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child care

Derry, United...
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child care

i will be staying offsite

is it cruel to get a child minder so me and my friend can explore the orlando night life namely city walk and dtd for one night

is there many reputable child minder companies or bussinesses in orlando ?

or somewere you can drop them off for 4 or 5 hours

hes 7 and very well mannered and polite

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1. Re: child care

Reliable service is available


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Liverpool, United...
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2. Re: child care

"is it cruel"? in this day and age ,,most certainly ,,,,yes!

you would have to be mad to want to leave a 7 year old with strangers.

sorry ,not being rude ,,but no way on earth would i do that with any of my kids.

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Kelso, United...
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3. Re: child care

Only you know the answer to this aneka

North Shields...
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4. Re: child care

I know you state "reputable' in you post but I would be concerned about whether it was "safe" to leave your child as well. Rules and regulations governing child care providers will differ from country to country.

I know it is up to the individual but I would never leave my child with a stranger in a foreign country, regardless of how 'reputable' they were and he's 13 now!

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5. Re: child care

Kidsnightout were used by someone i know during their last visit and they said they were fine. Completely up to you, i would leave mine at a holiday kids club if there was such so have no issue with it at all.

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6. Re: child care

Hi, I can understand wishing to have a night out. However, I could not leave my child with a stranger either.

I think kids clubs in hotels are different in that there are other adults and children in the club. We use the kids club when we visit a hotel in Crieff but would not consider using a company that comes to your room as such.

Forres, United...
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7. Re: child care

Sorry got to agree with LiverpoolOlli, I could not even imagine wanting to leave my son with a stranger in a foreign country, no matter how polite your child is, I personally would not be able to relax on my night out so what would be the point!!

There are still plenty of places to go of an early evening and soak up the atmosphere with your son but bailing out before it get's too late and rowdy.

Just my honest opinion, sorry if it offends!

Basingstoke, United...
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8. Re: child care

I agree with Susie, it really must be your decision, but for us when we go on holiday, it is for all of us, family time so would not have left my daughter with complete strangers either on holiday or at home for that matter. My daughter is now 18 and the time really does go so quickly, although she still comes on our Florida holidays with us!


Lisburn, United...
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9. Re: child care

I agree with the above.. I would never leave my daughter either.

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10. Re: child care

No one can judge so as everyone says, just personal opinions. I agree with Susie, only you can decide if you are comfortable with a babysitter. Partypa have given you a link, I believe kids night out are the company that go to Disney resorts for babysitting although I've never used them so can't comment in the service they provide.