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Art Deco Pool/House/Site

Hi! My fiancee are looking for a retreat/hotel that has an pool with a historical 1930s feel to it. Reason being is 2 fold... bear with me its a little long explanation:

We found a theater to rent out for cheap and are showing The Philadelphia Story as Friday night get together for everyone instead of a rehearsal dinner. We would like to take our engagement photos by reenacting/staging scenes from the movie. Then for our honeymoon we'd like to come back and stay for a long weekend! Because of his job we can't travel back up to Northern California so we'd like to find someplace in Southern CA. Since we're both from Northern CA we're a little out of our element, we know of a few spots but they are of course all in Northern CA.. so in my research I've seen a few postings on the boards here regarding trips for historical architecture and thought I would post my question on here! So does anyone have any suggestions? In advance THANK YOU! Also our friend who's taking the photos lives in Porterville so don't want him to have to drive so far... thanks!