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First timers to Sea World

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First timers to Sea World

Just wondering if anyone had some helpful tips about going into Sea World. My dd (1 yr.old), dh, and I will be going in next week. Thanks!

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1. Re: First timers to Sea World

We were there last week...it was a nice time, but don't expect to stay all day.

There are a lot of animal exhibits that require an interest in order to appreciate. We loved the rays, dolphins, shamu, the seals, the sharks, etc. The penguin exhibit is strange and stinky. If you guys like animals, this will be a fine park. There is one coaster, the Kraken, which is fun...I rode it 3x's the lines were so short! And a good log flume ride to cool you off.

The shows weren't worth it to me, don't schedule them for the day, if you happen to wander by when one is running or about to start, go in, but don't make it the focus of your day.

You'll notice alot of the park looks 'old'...because it is. If you and/or your husband is a beer drinker, head to the Hospitality House near the stables and you'll get free samples. There are two bars, one by the food court, and one in back. The guys in back gave us samples of whatever we asked for...even though they say only 1 per customer....so that was cool.

I hear there are fireworks at night, but I'm not sure if that's true, and if it is...we were done the whole park by 4:00 - we arrived at 10am.

Hope this helps, have good time then relax at the pool at your resort!


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2. Re: First timers to Sea World

Oh, I can't believe a recommendation to skip the shows! No, don't do that, they're some of the best of Sea World. Even very little kids laugh and appreciate the humor at the Clyde and Seamore show. It has been our family's favorite for years. All of the shows are very good, some are great; my advice: sit out of the "splash zone" at the Shamu show or you really will get "soaked". We always enjoy all of Sea World when we visit and even sometimes take advantage of the "second day free" offer. Returning within the 7 days given for the second day, just to spend a few more hours enjoying some of our favorite things. Sea World is a very well maintained park, I can't see how anyone could come away thinking that it appears old???? The landscaping is beautiful, and Sea World is always upgrading or adding a new exhibit or show. The animal exhibits are all great, well kept and very educational; even the stinky penquins! They are so funny to watch! If you get in the park before it opens and head straight toward the Dolphins area, when they let down the rope to officially open the park for the day, you can really have some fun feeding and interacting of the Dolphins. The trainers say that it is the best time of the day to interact with the dolphins. They are hungry and also excited to see people again.

I'd recommend doing all of the shows plus going through all of the animal exhibits. With a one year old you may want to skip the few rides, but even though Wild Arctic appears to be a ride, don't miss it. You can skip the ride part and go straight to the wild arctic animal exhibits. It's well worth it, and one of my youngest daughter's favorite parts when she was very little.

If your little one is mobile, and needs some time to work off some energy, there is a huge playground in the park. Also a great place to just to sit back and relax while watching animals is the Pacific Preserve; you can also feed the animals there. We also enjoy seeing the Clydesdales, their stables are near the Hospitality beer tasting. The beer tasting and info. on the making and history of the Anheiser Busch company is fun and interesting, but definitely not the highlight of our day.

The food in the park is much better than the average theme park food; however if you eat outside, watch for the swooping birds! These birds are everywhere outside, just waiting to grab someone's food. One swooped down and took off with half of my hamburger!!! (my advice: eat indoors!)

Sea World is a great park to slow down and enjoy. It is a great change from the hectic paced theme parks around Orlando.

Just take your time, and enjoy all of what Sea World has to offer.

Best Wishes!

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3. Re: First timers to Sea World

I concur with UNCMickey. Don't skip the shows. Because Sea World is not as huge as some other parks, you can really take your time and linger at the exhibits. The roller coaster is great, and we rode it three times, twice in the front row.

dekalb il
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4. Re: First timers to Sea World

i deffinitely agree that you should not miss any animal shows also you want to get to the clyde and seamore show early as they have a mime entertainaing the audience, i personally do not like mimes but this guy always cracks me up, the newest part of seaworld is the waterfront area and it has some very neat exhibits.

i am not sure of the name of their large theatre, possibly the nautilus, my wife loves the shows that they have in there.

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5. Re: First timers to Sea World


have to say that we love seaworld, we have done one backstage tour adn are doing the shamu stadium this year,

I definately agree to stay clear of the splash zone in shamu stadium, not only do you get soaked, ( i could wring my knickers out) but salt water sings teh sun burn like mad.

This with out a doubt is totally unmissable, we loved the rays , we have a baby one at home, and they are so interative. Teh manatees are great too.

We are going back this year and intend to do two days, i would miss a day at disney to go here.

Hope you haev a great time.

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6. Re: First timers to Sea World

I would have to agree with what everyone has said apart from Tina. We love Sea World, both the animals and shows, and definitely do not recommend missing any of it.

I would find out the show times from the map when you enter the park and work your way around in accordance with the show times.

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7. Re: First timers to Sea World

Thanks so much for the great advice! I'm looking forward to it. I will be taking advantage of the 2nd day free too so we will thoroughly check everything out. And it'll be a nice pace for our little girl too...no rush since we'll be there 2 days. Hope it's not as crowded as Disney.