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21 days to go and counting!!!!!

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21 days to go and counting!!!!!

21 days to go and it can't come quick enough.


I still haven't planned which theme parks im going to visit first. or were to go what to see.

As im a total newbie to florida its going to be an absolute adventure.

can any 1 advise on what people wear in the water parks do they have a place to change into a costume do they have lockers to put clothes etc in.

might sound a silly question to ask but hey i thought id ask.

and can any 1 tell me how far walmart is from the comfort inn international drive and what time it stays open till. as im not driving what transport do i get to walmart.. so when i arrive i can a few bits and pieces.


Nova Scotia, Canada
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1. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

Hi there;

Not sure how close WalMart is to your hotel but I think some of them are 24 hr.

As for outfits in the park; I would highly recommend comfortable shoes, especially if you will be going on water rides and getting wet. My feet got soaked on the River Rapids but, fortunately, I was wearing sandals and they dried quickly. There are lockers at the entrance to the parks. You can rent them from the info desk so you can bring a few outfits if you like.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday; you will never forget your first Orlando experience; you will be wanting to go every year from now on.

Keep safe and have the trip of a lifetime!


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2. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

The closest WalMart will be the one at the corner of John Young Parkway and Sand Lake Road, roughly 5 miles from the hotel. You can check golynx.com to see if the city bus will get you there, or you can use a taxi. Or you might decide to take the bus there, and taxi back with your shopping. If you decide to go by taxi, go to the website for the Orlando Airport, under the taxi section, where there's a link to Yellow Cab, and they have a fare estimator. You can either select your departure and arrival points from a drop down menu or enter specific addresses, and get a good idea of what a cab will cost you.

One thing to remember with the water parks is that your swimwear can not have any metal buckles or fasteners on it, or they won't let you on the slides and such. They don't want anything that will damage the park. There are places to change and lockers to rent at all the water parks.

Don't worry that you don't have it all planned out. If you have a list of "must see" items, bring that with you and plan as you go. My best advice would be to drink plenty of water, and make sure you have scheduled some rest time in between your theme park days so you don't get worn out.

swansea, south wales
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3. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

hi scousegal

are you ready for the big adventure. i,m off in 18 days cant belive its come so quick. flying out on the 31st. what day are you going again? i think i'm about ready. had a few ups and downs. had to change arrangements cause my daughter split up from her boyfriend so had to cancel his place. so i asked my sister in law and her daughter to come instead so that we did'nt loose any money. now they're back together and he wants to come again. so i got to go tommorrow and book another place. lucky there is still room on the plane. (think its due to a lot of people cancelling cause they are afraid to fly). just cant wait to get there now. i've done a lot of research so any questions you got i'll try to help. see you soon

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4. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

Hi Scousgal

You are going to have a fantastic time, first time round it does take a while to get use to the way things are done but i would advise you to try to make some sort of plan. If you are going for a couple of weeks then a 2 week Disney ticket is a must, believe me you can go every day for 2 wks and there's still more to see.Go to the far side of the parks when you get there and work backwards, you will miss a lot of queues. The rides are great and you must take in the shows, they are truly magical. We have only been to one of the water parks - Blizzard Beach but it was fine, plenty of changing facilities and lockers, i wore a one piece swimsuit as a bikini is fine but knowing my luck i would have lost it going down one of the big slides,the lazy river is fab, you just float round sitting in a ring.Surf shops there too.

You are closer to Universal though if you are staying on I-Drive but i would think you have free transportation from your Hotel. We are staying on I-Drive for the first time this year, end of Sept and like you can't wait !!!! Don't know about Walmart, the designer outlets are good for shopping though, lots of bargains.

Have a great time and i bet you will want to go back again!!!

Colorado Springs
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5. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

You post a message on a trip planning forum stating that you are leaving in 3 weeks and you have not itinerary!?! Are you trying to torture us? Do you know what that does to the minds of us compulsive travel planners? My brain is just spinning. :-)

Do you have the Brit's Guide to Orlando and Walt Disney World? It is a great book...absolutely packed with useful tips to keep you from being eaten by cannibals or worse...tricked into sitting through a timeshare sales presentation.

Sept. is quite warm in Florida so please have some watershoes for walking on the hot concrete at the waterparks.

It is not too late... you can still have www.buildabettermousetrip.com do a Disney World touring plan for you. Or you might even still have time to develope one at www.tourguidemike.com.

I suppose this means that you don't have dining reservations....sigh. I need to go take a sedative.

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6. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

Hey Scousegal! Am assuming you're a scouser like myself, are you flying from manchester? 21 days till we go as well, might see you at the airport am on TCD flight at 1.30pm

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7. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

hi sian1966

i go on sat the 2nd of sept.

your right i has come quick. i hope the airports will be back to normal before we go. it does make me a little nervous about flying now but i guess everyone is the same. especially when traveling with children it takes the enjoyment out of flying.

but hey were still all excited ill prob see you some point at the hotel. ill just listen out for the accent haha

fingers crossed our flights are on time and we get away without any more hiccups.

hope you have no one else cancelling on you at the last minute kids hey the d know how to complicte things dont they haha

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8. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

hey maccies

yes i am indeed a scouser

my flight is at 1pm so ill be getting there before you ner ner haha.

cant wait now its like waiting for christmas haha

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9. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

hi ajcolorado

your right i dont have no intinery nor do i have dining reservations.

i dont plans things i guess ill just go with the flow.

itll be a little adventure. or a nightmare haha.

ive read up on alot of things to do and were to go but thats were my planning stops as ill get a headache if i plan too much my brain cant take it haha.

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10. Re: 21 days to go and counting!!!!!

Hi Scousegirl!!

I go on the 5th of sept and i wanna go now!!

The first time we went we never planned at all! Like you we looked at a few things, booked our tickets and decided what we def wanted to do but other than that off we went.

It was fantastic , like a mini adventure, for me holidays are not ment to be military style!!

I know il prob get stoned for saying this but in all our trips we have never really planned!!!

You'l have a fab time, what are you really lookin forward to?