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Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

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Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

I guess it is true that you get what you pay for. My husband and I chose Weddings to Go for a simple, stress free wedding in Key West. I read mixed reviews about W2G, more bad than good, but figured it was just the two of us, the price was reasonable, and with the photography being the most important part, they seemed to offer a good deal.

We paid $490 for the "original" package because we were told we would get more photos that way...I tried to ask about downgrading to the Islander package but was told if I wanted pics at the hotel and the beach, I needed the more expensive package. Well, we got about 3 pics at the hotel that came out even "OK" and instead of getting more time as we hoped and were promised, we were rushed through everything due to a possible storm (it never even rained). Our wedding was supposed to be at Sunset, the whole point of the beach in Key West, and it was pushed to earlier, and every single photo is dingy and gray. No special shots were taken except a few where I requested we stand on some rocks, everything was very generic, and I can't even find 10 photos out of the bunch they selected that were "good" to send to family and friends...the ones who have seen them thought that we had an amateur friend just take snapshot photos of us. I knew for this price we weren't getting amazing photography, but I at least expected better than what my technologically challenged grandmother could have taken with my cell phone camera.

Then...in addition to being rushed, I asked a question about the marriage license. We were planning to file the license ourselves so we could get the paperwork done quicker (and save W2G the hassle, and postage along with our wedding photos that they dropped off at the hotel, which was nice of them to remember). I was told we needed 2 witnesses. There is a space on the license for 2 witnesses. I asked the photographer who would be the other witness since his wife was the officiant. He told me only one was required. Well, we pick up the license at the hotel front counter and there were no witnesses. I called the county I live in, they told me I needed 2 witnesses. I contacted W2G a few times and was just told I was wrong and none were needed by law. I really didn't want to drive 400+ miles home and find out they were wrong...what would be so hard for them to sign the damn certificate? Then I received an email back from them saying they talked to someone named Kim at the county I live in who told them we didn't need witnesses. I called for Kim at the department they mentioned and was told they don't even have a Kim working there.

We filed our license finally...with a bit of hassle but finally got someone to approve it. So much for stress free. At least we have a friend who owns a photography business that agrees the pics are so unprofessional looking that she will reinact our wedding for us and take photos. Not what we hoped and dreamed of...we basically paid $500 for a notary stamp, a cheap bottle of champagne, and some cheesy logo glasses. Do yourselves a favor and if you don't have more money to spend, just get some friends or even some homeless guys to photograph your key west wedding. So disappointed.

1. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

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Key West, Florida
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2. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

We feel that we have to respond to this negative review:

This bride booked one of our budget packages for $490. that included flowers, sparkling beverage and flutes, photography, officiant, online album, and a cd of all photos. BUDGET package. We also provided the bride and groom with complimentary transportation from the hotel to the beach and back

There are at least 20 photos at the hotel, all of them good. Usually we only do photos in one location, we made an exception in this case because we felt bad about the weather.

Being rushed because of weather....take a look at her photos on our website. The weather service stated that a “front” was coming through. The sky was overcast because of that front. We are not clairvoyant, although it did not rain, it sure looked like it was going to.

We have a provision in our contract for inclement weather to reschedule, she said “NO”.

Before leaving the beach, the bride was asked if there were any additional photos she would like. She said, “No, we're fine”. Had she wanted “special” shots, she should have told us at that time. The same time she told us that she wanted shots where “we stand on the rocks”.

She can't find 10 good ones out of the bunch to show family and friends. Why then were they posted on her personal Picasa page?

As officiants for several years in Florida and having performed thousands of weddings, we know that witnesses are not required by law. We had notarized and delivered the license to the hotel upon her request the following day, along with the photo CD. We would never compromise our business or integrity by asking someone to witness a legal document such as a marriage license if they did not witness the wedding. In Florida, the only signature necessary on the license is the one solemnizing the marriage. See Florida Statute: # 741.09. She got NO hassle at the courthouse.

She booked her wedding with us on February 17, 2011. On May 10, just four days before here wedding, she wanted to downgrade to our smallest budget package. That is stated in an email to us. We agreed to do so and sent her an email stating it would be no problem. Just a couple of hours later, she then said that she wanted to keep the Original Package because she wanted more photos as we had previously discussed.

She stated in her complaint that our photos were “blurry”. Untrue. We received an email on May 17 from her stating that, “we have seen the photos online and think they are great”. Feel free to look at her online album on our website. It's the same one she saw the day after her wedding.

She stated in her complaint that we delivered the CD two days later. Untrue. How could she have posted a couple of her photos the following day on her Picasa site? Photos cannot be downloaded from our albums page. She had to have had the CD to upload them to Picasa.

She has never complained to us directly about any of her photography. She was here in Key West for at least 4 days after her wedding. Had she told us that she didn't like her photos, we would have made arrangements to do re-takes. According to her email dated May 17th, they were very happy with the photography.

We feel that her claims and statements are unfair. She initially sent a complaint to the BBB because she wanted her money back and they threw it out after seeing the documentation.

Unfortunately, in this economy, these things do happen but we won't be a victim to it.

Our reputation speaks for itself, take a look at our reviews on www.WeddingWire.com

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we have all documentation for anyone to review.

South Jersey
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3. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

I'm not sure I understand the wisdom of bringing a negative review back to the front page of this forum five months after it was posted.

Key West, Florida
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4. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

We felt a need to defend ourselves and our business against this incredibly negative review that we felt was an unfair. It was just brought to our attention. Thank you for your post, though.

Marathon, Florida
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5. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

And it can be pulled up in searches for ever more. And, after 6 mos of no activity you can't respond anymore. I don't blame you WTG.

Miami Beach...
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6. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

Hands down the WORST company I have ever Encountered. The owner is a complete, crazed, psycho and his wife(the efficient) gave one of the most unenthusiastic, passion-lacking services I have ever witnessed. A good friend of ours was photographing the ceremony and the owner of the company freaked out, said we were in breach of contract, and threatened to shut down the ceremony, and remove everything from the beach. PSYCHO. After me(the groom) and our friend the photographer listened to an earful of his psychotic babble, he then proceeded to go to the car where my wife and her father were and ranted to them about what a big problem we have and we are going to have to shut down the ceremony. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? YOU ACT LIKE THIS ON OUR WEDDING DAY??? What a joke of a company this is. Luckily, we were with good friends and family so we were able to have a good time and recover from what was the MOST MISERABLE PERSON I have ever met in my life. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST anybody ever doing business with these people. Oh, and on top of that, they were supposed to give us a ride back to the hotel after the ceremony, but they drove off immediately with no explanation and then delayed weeks before getting us our marriage certificate. These people were awful and wish them nothing but the worst in life.

Key West, Florida
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7. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

This guy intentionally breached our contract with him...but paying for...and bringing to this wedding.....another professional photographer.

In short.....he lied to us. We won't stand for it.

We make our livings doing professional photography at affordable prices.

We are one of the TOP RATED wedding companies....IN FLORIDA.

We have THE TOP RATING......on Weddingwire.

He didn't get his own way......and now, a full year later....he's complaining?

We have to wonder why?

Bottom line: He...broke our contract. He...knew it. We....could have

simply walked away....immediately....and left this couple there embarrassed.

Instead.....we performed the wedding.

Then....after the bride ran up to us, realizing what had happened....and begged us to stay and finish shooting......we said: "We want to hear that...from both of you." When we asked him what he wanted to do....his answer was: "I want "my guy" to shoot the rest. "That's what I'm paying him for."

SO.....we're actually a little confused. If "his guy" was so great......WHY...did he hire us? Right.

You just can't please everybody...especially in THIS business!

There isn't ONE professional photographer anywhere.......that allows other photographers to be shooting a wedding.....while they are. NOT ONE.

That includes......"his guy".

It's really a shame that respectable, well meaning businesses like ours....

have to deal with people......like this.

Miami Beach...
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8. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

And the Psycho babble continues - We had already paid for HIS extremely terrible photography services. In no way were we asking for any money back at all. In fact, we were forced into paying for the photography as a part of the package.

He had his money in the bank, but we wanted a TRUE professional photographer that would capture our wedding day in an amazing way. Check out http://onkeiphotography.com/ vs. this jokes' photography services and you'll see why.

What he doesn't realize is that he's not in the business of providing wedding services, what he should be concerned about is providing a truely great experience that leaves people happy and satisfied on the most important day of their life. Not threatening to leave and shut down everything because somebody else is taking pictures. He should be more concerned with our overall satisfaction. But instead, He's a total control freak and won't work well with a couple to come to a resolution that will make their day great.

By the way, we NEVER begged for the photographer to stay and shoot. We begged them not to leave without marrying us, which would have been a MUCH bigger breach of contract. We never wanted to hire them to do our photography but they force you into it as part of the package. His photographer was actually quite nice and understanding, but he wouldn't let it go - continued to be a complete jerk. And he did in fact "walk away" and leave us embarassed - he stormed off the beach after yelling at me(the groom) literally SECONDS before I went to the alter.

And you wonder why we are complaining? Because your service, attitude, and existence on this planet are all completely miserable, and I hope that people don't have to experience what we did in the future. What a joke of a human you are.

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9. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

TA time to close this down

South Jersey
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10. Re: Our experience with Weddings to Go Key West...

I'm glad I stayed away from all this drama when I got married in Key West last year.