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Flying with virgin 19th September

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Flying with virgin 19th September

We're flying to orlando on Friday 19th with virgin from Glasgow in economy.

I have never flown with them before, I saw online that you get drinks included, does anyone know if this is unlimited and/or including alcoholic drinks? I was thinking of getting some drinks in duty free but don't want to get it if we won't really need it.

Many thanks in advance!

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1. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

For specific air travel information, try this link for the Air Travel Forum:


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2. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

Spoken by a true Scotsman / Scotswoman! You'd never get a snob from gatwick buying a carry out to drink on the plane, brilliant! Although I do believe beverages are free in virgin as they are in BA, I don't think they restrict it as such unless you appear to be too merry or if you ask for 5 cans of lager I don't know if they would give it to you! I don't think they come round that often and you have to press the bell if you want more than is on offer but it's free all the same.

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3. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

We have travelled many times with Virgin and all drinks are included as well as alcohol. There is a drinks 'service'  at start of flight and with meals etc and if f you want any more - just ask! Obviously if the crew think you have overdone the alcohol they can refuse to serve you further.

I think it is not allowed to take your own alcohol on the plane for cconsumption but am sure some people do!!.

Have a great trip and holiday.

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4. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

Yes as said above

All drinks free just pop up to galley and order more (on way out of toilet lol)

Check online you may be able to do seat reservations I booked my daughter

And bf and we were unable to reserve going- only return journey -when they went to Glasgow airport (early) they were told

Oh you should booked online (tried to for weeks right up to 24 hours before)

Basically stung for £70 to pay for extra legroom seats.

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5. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

You are not allowed to drink you own alcohol on board but you can drink your own soft drinks.

Free drinks are provided but they make an announcement that they will only serve alcohol on a limited basis if they think any passengers have had too much etc. There is one drinks service before the main meal and you can have alcohol with the meal but after that, you have to get your own by either going to the galley or pressing your call button. Good luck with that!

You can pre-book seats online 60 days before your flights free of charge. You can do it on the VA website under "Manage My Booking". These are only requests and seats can be changed but this doesn't happen very often. You should be able to book your seats now...if there are any left on the seat map at this late stage! You can check in online 24 hrs before your flight and it is advisable to do this. You may also be able to select seats then.

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6. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

In theory drinks are available throughout the flight. We flew in PE with Virgin to Mexico in April. Got a drink when we sat down, a glass of wine with our meal, when my husband asked for a further glass of wine we were told they had run out 3 hours into a 9 hour flight. We were travelling with young children so not big drinkers. The people behind us complained and they got served champagne from club world. I wrote to complain about the service overall in PE and got £250 worth of vouchers which I have used for our flight to Orlando in 4 weeks time. Flying in Economy PE not worth it.

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7. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

Yeah drinks are free but in this day and age, you simply won't be allowed to cane it for the whole 9 hour flight.

Apart from anything else, negotiating immigration whilst wobbly and reeking of alcohol wouldn't be in your best interests :0)

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8. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

McHaggis, you are so right about immigration. You really need your wits about you!

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9. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

Thanks for all your replies, I can't believe it's only 3 days to go now.

I'm planning on having a few drinks on the flight, it's my boyfriends birthday on Friday so will be good to have drinks, even better when it's free! Lol!


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10. Re: Flying with virgin 19th September

The airlines that charge for drinks are happy to sell you more than you should probably have in my experience as this is how they make their money, will hopefully get a good few to help the journey pass, it's part of our holiday on the plane journey. We have booked economy and paid for extra leg room, and been told we won't be allocated seats until we are at the airport.