Westin CGables $17.99 computer use $24 parking alternatives?


We are 2 seniors staying at the Westin Collanade in Coral Gables and I just learned that computer internet use is $17.99 per day and valet parking is $24.95 per day (more with tips) and self park is $21. I need to use my computer and we need to park. With these fees, this adds more than $250 in fees to our stay. I generally get up early around 5am and use my computer for a few hours several times a day. This is a must.

I don't mind paying for computer use and parking but $250 is pretty steep. Anyone have any alternatives. Changing hotels is not an option. Please advise if you have any ideas on

1) how to lower my computer internet use ( I must have daily use of it, probably several times a day). mostly email and some word processing.

2) how to lower the parking but it is must be really safe. We are senior's.