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What to Pack

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What to Pack

Hi All,

We're heading off to WDW in a couple of weeks and I am starting to collect all of the things we will need for our trip. Any suggestions on what to pack, especially what type of rain poncho should I purchase? Thanks.

stevenage herts
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1. Re: What to Pack

Hi is your suitcase big enough *lol* not for the stuff you are packing but for all the goodies you will bring back!!.... anyway..shorts tee shirts the usual stuff on top, maybe a light fleece to wear in the resturants if aircon is on full blast, rain mac standard which you can buy in the shops or on the parks (but the park ones can be a bit pricy), wet wipes (put in fridge over night and take to parks to wipe hands face and neck down with very refreshing through out the day), if female water proof mascara, wet shine lippy, and smudge proof eyeliner, liquid foundation (found powder one not good in heat), swim cozzy, flip flops or sandles (I try not to wear trainers to much in heat not comfy), can not think of anything else apart from personals etc hope this helps enjoy hols.

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2. Re: What to Pack

Well done, Chelly all I can say is ditto about the empty case on the way out. There is a lot of competition going on in Orlando and it represents a wonderful holiday destination especially if you want to buy stuff. Pack essential and let the rest take care of itself - if you need it that bad you can buy anything.

Orlando, FL
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3. Re: What to Pack

Would like to request that you Brits consider that us 'Yanks' may have no idea what you're talking about when you use your slang - cozzies??? Note the poster is from Maryland in the USA.

* * *

Don't forget good sunscreen (high SPF) to use frequently, hats and sunglasses. Bring your favoirite sports water bottles so you can stay hydrated.

Bring whatever you'd take to the MD eastern shore in the hottest part of the summer.

malaga spain
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4. Re: What to Pack

Righty ho, very british, cozzie, costume as in bathing, or swim suit,

i would definatly say its more of a north of england word, as im from liverpool and my husband london, he nor his family had ever heard of cozzie, untill they met me of course,

Any where warm!
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5. Re: What to Pack

Lots of extra film, or a memory card, or a place to download photo's, extra batteries. Maybe some snacks for at night. We bought our poncho's from Wal-mart, I think they were like 5 dollars. A beach coverup, sun is hot! Hats for everyone, sunglasses for all. Zinc for your nose if you are prone to sunburn, aloe for burns. Basic med's, and bandaids! Hope you have a grand time....

Beautiful Long...
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6. Re: What to Pack

As far as clothes.....pack what you think you'll need.....then return half of it back to the dresser/closet. If you need "choices", pack it all and knock yourself out. For Florida...the "choice" pretty much boils down to what color T-shirt...and what color shorts! (Always wear sneakers to the parks....never sandals).

Definately bring an empty suitcase (large) for souveniers. If you have kids....you will eventually have a collection of bulky items such as plastic whale lunch boxes (from Seaworld), very large collector glasses (from all parks), stuffed dolphins, minnie/mickey mouse, and pehaps some blowup pool toys....list goes on and on. Once these items are obtained...your child has the complete inventory embedded in their brains...and they become a treasured item not to be parted with. (Not to mention all the pamplets, advertisements, coupons, booklets, guidebooks, etc....that you are complelled to bring home, too). You could have an emergency on your hands when packing to return home. We squished as much as we could into our luggage..ran out of room..panicked..then had to run off to the UPS store to buy boxes and ship the rest of the stuff home. (Not a bad alternative...but it was expensive)

Also...a good idea to go to the park websites before your trip and print off some park maps. Before you go on vacation...(or before you leeve for a park each day)....you can look them over to get the "lay of the land". It gets too crazy to figure out the park once you get in and get a map. Other than that....I think the other posters have you covered!

Have fun!

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7. Re: What to Pack

regarding the rain ponchos, we used to buy the heavy (more expensive ones), but found it easier for the following reasons to buy cheap "dollar store" type ones (several per person)....they fold up to about 1/2 the size of a pack of cigarettes so they are much easier to carry around (especially for a family), at the end of the day you can throw it away and have a new fresh one for the following day (without worrying about drying them out, etc) and you can get about 5-10 of them for the price of one at Disney or a gift shop, so you can actually buy one for each days vacation and not spend anymore than you would buying one bulky one that you have to "maintain & dry" every day. Yes, they don't last, but they are meant to be "disposable"

Surrey, UK
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8. Re: What to Pack

I found some of that 'No Ad' Sunblock Endeavour recommended to take on an earlier posting, from ASDA (WallMart).

I Guess also some 'Jungle Spray' for the Mozzies, which happens to Rhyme with Cozzies.

Also, I would strongly suggest After Sun Cream for revitalizing the skin when you get back to the Hotel in the evening, after your shower.

Oh, don't forget Deodrant-There's nothing worse sitting next to someone on an air conditioned Hotel Shuttle for example gasping for Oxygen, only to find that most fo the Air around your space has been taken up by bad odour.Sorry, bit it's a fact-Many a time I've jumped off a Shuttle heaving with a distorted expression on my face.

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9. Re: What to Pack

Thanks Everyone,

I really appreciate the advice. I've begun packing and repacking already. My daughter and I (she's 4) are both shoes and clothes fanatics, so it's going to be hard to get everything in one suitcase, but I'm going to try b/c I LOVE shopping. I will definitely leave room for the gifts to bring back. I am a little worried about the poncho and not sure what kind to get. I hear everyone about the cheap dollar store ones, but my daughter has asthma and I don't necessarily want her to get wet and go in and out of the air conditioning. I brought a $5 (USD) one from Target last night, but contemplating on whether or not to take it back. I saw a $3 one at Wal-Mart that may do the job as well. I'm an accountant/auditor by profession as I'm very cheap with my money..lol....my mom and husband can't stand that!

Washington State
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10. Re: What to Pack

Some things I would pack would be: a swimsuit, swimsuit cover up, flip flops, sandals with velcro straps, sunscreen, video camera with extra tape, digital or regular camera with extra film, I wish I would have brought a waterproof disposable camera for the water parks, I bought rain ponchos at the dollar store at home for 50 cents each, and a back pack for the parks. Have a great time!