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Twin Oaks Tea Room

I am in Sebring right now. My wife Maryann usually writes for trip advisor but this time I had the experience that I do not want anyone to go through again. Twin Oaks Tea Room was open last year and had guests dining inside in the afternoon. This year we had heard that this location had closed. We went by to see for ourselves. There was one car in the driveway so I thought the rumor was false. As I went up to the door I saw a note. I went up closer to see what it said. All of a sudden a woman pulled the door open, held her hand up, and told me they were not open as a tea room, but they now only do big parties for events. She was not happy to see me. As soon as I find a Tea Room in Sebring I will write again, and tell you where you will be welcome, and willing to dine.

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