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Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

Waterloo, WI
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Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

Has anyone stayed in these recently? Going to be there in March and I just wanted some general info on them. We have obviously never stayed in one. Thanks!

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61. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

Trumbo Point is for Military-Active duty or retirees. Not open to civilians.

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62. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

tracy, I believe that was mentioned several times in the previous pages, it is also for DOD civilians and retired DOD, though they do have get in line behind Active Military.

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63. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

We stayed here this past summer. We hated it so much we left after two days but I will say everyone's expectations are different. You may love it. I will state the pro's and cons.


*The price. You will not find a less expensive 3 bedroom condo anywhere on the keys.

*It was spacious, three full bedrooms with (with full size beds, not queesn, not king, regular full.)

*Kitchen was well equipped with all appliances, microwave and full dinner settings.

*It was close to a lot of attractions.

*It has a private screened porch off your living room.


The place was filthy. It looked like a maid may have made a once over to get it looking neat, but there is a big difference in my book between neat and clean.

*There is no wi-fi and no way to get wi-fi.

*The decor was very outdated. The living room furniture was wicker outdoor furniture. very uncomfortable and again...dirty. we put blankets on the couch before we would sit on them.

*There is only one television in the unit. It is a tiny, old fashion tube tv set on a little stand in the living room. No major cable channels, no DVD player, and no hookups for any external devices. There were no tv's anywhere else in the house.

*The washers and dryers that were advertised are no longer in the units. They have all been removed.

*The bedrooms contain a bed and a dresser, litterally nothing else. No night stands, no clock, no extra bedding in the closet. Just a very old, creaky full size bed.

*The condo is just bland. Walls are all off white with no decorations. Not that I need decorations but it made the whole place seem dingy instead of welcoming.

*The screened in porch had so many holes in it that the bugs and birds just came on in.

*The base, if you can call it that, was barren. There was a guard at the gate and a guy working the shopette. Everything was closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. So the pool was closed, the playground access and bike rentals were unaccesible, everything was unavailable to us.

So overall...I guess it depends on your perspective. If you are coming from a posh 3000 square foot home you are probably going to be miserable. If you are coming from a tiny apartment and are happy with the basics then it is a great deal.

If you are asking if I would reccomed it the answer is a resounding no.

New England
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64. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

We just returned from the townhouses at Trumbo. The 3 bdrm unit we had was typical for the MWR housing we've stayed at across the country. Not fancy, but comfortable, serviceable, and unbeatable for the price. The continental breakfast served at the Fly Navy building is another money saver (2 breakfasts included with the price of the rental daily, M-F.) My main caveats: the supplies in the condo kitchen are sparse. No paper towels, dish soap, napkins, etc. so be prepared to buy them at the mini-mart if you use the kitchen at all. The pool on base is open for the season but only on weekend days. Finally, and especially if you have children - watch out for the fire ants!! The courtyard surrounded by the townhouses has a bad infestation and our daughter was bitten while playing in the grass. Not pretty.

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65. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

Instead of buying supplies for the townhouses at the minimart on base, go to the local Dollar Store (located in the KMart shopping center just outside the gate about 5min drive. We were able to get kitchen utensils for cooking, soap, paper towels etc., a lot cheaper than the mini mart.

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66. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

We have reserved a trailer for July. I am a little worried, but hoping for the best! We decided to take the risk as we could have a 7 day vacation at TP for the same price as a 4 day vacation somewhere else! I'll let you know how it goes and post some up-to-date pictures when we get back!

Has anyone been in the trailers recently?

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67. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

I was there last year.

Any questions? how many in your Family? The trailers have 2 bedrooms. Take 2-3 dark small blanket/towels to put over the windows. Keeps the lights out. I've been there 5-7 times. It is a deal, esp for Key West. I always take a good cast iron pan with me, plus sharp knives. ITT, Base Marina, BX, The commissary is about 10 min away at Sigsbee. Shop there and at the BX. Its not the Hilton, but I always enjoy it. You can walk to all the tourist places. Go to The Cuban Coffee shop for $6 sandwich that will feed 2 people. Bikes--I ride all over. Small island, 4 miles or so. I have an earlier post. Might want to look at it. The trip from Miami is 3-4 hrs. 45 MPH is about all you're gonna get. But stop and see the areas on the way down. In KW, I always use the buses or bikes. You can get a weeks pass, and the bus stops right out the front gate at Trumbo. Parking is VERY VERY limited..., so walk, bus ride, or bike. The pool is just across the street from the trailers. Also--you will get 2-3 Free Breakfast at the "Fly Navy" Billets when you check in. Also got to Truman's Annex, nice small beach club and beach there. But coral. Take swim shoes. Have a vehicle with a base decal, otherwise a hassle. Washers and dryers are in the pool facility, back-side.

???? - - - Just ask.


Retired SMSGT

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68. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

Hey RoadToad, thanks for the reply! We'll be heading down there with at least two couples for a week. This is our last big vacation for a while as we have our first little one on the way. As long as it stays just the 4 of us, the trailer should work fine! You mentioned blocking out the light that comes through the window. Are you referring to light from street lamps/ambient light....or early morning sun rises? We are happy to hear that the kitchen has the basics. Neither of us are gourmet chefs, so as long as we have the basics...we can definitely cook the basics. I'm sure we'll be eating out a bit too. It is good to know that there is a Commissary close by as well. We'll probably stock up for the week there.

We'll be flying in to Ft. Lauderdale, so we'll be renting a car. I'll have to give them a call and see what they require for rental vehicles. Most bases allow entrance as long as you have an Military ID. We plan on doing a bit of island hopping while down there, but will keep the bikes in mind. I would rather leave the car parked at the trailer and ride a bike!

This vacation is meant for us to just kick back! We plan on spending quite a bit of time on whatever beaches we can find. Can you rent beach chairs anywhere around there? Hopefully we can find a weekly rental on some snorkel equipment as well.

What are your Top 5 Must-Dos in Key West?

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69. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

An Old Post---2011-----I was just at TP. We have stayed in the MWR trailers before. They are great for that area. I used the pool just across the street. It cost $1 and Military ID to enter. I bring my own bicycles. THE ONLY Way to get around KW. I just leave my car parked at the trailer. It is a nice 2 bedroom and 1 bath. The kitchen is basic but you can get by. The commissary and NEX is located at Sigsbee Park, about 3 miles from TP. I also bring my own fry pans. The cheap ones in the trailer works, but I like my own, plus a good sharp knife. The beds are double. Fairly comfortable. Also I bring my own chairs, camp type, small Weber Smokey Joe grill. Sit outside, meet the neighbors, and grill. Just a walk out the TP gate is Palm Ave. Go there, TR and walk to KW docks, old town, etc. It is a 10-20 min walk. If you drink, no better way than walking in the front gate than driving in the front gate. Those Navy Entry Controller/Troops are sharp and you will be busted if anything is array. Not sure if you are driving are flying. gas was high there 7 Mar, $3.68 on Sigsbee. Fill up at the Race Trac just before you get on HWY 1. Southbound and should be enough for RT. McDOnalds in that area have .49 Cents and .59 cents hamburgers Sunday and Wed. There is a small NEX Mini-Mart on TP. WIFI is available at the "FLY NAVY" Gateway Inns and Suites Bldg. on TP. Another bonus for TP Trailers is two-free breakfast at Fly Navy Bldg Palms resturant, Mon-Fri. they do close at times, so pay attention to their flyer. All you do is show MWR Trailer key. We took the seaplane ride to Dry Tortugas / Ft Jefferson. About $100 more PP than the ferry. 40 min air time. Ferry takes about 3 hrs there and 3 hrs back. The ferry ride can beat you up pretty bad plus it is a LONG ride. Seaplane well worth the extra money. Sadly ITT on Sigsbee does not deal with Seaplane tickets, only the ferry and all other events in KW. Go there first to save on all tourist stuff. Sigsbee has a marina, rentals, you can rent bikes, kayaks, etc. A free public pool is located at the end of Catherine St and Thomas. MLK Community center. Its on the roof top! Shows its age, but clean. For sunset go to La Chonchas Hotel on Duval St. Take elevator to 6th floor. Bar and band on the deck. Great views of KW. Don't forget Truman's House, Hemmingway's, and KW Lighthouse. On Truman Annex (USN) is the beach club and gym. Get a cuban sandwich at Cuban Coffee. Delicious. About $6. Feeds two. Smathers Beach is nice. All these places can be reached via bike in less than 10-15 min. It is a small island. I will return in October and drag my camper down to stay a month and be a bum.

Hope this helps. I envy you. Enjoy. Go to Boca Chica NAS Marina. Nice beach, patio club there. Happy Travels..

Road Toad

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70. Re: Navy MWR Condos at Trumbo Point

okay I posted another 2011 posting for you. See above

5 to dos in KW??

1. Duval Street--+ hotel with the roof bar.

2. Sunset at Mallory Square

3. A catamaran cruise, sunset preferably

4. Dry Tortugas//Fort Jefferson by plane or boat

5. Catch the local bus and just cruise the town.

6. Visit the cemetery. "Remember The Maine" Battle ship sailors are buried there.

7. Mel Fisher museum

8. Base Marina over at NAS KW - car required.

9 Go to the pool I mentioned in earlier post. Nobody knows its there. But the locals.

Take or rent bikes. Google that also, plus the TP base pool rents them if they have any.

Anyways, thats a few for you.

A rental car, you will have to stop at NAS KW to get a visitors pass, as the gate guards at TP do not issue them to my knowledge. You'll see the exit for NAS KW on Stockton Island before you get into KW. Then you will cross over a bridge and TR, now you are in KW.

The dark towels or blankets are for the streetlights shining thru the windows.

Just out the front gate at TP, TL, walk a block, TR, there is a Elks Club there. Usually serve a great Breakfast.


On the way down stop off at 7 mile bridge and hike the old closed bridge. Do a Tripadvisor forum for places to stop and eat on the way down. Don't hurry. See it all.

Fill up with gas at the Race Track station just before you enter HWY1 south, Florida City. Its on the RH side southbound.

Marathon has Sombreo Beach, on the Atlantic Side. Google it and see it.

Key Largo has the reef museum.

Be sure to check out Sigsbee Tickets and tours MWR. Across from the base gas station, BX, and commissary.

They will point you in the right direction. "Sigsbee was the CO of the Battleship USS Maine" just a gee whiz for you.

As for beach chairs, I see no need for them. Just a towel and see Smathers Beach. The beach there is not like Va. beach, or Daytona. Its different as these or coral islands.

get a local map of KW so if you do ride bikes you can get around easy. Again, parking is nill there. I always walked from the trailers to Duval street and KW harbor, bars, etc.

Off the beaten path on Stockton Island is a hole in the wall place to eat and drink beer...Car required..I'll think of name after I post this. Will send it later. Hogfish? not sure.

And Above all else---One must remember, That The Keys and Key West is a "State of Mind", not a destination.


Road Toad...