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Roads in the compound.

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Roads in the compound.

Are the paved areas of the compound truly publically owned right of ways or are they city owned streets. If so, why aren't they marked as to name, speed limit, ect.

Palm Bay
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The Compound is awesome but I don't play there anymore, it's too risky.

"Publicly Owned" doesn't mean anything in Palm Bay. According to City of Palm Bay Ordinances-anything within the city limits belongs to the city. For example:

According to ordinance 93.08, city employees can go onto your property and take stuff as they are immune to trespass laws and cannot be arrested.

Ordinance 93.04(D) allows the City Manager to cut down all your trees if he chooses to.

...and so on.

While the city managers rights have grown, the rights of citizens have been reduced accordingly.

Ordinance 93.043(B) prohibits citizens from sweeping any dust or dirt onto the road. (yep - they could bust you for using a leaf-blower)

If you don't believe me then read the code yourself. Public rights in Palm Bay are becoming a thing of the past because nobody gets to vote on it anymore.

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