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Key West

Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

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Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

We have a group of 10-14 guys that are going to Key West this Summer and we wanted to do an offshore fishing charter. However, we wanted to stay together if at all possible. Obviously, there aren't a lot of boats that can accommodate a group of that size and still have a good experience. At worst, we would do two boats (which might be a better option).

Money is not a problem at all.


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1. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

You will probably have to stick with the two or three boats idea. Most of the charters have a "6 pack license" they can only take six customers. Plus that would be A LOT of anglers on one boat.

Have a mini tournament between all.

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2. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

If you planned ahead, you could take a whack at a party boat, like the Tortuga IV. If you called early enough, they could probably accommodate your entire party.


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3. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

There are no fishing boats other then the "Head" or "Party Boats" in Key West or the Lower Keys. As bluewater stated they are limited to 6 passengers per boat. We have done lots of two boat trips with large groups. It's a lot of fun to have the Mini Tournament. The rivalry gets going and trust me the Captains have as much fun as the passengers. (bragging rights at the dock do mean something. Do you know what type of fishing or boats you are looking at doing? Below is from one of my last posts about types of fishing. It may help you narrow down what you are looking for.

The Offshore boats typically are 35-60 feet long and have lots of creature comforts such as a head (restroom) some even have air conditioned cabins. Most focus on trolling but also anchor up for reef and wreck fishing. The gear used is mainly 30-50 sometimes as high as 80 pound test. Large reels large rods. You can expect to target: Dolphin, wahoo, tuna, barracudas and sailfish while trolling and groupers, snappers and amber jacks wile anchored up or on the wrecks.

Light tackle offshore fishing mostly done from small center counsel boats 25-35 ft long. We offer pretty much the same trips as the big boys but with a little less frills and not all the amenities. We use a bit lighter gear then the big offshore boats and instead use the maneuverability of the smaller boat to help overcome some of the scaling down of gear. We normally fish for Dolphin, wahoo, tuna, cudas and sailfish, sometimes we stop on a wreck and the reef for groupers, snappers and amber jacks. The gear I use is 30-50 pound trolling gear and 20-30 pound spinning gear.

Flats trips are something totally different from light tackle trips. They run on 15-20 ft boats and do not go off into the blue water beyond the reef but instead stay in the waters close to shore mainly in the Gulf. They fish for snapper, bonefish, tarpon, permit, redfish, and seatrout. The gear they use is normally 6-15 pound spinning gear and the more technical guys use fly rods.

Head or party boats are typicaly 50 + ft long and take from 12 to 50 people out. Bottom fishing is what is done with catchs of Snapper, Grouper, Grunts and other bottom fish. The cost is between $25 and $65 per person depending on the boat and the trip. Gear rental can also be a couple of bucks extra.

Fish hard,


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4. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

Nice post Captn, thanks.

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5. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

The party boats are great..

But for the same money for a private charter on a party boat you could hire 2 Sport Fishing boats to accommodate 12 of you and have a BLAST>. especially in the summer.

As mentioned the big sport fishes although plenty big.. can only legally carry 6 persons...

That would be my first recommendation..

My second recommendation..

is what most bachelor parties do. Hire three or four bay boats to take you guys out in the backcountry waters and have a fishing tournament. This will cater to all levels of skill in fishing.. Keep you guys out of rough water (if its blowing) and really show you a blast... The whole trip you guys are within shouting distance away from one another catching loads of fish.. 6 hours is plenty of time. Lots of casting by all on board, lots of fun.. bring some beers and enjoy.. The tarpon are running while you will be here to REALLY show you all a great time with big fish.. Whats more? The cost for a 6 hour with 3 guys will run you about 575.00 per boat. Most companies will offer multiple boat discounts.. You can also bring as many as 4 per boat..

Without a doubt the best way for a bachelor party to enjoy their time here..

Look around.. there are plenty of options for you all to have some fun..

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6. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

Do yourselves a favor and google Kingbird charters. Bonz can't advertise on TA but others can point you in his direction. Some friends from Jersey came down and had a ball with him last week. Said it wasn't fishing, it was catching. Can't guarantee results but knowledge and hard work on the captains part plays a big role.

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7. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

Glad to see we have a few Captains on here will to get good info. Thanks


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8. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

Sounds just perfect for our upcoming group of 7 guys....12/13

who can you recommend the bay boats to the back country?



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9. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

Bonz will give you the best recommendation when it comes to charter boats which you have to split up on. If you're looking for back water or deep sea, that is the way to go. If though you're looking to all stay together and reef fish and have a fun trip, try the Tortuga IV. Great party boat with a great crew and you WILL pull in fish.


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10. Re: Key West Fishing charter with larger group (10-14 people)

coming to key west in Feb... Alaskan family of 7 that knows how to fish... just cant find a boat other than a "party boat" to book with and that honestly doesnt sound very family friendly.... 3 kids in high school other 2 are 6th and 7th grade... all can fly fish/have hauled in salmon and dipnetted... not new to it but they havent been out on the ocean for fishing yet... rivers/lakes/etc... who do i book with? 7 is too many for the keys and im lost, been researching for like 5 months now

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