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Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

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Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

If I was to mention all the problems with this company I would be here awhile. Just you should know that there is nothing "'ECO"or organised about them.

I would say that they actually have an adverse effect at their ''resort"' on the enviroment.

Please do not upset your self by going to their resort.

Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

Seing that you are making your first posting to TA, and from Sihanoukville at that, what is your vested interest in this matter? Are you a PADI or similar person or even an opposition dive operator? A disgruntled client etc?

You have not made any substantiatiated case at all upon which TA forum readers can base an inteligent assessment of your posting.

State your position in this matter and then state the facts.

There are regular posters on this forum who also are regular divers in the Sihanouk/Kg Soam waters so please be accurate and factual.



London, United...
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2. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

Well I am just about to add a review on this site, but I thought I might as well add it on the forum as well. I can only add to the negative view of the person before. Just dont go there. The service is appalling.

I went on a dive with EcoSea Dive Cambodia in October and it was the worst diving school I have ever been to. Being Advanced Open Water diver, I had done several dives before in different countries, but this one has actually really worrying standards.

To list the main problems:


Well I dont mind an old boat too much because you dont expect a shiny new boat over there although we met another boat from a competitor on the way that did look at least after their boat a lot more. However when I saw the boat, I should have made the connection that they probably look as little after their gear as the do after their boat. So when it came to the gear, I didn't get any depth gauge (which are according to the diving master not necessary to get), so when I insisted on one, they said I could fetch one myself from their storage room. All the ones they had left were very obviously broken except one - I only found out under water that that one had a stuck handle and wasnt usable either.


The Cambodian dive master gave me twice the weights that I actually needed and having just done a few dives before at a different place I knew that I only needed half the weights. The other dive master told me at lunch later, that one of the Cambodian dive masters gave an American tourist far too heavy weights the year before and he shot down like a rocket and onto a sea urchin.

We then went down diving with the dive master and my buddy felt unwell and wanted to go up indicating that a few times to the dive master. He "told" him to surface alone and wanted to continue the dive with me. This is a complete no-no and of course, being in the middle of nowhere drifting towards a rocket and feeling sick, this guy started to panic. He came then down again and we heard him banging, so we were searching for each other under water. We then continued diving together and when we surfaced the guy just vomited and was very obviously in shock. When we reached land, he just ran off the boat and as we continued our trip we noticed that he forgot his stuff on his boat as he was in such a hurry to get off. I complained at the dive shop and the owner reacted rather aggressively and was disputing everything I said without even checking with the dive master.

Personally I would not recommend this place even in the slightest. In all fairness there was an English dive master as well which seemed to be knowledgeable and ok from what I heard from others diving with him. But otherwise avoid this company with any means.

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

Hello mchbl,

Your posting is factual and well described unlike the OP.

Your information is useable.

Your posting give cause for great concern.

Best regards. Ian

Jarvenpaa, Finland
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4. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

We be there 2011

worst place ever where I've been diving.

the staff were very poor and unprofessional behavior.

part of the "diving instructor" was not even a trained diving instructors.

we had one night ecoseadiven Resort, and the worst bungalows.

If you want to go to the island, it might take Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Saloem bungalows.

the beach is facing south, for example, for great snorkeling.

ecoseadiven but the beach is the north and there is even a sandy beach, and it is really expensive.

diving worth having someone else who is the company's mobile professional and friendly. and does not need to eat cold rice, for example.

here are a few pictures ecoseadiven Resort, and their understanding of paradise.

pictures were taken on the terrace bungalow.




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The World
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5. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

Yes, I agree (Photos on the Attraction Review I just did)

Wanted to escape the city/town and get to a quiet island, do some diving and snorkelling and chilax. Got good intro to package from European dive master trainee. I asked who I'd be diving with and was told with local guides. I asked if they are qualified DMs - they were not I was told. I asked if I could always dive with a trainee DM and was assured yes. I gave the reason of having bad experiences in the past with unqualified local guides. Paid for 2 nights and 4 dives for myself and girlfriend.

I wish i had read the negative reviews on here first because the bungalow on the island was horrible. We don't mind basic, but dirty is not good for the price we were paying (around US$50 per night incl food). The floor had not been swept, the toilet floor had nails, bits of cement, and dirt on it (from removal of old roof by the looks of it), and the bed sheet cover and pillow had not been washed for more than a week or several guests. The bed stank. There was no soap provided at all. The manager later told me we don't want people using soap. I asked about the hygiene issue of washing after the toilet, then she said "you should bring your own!" - she thinks she is being eco-friendly by not providing soap. Tightass more like it. Everyone using their own soap, rather than her buying something biodegradable in a refillable format (like a pump action bottle filled from a large container [as ALL the worlds' hotels should be using!]). As for being an eco-venture, this makes me laugh because there were 4 different pieces of rubbish at the bottom of the bungalow's stairs (see photo) and all over the surrounding area where the bungalows were located!! They don't even bother to clean up the whole area where the bungalows are located. Nevermind the adjacent fishing village polluting the water and not following EcoSea's education attempts - EcoSea can't even pick up rubbish on the land it is leasing from the fishing village!! Just in it for the money I suspect and using the eco in the business name to attract business. It's sad how often businesses these days are doing this. We walked through the dirty fishing village to another set of bungalows and there were nice plants and landscaping and no litter - so pleasant and a good example to the village. Wished we were staying there. Anyhow, our peaceful retreat to this imagined paradise was a dream really because the village now can afford a loud karaoke sound system which they crank on at 10pm until around 12 or 1am and their new, bigger boats loudly chug past throughout the night to catch as many fish as they can. Woken at 6.15 by the air compressor for the scuba tanks and construction workers building the next bungalow right next door (which of course we were not told about when we paid).

Food was fairly good and the crew that I dived with were attentive although after we got back to the mainland, another couple complained their guides did not stay with them when they should of. The drunk owner said "ah, you a Padi certified diver, look after yourself" forgetting that we were paying him to provide guides!! This guy was a disgrace to Cambodian people. He would not give me a refund for the 2nd night or the 4th dive I was not able to do. He sat there smoking, drinking more beer with this smug look on his face because his military police buddy was smoking next to him. He said the F word to my girlfriend and was had no valid reason not to refund my US$60. Pure dikhead. Wish I had used another dive shop and went to a different island (find one as far from the fishing village as possible).

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6. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

This thread should also be read when considering EcoSea Dive


Rated 4 of 4 and get an average 1.5 blobs

There is also much anecdotal evidence locally of (more than one) serious diving accident involving EcoSea but I cannot find anything on a Google search and conclude that this may be an urban myth started by a competitor. If anyone knows different I would like to hear.

Phu Quoc Island...
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7. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

hey Jesse1979,

dont think those pictures even look anything like bungalows, where's the beach!


Auckland, New...
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8. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

Thank you very much for this informative post. I am planning on coming to Sihanoukville for some diving and I will be sure to stay clear of Ecosea Diving!!

Kampong Som
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9. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

"Anyhow, our peaceful retreat to this imagined paradise was a dream really because the village now can afford a loud karaoke sound system which they crank on at 10pm until around 12 or 1am and their new, bigger boats loudly chug past throughout the night to catch as many fish as they can."

Are villagers not allowed to entertain themselves ? Karaoke is like a national sport in Cambodia. So they should keep quiet and stop fishing so tourist can sleep? So how can they make a living? Karaoke does not go on every night, and not that late during the week (people do night squid fishing: they work hard!). You should have join them and experience a bit of the culture. Most kids help their parents at the family shops; some of them start getting around with English since they do follow free English classes on the island and they love speaking English to visitors. Obviously, they (and the whole village) get quite shocked and can be very shy when tourists wander around in the village wearing only bikinis, which is totally unapropriate in Cambodia, especially in a traditional village like this one.

"now can afford" : please, can you tell me when this sudden amount of money that allow them to buy a karaoke system and be happy comes from?

New, bigger boats? All fishermen in this village use long-tail boat, which use, it is true, sometimes old noisy engine. The very loud nouse can come from trawling, coming illegally to trawl and destroy the area during the night. Or it can also come from the Community Patrol boat who regularly patrol the area at night time with a bigger boat so YOU can have pleasant dive and THEY can actually catch fish.

"to catch asz many as they can": people in the village go squid fishing at night time with their long-tail boat, using troll lines, which is a sustainable fishing technique. Teenagers use small homemade polystyrene paddle-boats with NO engine to avoid gasoline expenses. For your information, the village has been working hard towards conservation since the past 4 years, giving up on usustainable gears such as crab nets and is now using only lines and traditional fish and crab traps, and trying to find alternative way of improvong their livelihood through ecotourism. For your information, this community was on the edge of starvation a 4 years ago, the area being ripped off by illegal trawlers, Thai "light boats", Vietnamese air-supplied, dynamite and cyanide boats.

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10. Re: Do not use ECOSEA DIVE in Sihnaoukville Cambodia

It is very easy for disgruntled customers to state sweeping accusations against any business but for what purpose having worked with Eco Sea over the past 8 months I have personally found them to be a very professional and caring organisation who cater for the personal needs of their customers sometimes going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everyone has a fulfilling and enjoyable time. You cant please everyone and making these types of comments doesnt help anyone if you have issues deal with them at them at the time !!!!!