day.

21st- hiking Montagne Sainte Victoire -is this somewhere you would spend the whole day?

22nd- driving to the gorges verdon and kayaking before heading to cinque terre. does anyone have advice especially for this part? I want to get there as early as 7 am and hike before renting a kayak or boat. I'll have to park my car somewhere to. Do I need more then one day to do this and enjoy it?

Is this too much or not enough? are there other attractions that my time would be better spent on? I would love to see the lavender fields but it seems that they may already be harvested by then.