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What are peoples experiences with suffering with hayfever in the UK and then going to orlando? Does your hayfever stay or does it go away for a while? Im suffering from bad hayfever at the moment and im hoping it will disappear when im in orlando next week. Cant deal with the itchy eyes anymore!

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Newcastle upon...
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1. Re: Hayfever

I suffer from Hayfever pretty bad every summer in the UK but have never suffered abroad. Been going to Orlando for over 20 years and even going to Spain, Czech Republic and Germany have not suffered from it. Not sure why.

Cornwall, United...
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2. Re: Hayfever

I suffer very badly over here but didn’t suffer in Orlando at all although I did keep taking my antihistamines to be on the safe side. I think if anything affected me it was the air conditioning. Hope you have an amazing trip :)

Newcastle upon...
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3. Re: Hayfever

I don't even bother taking antihistamines with me although I am next year but not for Hayfever. I always suffer with earache on the plane and having tried a few different things I have seen suggestions regarding taking antihistamines as it opens up the ear canal allowing the pressure to equalize easier.

Glasgow, United...
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4. Re: Hayfever

My hayfever just seems to disappear over there it’s great :)

Dundee, United...
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5. Re: Hayfever

My hayfever strangely just disappears when I'm in Orlando. My mum also has terrible asthma and she says it virtually disappears when were in Florida.

Bradford, United...
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6. Re: Hayfever

I suffer badly in the uk but never in Orlando, same with my asthma.

Lisburn, United...
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7. Re: Hayfever

My hubby and 12yr old daughter suffer badly from it over here and are having a pretty miserable time just now but it disappears when we’re over there... it’s great - hubby thinks we should move over there for health reasons lol

Orlando, Florida
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8. Re: Hayfever

This is very interesting, as I suffer from hay fever here in Orlando, where I’ve lived for years, but seldom when I travel. I’ve heard that you must be exposed to allergens for a period or time before becoming allergic, maybe that explains it.

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9. Re: Hayfever

You can buy very inexpensive over the counter Loratadine 10 mg tablets at Walmart.

We usually come prepared in the spring time, but have less of a problem in Orlando than back home in Texas.

Strange because it is during Flower and Garden at Epcot and lots of things blooming.

The air seems fresher in Orlando.

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Riverview, Florida
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10. Re: Hayfever

If you do suffer you’ll find you can get a lot of relief here. As a British nurse living and working in the USA, I know first hand. You can get oral antihistamines over he counter at any pharmacy or Walmart. You can also buy nasal steroids like Nasonex and Flonase. Also saline sprays and netipots, all without a prescription. In fact, my best friend from the UK just left our place with a years worth of Allegra because it’s so easy and cheap to get here compared to the hassle his GP gives him.

Point I’m getting to. Hopefully you won’t suffer allergies; however you never know. If you do, you will have no problems getting relief. If you do and you need help, PM and I’ll help you out.

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